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"Let us say goodbye..."

The words are swept up in tears from Stephanie, her ageless, but delicately beautiful, face covered by a black cloth, anonymous amongst the crowd. Sighing, she wipes her eyes with a tissue, with difficulty, and pants heavily. Breathe... she thinks, and shakes her head. She can't cope. She knew this would happen – she knew she'd outlive her parents – but this was too quick, she wasn't prepared.

As they lowered her father's body into the grave, Stephanie looked across the humongous hole in the ground to her sister, Alice, and her husband. Obviously, they grieved as well. This was an awful day for them both. All she wanted was to go over there and hug her, they could grieve together. But, obviously, they couldn't. Not ever, now.

She watched them lower the body into the hole. She watched them fill up the hole with dirt. She watched as they placed his tombstone over the grave, and she watched as people placed flowers on not only his grave, but her mother's and her faux one. She watched and she couldn't help but sob.

He wrapped an arm around her and whispered words of comfort in her ear. But she was broken – there is nothing he can do to stop that.

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