Important Author Notes!

Long time no see everybody! I know i haven't been updating in god knows how long but i have my reasons, and a very good one at too. the first on was just me being very lazy and pushing it aside telling myself i will do it later then never getting to it. the other main reason i never started writing my stories was cause of my laptop was acting up.

it would run really slow and would sometimes pop up blue screens of death so i wanted untiled i got internet, and when i did i wiped my whole laptop clean whiched fixed my problem, however, after i did a week later it crapped out on me. luckly i backed up all my data before wiping it so i still have my files and everything, it's just i can't use my laptop to type any of my stories until i buy a new one.

i won't be getting one of them very soon either, not until a month or so, so all my stories will be on permanent hiatus until then.

if you are wondering how i was able to update this author note, well, it's because i used my phone to make this doc and upload it with a app that let me makes this said doc.

although, because i haven't updated in a long time, i will be giving out my ps3 and xbox gamer tags.

it's my way of saying i'm sorry for the long and still longer wait for any future updates.

now here is my ps3 gamertage xXKuroGINryuXx and my now my xbox live gtag Socitalpaper9. yes the xbox one is a weird name but i didn't pick it, xbox live did and i was to lazy to change it.

now that i give these to you, please don't start spamming me with questions about any thing about my stories if u do decided to add me as a friend. it is hard to play rpgs when i have to keep answering question. however, if you do, i will answer them without trying to give away too much info.

i will also be posting this on all my other stories as well. so if you happen to read more then just this story of mine, and i know there are a lot of you who do, you don't have to check the update cause it will be the same thing you read here.

again, i'm sorry i haven't updated because of my stupid laptop cause i know that some of you are really waiting for me to update whichever story of mine you really like.

also, if you could, please do not review for whichever story you are reading this on unless u are a guest. if you have something to say, please pm me or befriend me and send me a message and i wil get back to you that way.

with that, i will see you all when i get my new laptop unless you befriend me on ps3 or xbox live.

linkmaster out.

p.s. i don't have a lot of multi player games, mostly rpgs. i only have black ops 2 and ff14 for the ps3 that if any of you have and would like to play with me, and only diablo 3 for the xbox 360. sorry if don't have a game you have and sorry for any misspelled words