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Chapter 7

Primula's Dream, Unwanted Thoughts, and The Mysterious Reflection.

XXX In Naruto's Room XXX

After getting a talk to from Kyuubi, about how he should watch what he says about her age in front of her, she explained to him how to leave his mind. That all he need to do was the same thing he did to enter but not after asking if he could change the scenery of what his inner mind looked like.

All he told her was he would consider it long as she behaves like a good fox and quickly left before she could hit him.

Opening his eyes, he saw that he was back in his room but even though he body was sleeping, it felt like he was awake the whole time.

Looking outside he could see the sun was rising and knew Kaede was up any making breakfast, as he could smell it. Since his alarm hadn't gone off yet and Kaede hasn't bothered to come wake him he figured he would catch, a few more Z's before getting ready for school.

That was his original intention until he felt someone lying next to him and knew it couldn't be Kaede since he could smell breakfast cooking downstairs so it had to be one other person, Primula.

Lifting his covers, he saw Primula lying next to him with her arms latched onto his. When he tried to free his, she only tightened her hold on him. He didn't know why she was in his room but after checking what time it was, he saw that he only had about ten minutes before Kaede would come wake him up for school. Shrugging it off he decided to let her be and get back to using those ten minutes for some sleep however, before he could lay back down he heard Primula whisper something.


Hearing what she calls him, he looked at her and was surprised to find tears in her eyes. If he wasn't worried before he was now. As she rarely shows little to no emotions at all and to have her crying next to him was, enough to wake her up and find out why. However, five simple words stopped him.

"Onii-chan, please… don't leave me."

Those words were enough to make his heart skip a beat as she said them in such a sad tone that he wasn't sure how to respond to them. He could think of what she could have meant by those words but nothing came to mind. He had no plans to leave this house not yet, anyways. He knew he would have to leave one day but that was still yet to come.

So… what could she have meant? Did she feel lonely when they left to school or perhaps it was something else?

He could understand if she did since they did leave her by herself everyday they had school but the time they spent together since she first came to live with them. The two grew attached to one another forming a bond that of a brother and sister. Perhaps, she felt as if he was leaving her whenever he went to school and with his job. He is away that much longer giving them only a few hours to spend with each other before they had to head to bed.

This was all just a theory he had and didn't know if it that was the case. If he wanted to find that answer, he would have to ask the one who stirred these thought and that would be the girl lying next to him, Primula.

Before he could wake up the petty girl next to him the doorknob to his door turned getting his attention and to realized just how long he was out of it.

It wasn't long after that did his door opened seeing Kaede walked in ready to wake her sleepily lover.

"Naruto-kun, it's time to wake up sleepy-…."

Her voiced suddenly cut off as she realized that the man she was going to wake up was already awake.

That's when she realized there was someone else in his bed causing a slight ting of jealousy pull at her after she saw who it was.

"N-Naruto-kun, why is Rimu-chan in your bed?"

For some odd reason his mind drew a blank when she asked him that. He didn't know why but for some reason he thought Kaede was a bit jealous as she looked at Primula but shock that thought away. He had to explain why Primula was in his room lying next to him even though there wasn't much to explain since not even he know why she was there.

"I don't really know myself. She was already here when I woke up."


She released silent sigh of relief seeing as it wasn't what she thought it was thinking Naruto might have been a *lolicon* before heading towards his bed.

"Have you tried waking her up and asking her why she in your room."

"I was planning to before you opened the door."

"I see… then we should wake her up and find out."

Once she reached the side where Primula was sleeping, she gently placed a hand on her shoulder before lightly shaking her.

"Rimu-chan… Rimu-chan, it's time to get up."

Unfortunately, Primula didn't wake up instead, she tightened her grip on Naruto's arm and say the same words she from earlier.

"Onii-chan please… don't leave me."

"Wha-What does she mean by that," Kaede asked turning to the blond man in the room for an answer.

"I don't know? She said the same thing earlier but I don't know why?"

"Maybe she had a nightmare of some sort and sought comfort from you."

"That could be the reason but why now."

"Who's to say? Nightmares just happen. Anything can triggering them such as fear, having a fever, stress, anxiety or eating something before go to bed.

"So eating something before bed can cause nightmares," he asked, as he didn't think eating food could cause nightmares since he never had one. Well, not one caused by something he ate, anyways.

"Of course, but you would've know that if you ever opened up a book besides manga and light novels."

He just rolled his eyes before he suddenly remembered something.

'If food can cause nightmares like she said. Then that means the cake I brought home last night for Primula could be the reason she's having one now.'

The thought that it might've be his fault she was having a nightmare made him feel even worse while he look down at her with depressed looked.

How was he supposed to know that giving her that dessert would cause her to have nightmares, but then again? He still didn't know if it were the cake he given her that caused her nightmare. It could've been a random nightmare that she so happened to have, but to make sure it wasn't the cake's fault. He looked at Kaede.

"Hey, Kaede…."

"Yes, Naruto-kun, what is it."

"This may sound awkward but what kind of dream did you have last night?"

She responded to his question by tilting her head to the side before placing a finger on her chin and stood there in that cute thinking pose of hers.

"What kind of dream did I have?"

Naruto watched Kaede as she continued to recall the fragments of the dream she had and shortly after she began. Her cheeks turned bright red prompting him to raise an eyebrow.

"So I'm guessing you remembered it," he asked only for her to nod. "Well, are you at least going to tell me since I did ask."

"Well… um… it's kind of embarrassing to talk about."

"Why's that?"

"Uh… well, you see… it involves us doing something… really lewd in public."

The moment she said the word lewd he could picture what she probably dreamt.

"Alright then… so have you ever had that kind of dream before?"

"Not as graphic as that one. So I have to say, no."

'So she has had dreams about us have sex before. Explains why she's aggressive during sex. It's because of all that built up lust for me caused by her dreams.'

Pushing that thought aside he focused on the matter at hand and looked back at Primula.

'I guess it was because of the cake I brought you that caused you to have the nightmare you are having right now.'

Feeling guilty, he placed his free hand on cheek caressing it believing it would help soothe her in the midst of her nightmare. Surprisingly, the moment his hand touched her cheek Primula brushed her cheek against it similar to how a cat would. It caused a small smile to tug at his lips before he moved his head closer to her's and gently spoke to her.

"Primula, Primula, come on. It's time to get up now."

He used the arm that she held in a vice grip to shake her lightly but just as snake would squeeze its victim in its death grip every time it breathed. Primula did the same to his arm every time he move it thinking he was trying to get away, which was true, but because he moved his arm. She started to stir in her sleep and soon enough her eyes slowly fluttered open to see it was Naruto or in her eyes her Onii-chan who woke her up.


Her sudden outburst caught both Naruto and Kaede by surprise before she quickly latched on to Naruto wrapping both her arms around his body.

"Primula, what wrong."

However, she didn't answer him instead; she tightened her hold on him. Causing him to believe that this might've been her first nightmare getting him to rub her back. Trying to calm her down so she would tell him what was wrong.

"What's a matter, Primula? Did you have a nightmare?"

"I… I don't know."

The crackling in her voice told him that whatever her dream was, it was enough to scare her.

"If you don't know then why don't you tell me about it?"


Her sudden response took him aback as she tightened her hold on him squeezing the life out of him.

All he could do was place a hand on top of her head giving some form of comfort not wanting to force her into telling him if she didn't want to.

Kaede who stood watching them silently to the side decided to speak.

"I know it must have been a very bad experience for you, your dream that is, but if you told us what your dream was. I'm sure we would be able to help if we knew what was troubling you."

Primula didn't give any response to her and kept her head buried into Naruto's chest.

It wasn't until Naruto spoke saying something similar to what Kaede said in hope that Primula would tell them what her dream was.

"She's right, Primula. Telling us what about your dream could give us an idea of what might have caused you to have a dream like it in the first place. If you still don't feel like telling us that's okay, too. We aren't going to force you, but I would appreciate it if you would. I don't like to see you worry like this."

As he said those words, he spoke in a more gentle tone then started to sound more worried like as he continued. Both Kaede and Primula could hear that but Kaede was the one out of the two who understood why.

Primula on the other hand wasn't sure why Naruto sounded different then his usual self that she knew him to be but could tell she was the cause of it.

In her mind, she knew she didn't want to talk about what she saw in her dream but something told her to do it anyways and prompted her to loosen her hold on Naruto. She then pushed herself back so she could look both Naruto and Kaede in the eyes before she spoke up.

"I'll… I'll tell you."

"You mean you'll tell us what your dream was about," Kaede voiced.

Primula only nodded in reply before Naruto motioned her to sit next to him with Kaede doing the same but sitting beside her.

The three sat in silence as both Naruto and Kaede waited for their adoptive little sister to speak and when she did, the two listened to every word she said.

"In my dream… I saw myself in some kind of container with a see through glass in front of me. From what I could see, it was located in a very dark place with things unknown to me, however. Below me were several people, people who I knew and see… every day."

"Who were these people," Kaede asked only for Primula to look at her.

"They were people who you are very familiar with."

Her words only confused the Kaede and didn't know how to reply to them. As for Naruto, he stayed quite as an uneasy feeling crept up inside him. It was something he couldn't explain and why he was feeling it now but whatever the reason he knew it wasn't good.

"The people I saw were the two kings of the gods and demons, there daughters Sia and Nerine. Even you were there Kaede and even you… onii-chan."

She then turned towards a surprised looking Naruto and stared into his eyes with her's before she continued speaking.

"You were standing in front of them with your arms held out and a crimson-like aura emitting from you creating some kind of barrier around everyone protecting them from something. Whilst everyone screaming something but in the mist of everyone's screaming, I could only hear your voice calling out to me. Then for some reason the glass in front of me, started to crack then suddenly shatter causing a bright light to fill the room. The only thing I could see was onii-chan running towards me as I fell and catch me in his arms."

Primula stopped there as he voice started to crackle as tears fell from her eyes getting shocked looks from both Kaede and Naruto. As this was the first time any of them really saw Primula cry, in fact, she never once cried since her time with them. The only time Naruto saw her cry was before Kaede came to his room but here she was showing more emotion then she ever had before.

This prompted Kaede to place an arm around Primula's shoulder as she placed her forehead on the side of her head and whispered to her. Telling her that she said enough, however, Primula either didn't listen or decided herself to finish what she was saying.

After whipping her eyes, Primula began talking once again.

"After onii-chan caught me I could see cut marks all over his face, arms, and body but worst of all I could hear his breathing becoming… fainter and fainter. Despite all the cuts on your body, all you asked me was that I was okay and after I told you that I was fine, you smiled and said, 'That's good to hear now I can rest knowing your safe.' After that, your breathing stopped and no matter how hard I tried shaking you, you wouldn't wake up. That's when your body suddenly burst into small particles and disappears. I woke up after that."

Kaede was a loss for words and didn't know what to say neither did Naruto but he could see Primula's petite form shaking, prompting him to pull her close to him.

"I will never disappear. You can count on that."

"D-Do you promise."

"Of course I do. In fact…."

Placing both arms on her shoulders, he lightly pushed her back and placed his right hand out while holding out his pinky.

"Let's pinkie swear on it."

Primula just cocked her head to the side before saying, "Pinkie swear?"

"Yep, it's when two people entwine there pinkies and make a promise that can never be broken. So do you want to make one with me?"

She just nodded in reply then brought her right hand up to his and extended her pinky entwining it with Naruto's pinky.

"Alright now repeat after me. If I lie, I'll drink 1000 needles."

As instructed Primula repeated the words Naruto asked her to say and once the chant/oath was done the two released there pinkies.

"So if you lie. You'll swallow 1000 needles," Primula asked.

"That's right. So if I don't want to swallow them all I'll make sure to keep my promise with you."

He gave her a sincere smile causing her to wipe her eyes as she returned his smile with one of her own.

As both shared their happy moment the sound of someone's stomach growling abruptly interrupted it. Belonging to none other than Naruto himself.

"Hehehe, guess it sounds like I'm hungry."

Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, he looked over towards Kaede and was going to ask her if breakfast was done but stopped when he saw, a worried look plastered across her face.

"Kaede, what's wrong."

Even though he asked she didn't give him a reply, instead she stood up and ran out of his room saying something like leaving the stove on.

He could only shake his head at his housemate clumsiness before turning towards the petite gray haired girl on his bed.

"Why don't you go ahead and get ready for breakfast so I can get ready for school."

With a nod, Primula stood up and left Naruto's room closing the door behind her leaving him to herself.

Still sitting on the edge of his bed, he couldn't help thinking about what Primula just told him.

'She says it was a dream but to me it sounded more like a vision of the future or something like that and she told it so vividly. I just pray that if it were some sort of vision that it never comes true and that Primula never dreams of something like that again.'

With that, he stood up and got ready for school.


Once Naruto was changed and ready for school he headed downstairs towards the kitchen where both Primula, who was more her normal self, and Kaede sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him. To his surprised, none of the food Kaede prepared showed no sign of it having any burnt marks or being over cooked. When he asked about it all she said that she was just as surprised as he was and left it at that.

After breakfast, both Naruto and Primula relaxed in the living room while Kaede washed the dishes. Naruto offered to help her but she quickly turned his offer down and told him she would handle it.

While waiting for Kaede to finish, he decided to watch TV to pass the time and decided to watch a re-run of an anime called Bleach.

Primula, who sat beside him, watched it with him and slowly dosed off leaning her head against her arm. He figured her nightmare didn't let her sleep much.

He was glad she was able to sleep peacefully now but hopped she wouldn't have the same dream again.

It wasn't long after Primula fell asleep that Kaede came out from the kitchen with Naruto's and, surprisingly, her own bento that Naruto raised an eyebrow at it.

"You didn't forget your bento this time."

"I know. I usually forget but I remember this time."

She then noticed Primula sleeping.

"I see that Rimu-chan fell asleep."

"Yeah, I think that nightmare of her's didn't let her sleep that well."

"Naruto-kun… I was wondering…."

Naruto could tell that Kaede had something on her mind and knew what it would be about before he gave her a reply

"What is it?"

"Well, It's about the dream Rimu-chan had. I was wondering if it had some kind of deeper meaning. It's just that if you really did disappear I wouldn't know what to do."

"Try not to overthink it too much. There's no possible way I'll ever disappear… I think," he replied whispering that last part.

"What was that last part? I couldn't hear you."

"Oh, I-I said I think we should keep this a secret form both Sia's and Nerine's fathers. I don't want them thinking something wrong with Primula, that's all," he quickly replied rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

Kaede just gave him a questionable looked before brushing it aside.

"If that's what you think we should do. Then I'll keep it a secret but I think we should at least let Sia and Nerine know. They might be able to help."

"You may be right but for now let's just keep this quite for now just like our other secret."

Soon as he said that Kaede's checks reddened and looked away, bashfully, knowing what he meant.

"Anyway we should get going or we'll be late."

Getting a nod from her, he stood up trying his best not to wake up Primula then got her to lie down. Seeing, as she was still asleep he covered her with a blanket and made his way out the front door with Kaede right behind him.

As they made their way towards the front gate, Sia and Nerine along with their fathers were there to greet them. they all exchanged small talk before Naruto and the girls headed off to school but not before Naruto told the two kings that Primula was sleeping in his living room. They asked if something was wrong since it wasn't like her to be sleep at this time of day. All he told them was that the two of them were up late last night watching anime and they seemed to buy it.

With no questions left to ask, the small group of students made their way towards school.

XXX At School XXX

Class was the same as usual everyone sat in their seats the moment Miss Nadeshiko walked in and paid attention to her every word.

The only thing you could say that was different from any other day was Kaede who, for the first time, did not listen to a word Miss Nadeshiko said. Naruto did the same but that wasn't new since he does it almost every day and lectured for it every day too, but for Kaede. That was something she'd never be caught doing since she was one of the class top students and her teacher thought the same thing.

Since she couldn't tell what Kaede was thinking, she figured something happened between her and Naruto as he, too, wasn't acting normal. Yeah, he would always ignore her when she's teaching but she knew he was still paying attention. As his test scores were always far then she suspected from someone who acted as if he didn't care about school.

She knew he was always paying attention but liked to act he didn't just to get on her nerves and would use him as an example for the rest of her class.

Knowing all that, she knew she had to figure out what was going on between the two so it wouldn't affect their schoolwork or escalate further.

Therefore, when there were only fifteen minutes left of third period. She ended her lesson and told the class to study for the remainder of class on their own then called out to both Naruto and Kaede to meet her in the hall. The class was a bit confused as to why but knew something was up when they saw how both the two most wanted students were acting during class.

Once the two walked out into the hallway Nadeshiko immediately asked them what was going on between them.

"So, are you going to tell me what happened between the two of you to make you space out all morning."

Even though she asked them politely, the two remained silent.

"Look, I know it's probably none of my business what happens in your privet life but when it starts to affect your grades and how you perform in school. I'm the one who gets the ear full when it escalates too far and I'm not saying that it will. I just want to help if I can. So, what's it going to be?"

Again, they remained silent. However, this time Kaede glanced over at Naruto and wanted to say something but knew she had to keep what she wanted to say a secret.

Nadeshiko saw this and quickly spoke up.

"Don't be afraid, Miss Fuyou. If Naruto said something to you or made you do something you didn't want to do, or perhaps something bad just happen. You can tell me."

Kaede gave Naruto another glance and saw him shaking his head then looked back at her teacher before looking at the ground debating whether to tell her. It felt like hours had gone by as she stood in front of her teacher in silence debating whether to tell her that Primula's bad dream was the reason she spaced out in class.

She was about to have a nerves break down if it weren't for Naruto speaking up getting both her's and their teacher's attention.

"This doesn't have anything to do with two of us. It has to deal with Pri-…."

Naruto stopped there as he almost told his teacher that the reason both he and Kaede's reason for spacing out in class was something that happen to Primula.

"It had to deal with whom, Uzumaki," Nadeshiko voiced.

Naruto wasn't sure what to do at that moment but knew he had to say something otherwise; he would be in trouble judging by the tone in his teacher's voice.

After thinking it through for a moment, he concluded that he would tell his teacher the reason behind both his and Kaede's abnormal behavior. His reasoning was that out of every adult in his life he knew he could trust his teacher, Miss Nadeshiko, and only her.

"Alright, I'll tell you."

"Naruto are you sure! You were the one who said to keep this a secret, remember," Kaede voiced.

Nadeshiko was a bit surprised at how Naruto was quick to tell her what was wrong as she figured he would say it was nothing and that she didn't need to worry herself over it.

Before she could ask him his reason, he spoke.

"But before I tell you the reason you have to promise that you won't tell either Sia or Nerine and their fathers about what I'm about to tell you."

"Why's that."

"It's because it involves, Primula, the little girl who is living with both of us."

"And if I say no."

"Then I'll walk back in class and pretend this conversation never happened and I'll also tell the class that the real reason you make me run laps."

"And what reason would that be."

"So you can see me with my shirt off."

Soon as he said that Nadeshiko's eyes widened a bit, as a small blush appeared on her checks before she glared at her blond headed student.

"You wouldn't dare," She warned.

Despite the warning tone laced in her voice, Naruto just smirked at her and said, "Try me."

The two just started at each other while Kaede stood there and watched the two before Nadeshiko sighed and gave in to Naruto's threat knowing her student would do exactly what he said he would do.

That was something she wanted to avoid at all cost, even if there were some truth behind what he said, as she knew rumors would spread and eventually reach the staff, which she knew she'd lose her job for it.

Therefore, she gave in.

"Fine, you win. I promise not to tell anyone about what you're going to tell say."

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear."

With another smirk, which he received another glare from his teacher; he told her all about what happen this morning with Primula.

Several minutes later, Naruto's explanation ended and fell silent letting what he told his teacher to sink in before she spoke.

"I don't get how her having a nightmare is enough to make the two of you space out like you have been doing. All kids have nightmares eventually but I will tell you this. What she dreamt was bizarre. I mean, for you to disappear like that and why only you. Does she hold you in high regard that much in the short amount of time she's been living with you?"

"Well, she already sees me as her older brother."

"I see…."

She then looked at Kaede.

"What about Kaede. Is she like an older sister to her, too?"

"I'm not sure. She still calls Kaede by her first name. It could be, because she's already lost someone who was like an older sister to her. I'm only guessing here but perhaps she doesn't want anybody filling that slot so she doesn't see anybody worthy of that position, not even Nerine."

Kaede was a bit sadden by that as she really wanted to be like an older sister to Primula but as Naruto explained she could understand why she never has until now.

Nadeshiko though, now understood why Primula acted the way she did, well from what Naruto as told her anyway. Still she couldn't wrap her mind around why both Naruto and Kaede acted the way they did.

"I can understand why Primula acted the way she did, but what I can't understand is. Why it caused the two of you too space out."

"It's because she's different."

When those words left his mouth, he had to stop himself before he said anything more but what he said only confused the two women who were standing out in the hall with him.

"Different? What makes her so different?"

"Well… that's something I can't tell you."

He looked away from her gaze as he said that giving off that he was hiding something and prompted Nadeshiko to continue to question him to get the real reason.

"By can't, do you really mean you won't tell me."


Naruto could tell his teacher didn't like his answer but didn't question him any further and sighed before speaking.

"Very well then. If you don't want to tell me then I'll leave it be."

She then looked at her watch then back to her two students.

"Anyways, I have to go to the staff room since you'll be heading to P.E. next but you two should still go back in class before the bell rings."

With that, she turned and walked off leaving them to themselves that's when Kaede turned to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, what did you mean by Primula being different."

"Well, It's too complicated to explain but it's nothing you have to worry about. Anyway we should head back in class."

Not wanting to tell Kaede the truth about what Primula really is he quickly made his way back in class leaving her alone in the hall before she, too, walked in.


Just as Nadeshiko said, Naruto's whole class had P.E. and it so happened to be a joint session with Shion's class. However, he didn't even notice her at all since he was still spacing out. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get his mind off about Primula dream and cause of that, he stood out even more.

Since he was stronger and faster than most people, demons, and gods who go to his school he held back most of his strength but thanks to his mind wandering. The portion of focus that kept his strength at bay disappeared and at the time it did the boys in P.E. class were running laps around the track.

With his focus gone and his true abilities unleashed, he literally overlapped his and the boys from the other class with ease causing a shocked look to appear on everyone's face even the teacher's.

Kaede was in the similar situation but didn't act like Naruto instead, she would mess up during the exercises the girls were doing. Since she constantly messed up, the teacher had to tell her to sit off to the side until class ended not wanting her to get hurt.

Overall, you can say the two expressed their worriedness in different ways.

By the class, ended Naruto caused a slight uproar with most of the boys who were in different types of sports related clubs. With them asking him if he would consider joining theirs. They told him they would overlook that he was not only the most sought after boy in school but also the one the three princesses were after. They also said that they would talk with the other boys in their clubs about it but he shot them all down saying he had no interest in doing sports.

With that, out of the way he and the rest of the boys in his class made their way back to their classroom where most of the girls were already there.

Naruto quickly made his way over to his seat and sat down releasing a sigh just before Itsuki stopped by his desk.

"Well, you sure showed off today."

Naruto just stay silent not wanting to talk about it as his friend continued taking.

"I'm mean to run a mile in under three and half minutes like it was nothing. Then you blew off every sports club even the track and field club."

"Do you have a point to all this because I really do care about joining any sport related clubs if that's what you're getting at?"

"Are you an idiot?!"

His friend's sudden outburst took him by surprise as it was the first time he yelled at him like that and it wasn't for him turning down a girl too.

"What the hell is your problem?"

"Oh man, I can't believe you! Do you know what running the mile in under three and half minutes means."

"No and I could care less at how fast I ran it."

"Man, I hate you so much right now."

Naruto didn't know why Itsuki was acting the way he was and because of his behavior it drew everyone's attention that were in class.

"Well, since you don't know; I'll enlighten you. Running the mile in under three and half minutes means, you ran thirteen seconds faster than the world record holder did. If that were a real race, people would be talking about you and eventually scouts would be after you. I even bet scouts from Japans Olympics team would be looking after you."

Those who didn't know of Naruto's achievement where surprised now and couldn't believe it but for Naruto, he could care less.

"I see what you're saying but as I said before. I don't really care about sport related clubs and for me to join one would just make my life more complicated than it is now. So why don't we leave it at that and just drop this whole conversation."

With that, Naruto ended that unwanted conversation while Itsuki headed back to his seat mumbling why god gifted Naruto so much.

Rolling his eyes at his friend's comment, he looked out the window as he waited for the lunch bell to ring. Whilst thinking of all the problems that were going to arise once word got around about him running the mile faster than the world record holder.

As time inched much closer towards lunch Naruto heard the classroom door slide open but paid no mind to it thinking it was just a student leaving, however. It wasn't until he heard Nerine's voice did he realized who it was that opened the door.

"R-Rimu-chan! What are you doing here?"

Hearing her voice and the person who she addressed, he looked over towards the back of the room and saw Primula. She was in her white button up shirt that had ruffle edges and wore a brown ruffled skirt with knee high socks and was carrying the beat up cat doll in her arms.

Slowly he stood up and made his way of towards the small petite girl who did the same and made her way towards him ignoring the question Nerine asked her.

When the two were arm length apart, Naruto spoke ignoring the whispers form his fellow classmates.

"Primula, what are you doing here."

All she did was stared at him with her emotionless filled eyes before putting her head down looking as if she done something bad as she spoke.

"I… I had that dream again."

Those were the only words she said before falling silent almost as if she were shy talking in front of this many people.

"And cause of that you came here to find me, didn't you."

She only nodded in response but Nerine and the others excluding Kaede were at lost to what they were talking about.

"Naruto-sama, what does Rimu-chan mean when she said she had that dream again."

Naruto then realized that not only Nerine but also Sia and the others were standing next to him. Now the secret he wanted to try to hide was about to be let out of the bag but before he could explain Mayumi spoke.

"Not to be rude or anything but who the heck is this girl?"

It was the same question Itsuki and the rest of the class wanted to know and now forcing Naruto to reveal another secret he was hopping to hide for a bit longer.

"Well, to start off her name is Primula and she came from the demon world. You could also say she's like Nerine's little sister."

That's when everyone looked at Nerine putting her on the spot.

"W-Well… um… what Naruto-sama says is true."

"If she is supposed to be your little sister then why doesn't she look like you or your father?"

"That's because… uh-um…."

Naruto could hear how nervous Nerine was getting and immediately brought the attention back towards him.

"It's because her father adopted her when she was younger."

His answer was a bit blunt but was enough to satisfy them.

"I guess that makes sense since she doesn't look like neither of them nor does she have long ears like all devils do. So I guess she's a god."

"Something like that."

"That answers that question. Now how about answering why she came to see you and what's this thing about having the same dream again."

Now they were back to where they started and now Naruto had to figure out a good enough excuse able to fool Mayumi and the two goddesses.

"Explaining it all would take too long but for the reason why she's here is because she thinks of me as her older brother. So, she came looking for me."

'Older brother?'

It was the thought everyone had who didn't know about the two's relationship.

"Okay, I can understand that she Nerine's little sister but why would she be calling you her older brother," Mayumi asked.

"Well, that's…."

He started to explain but unfortunately, someone answered for him.

"It's because onii-chan told me to."

The one sentence caused the whole class excluding a few who knew to yell one word.


Naruto could only face palm mentally before looking at Primula with a slight glare before looking at his friends and tried to explain but it was too late.

However, the damage was already done.

'I get it now,' both Mayumi and Itsuki thought while everyone else had their own thoughts.

"Naruto has a little sister/lolicon complex," both Mayumi and Itsuki exclaimed.

Soon as they shouted those words Naruto's eyes widen a bit as his mouth gaped open. Not believing his two friends would say such words.

Well that wasn't in entirely true, he knew they would say something like that to his face but what he couldn't believe. Is that they said it aloud at school, in their class of all places.

What made it worse was that all their classmates were silently agreeing with what they said by whispering with one another or silently nodding.

If Naruto wasn't mad yet well he sure as hell was now.

"Are you two insane?!"

In one swift motion Naruto quickly grabbed hold of both Mayumi's and Itsuki's shirt then pulled them close to his face getting a surprise look to appear on their faces.

"What the hell were you two thinking? Accusing me of something like that in front of the whole class."

"I do see what the big deal is. I mean, many people have lolicon fetishes but that's only for anime chicks. If you were to do it in real life like that little girl behind you, it would be more like cradle rob-…"

Itsuki never finished that statement. The reason being that Naruto realized what he was going to say and let go of Mayumi's shirt before grabbed hold of Itsuki's shoulder and bringing him down to knee him in his gut. Causing him to slouch over and fall to his knees holding his midsection with both arms.

After taking care of him, he looked at Mayumi and glared at her.

The said girl stiffened at the glare she received fearing that she, too, would feel Naruto's wraith but since he was against hitting girl. Therefore, she wasn't sure if he would do anything to her but once he took a step towards her that fear of her's suddenly grew and felt as if her life was in danger.

"I'm only going to tell you this once, Mayumi."

His voice was serious yet calm as he spoke and Mayumi could hear it causing her to gulp as a cold sweat formed on the back of her neck.

"You will not, and I mean not, report this to your newspaper club and if I found out you did. Well, let's just hope that it doesn't come to that. Are we clear?"

Mayumi just stared into Naruto's eyes and before she could answer, she saw what looked like a flash of crimson red in Naruto's azure eyes. Getting her to gasp and not answering Naruto's question.

"I said, are we clear?"

Naruto repeated his words trying to fight the part of him that wanted to grab hold of Mayumi's neck and choke the answer out of her.

It was something that Kaede, Nerine, Sia, and even Primula saw but before someone could intervene, Mayumi spoke.

"Y-Yes, I-I understand."

Her voice was crackling as she spoke as her body slightly shook but just then, the lunch bell rang causing the whole class to jump.

Within the group of students, Kaede was the one to speak up from the silence.

"Naruto, what are we going to do about Rimu-chan."

She was trying to change the subject before anything bad could happen.

"I'll take her back home. So tell Miss Nadeshiko that I felt sick and went home."

Naruto then placed a hand on Primula's shoulder leading her out the classroom into the hallway before closing the door behind him.

With the sound of the door closing, everyone stood in silence with Mayumi the only one making a sound as she fell to the floor still shaking.

'His eyes. I never saw so much hate in someone's eyes. Even if it was for just a second, I saw it. Those crimson red eyes of his.'

As Mayumi ponder on what she saw Kaede and the others, minus Itsuki, went to her side to see what was wrong. Seeing as she was fine Kaede looked at the door Naruto walked out of with Primula and wonder if what she saw was true.


After leaving his classroom Naruto immediately made his way down the hall towards the shoe lockers on the first floor. On his way he ignored the stares and whispers he heard as he did all the while little Primula followed obediently behind him.

Once he reached his locker, he quickly took his shoes out and slipped into them then walked out the school entrance with Primula right beside him.

The two walked side-by-side in silence as they made their way home and when they were about halfway there. Primula suddenly took hold of Naruto's shirt causing him to stop in mid step and look down at her. What he saw was the gray haired girl with her head down looking as if she done something wrong.

"What's the matter, Primula?"

"Onii-chan, did I do something I wasn't supposed to."

As she spoke her hand lightly shook and Naruto saw this and thought it was weird she was acting differently then she usually did. Usually she would be emotionless just as she was when she came to his classroom but now she was acting more human as to speak.

Perhaps, the dreams she's been having were the cause of her acting so differently. Making her feel emotions, she never felt before or unlocking the feelings, she'd locked away.

Whatever the case maybe, Naruto had another matter to solve.

"Well, I'd be lying if I said no…."

The moment he said that, Primula body stiffen but before she could do or say anything Naruto continued talking.

"But, I can understand why you did it."

This time Primula tilted her head upward so she could see Naruto's face seeing him smiling at her.

"I mean you did say you had the same dream again. The one when I disappear, right."

He only received a nod in reply.

"Then the only reason you came to my school was to see if I was still here, am I right."

Again, he only received a nod in reply.

"Then I guess I did keep my promise but next time. Try staying at home, because no matter how real the dream feels. I will never disappear just like I promise, okay."

He then ruffled her hair but before they could continue making their way back home. A rumbling sound come from Primula and when he looked at her he saw her cheeks turn red.

"I guess all that worrying made you hungry."

Primula just looked down at what he could guess was in embarrassment.

"Then I guess we should hurry home so I can make us something to eat."

With one last nod from Primula, the two made their way back home but as they did Naruto couldn't help feeling as if he was forgetting something, something very important.

XXX After School: Light Music Club XXX

It was already after school and club activities for the light music club were done and over with. Currently, it was only Tayuya and Shion who were in the clubroom as the other two members who showed up had already left leaving the two alone. If one were to walk in, they would see a very pissed of Tayuya who looked as if she could take a whole army by herself.

It was normal to see her angry face as she always bit someone's head off if they said the wrong thing to her. The only person who she never yelled at was Shion. Many people wondered why that was but were too afraid to ask in fear they would fear her wraith if they did.

Till this day, it remains unknown as to why she only listens to Shion.

If you were wondering, why she was in such a state there was only one word that could sum it all up, Naruto.

"That little son of bitch!"

Those words that left Tayuya's lips as she cursed a certain blond spiky haired club member who happened to skip his first day of club activities.

"I think you should calm down, *Yuya-chan.*"

"Calm down. How can I stay calm when a certain blond idiot skips his first day of practice? Is it really that hard to show up?"

"Well, he did seem a little out of it during P.E. Perhaps, something happened and he had to go home."

"Like what?"

"Maybe he felt sick or had to go home for an emergence of some sort."

"Emergence my ass. Even if his ass were on fire he had better show up, but if you ask me. I think that he just wanted to skip to get back at me for last week."

"I wouldn't blame him," Shion mumbled to herself getting Tayuya to look at her.

"What was that I couldn't quite hear you?"

"Oh, nothing."

"That's what I thought."

Tayuya then looked at the clock before standing up.

"Shion, grab you bag were leaving."

Not waiting for her friend, Tayuya made her way towards the door and opened it. Once it was open, she wasted no time and walked out the clubroom making her way down the hallway.

By the time Shion was able to catch up to her, she was already at the front entrance to the school.

"Yu… Yuya-chan. Why are you in such a rush," Shion wheezed.

While she tried catching her breath, Tayuya just turned to face her.

"It's about time you caught up."

That's when she saw her gasping for air.

You're out of breath already. Man I feel sorry for Naruto when the two of you are in bed."

Shion posture took a one eighty as her face lit up like the fourth of July.


"What, it was only a joke."

Despite her saying, it was just a joke; Shion thought otherwise as there was an evil looking smirk still plaster on her face.

"Well you shouldn't joke about such things, especially in public."

Around them were students who were either hanging around after school or just leaving their club activities whispering causing Shion's blush to deepen.

It only took one glare from Tayuya, though, to scare them off to Shion's relief.

"Anyway, Where are we going?"

Just after she ask that question an evil looking grin appeared on friend's face causing Shion to regret even asking. All Tayuya did in response was to turn back around before looking over her shoulder.

"If you must know. I have to find a certain lost Tsukaiosu."

With that, the two left for a certain someone's house.


When they arrived at the Fuyou residents, they weren't surprised to see a plain, normal, house but when they got a look at their neighbors. They were a bit surprised to see how large they were as they could house about three to four families.

'Damn, and here I thought my family was rich,' Tayuya thought.

'Those houses are so big. Though, the one on the right kind of reminds me of Yuya-chan's home,' Shion thought.

They both had their own thoughts about Naruto's neighbors and after basking in how rich and big the two kings were. They got back to the reason they were here in the first place.

With their minds back on track, they made their way towards the front door and rang the doorbell. They could hear someone talking they the sounds of footsteps getting near the door until it opened reviling the person they came to see Naruto.

"Can I help you… oh, Tayuya, and Shion. What are you two doing here?"

It was at that moment Tayuya grabbed hold of Naruto's shirt with both hands and pulled him closer towards her.

"I'm surprised you have the balls to say that in face or have you forgotten about club activities, Tsukaiosu."

"I knew I was forgetting something," Naruto replied only to infuriate Tayuya even more.

"So now you remember. Well, its three hour too late!"

"I'm sorry, but something came up so I couldn't make it."

"Oh really. Well it had better be a damn good reason. Otherwise, I'm going to beat the living hell out you for skipping."

'Why do you always have to threaten people, Yuya-chan,' Shion thought while shaking her head.

Before Naruto could explain why he skipped, someone interrupted him.

"Naruto-kun, who's at the door?"

It was Kaede and as she spoke her voice only gotten closer to them until she appeared in both Tayuya's and Shion's view. Naruto was unable to see her since he was still in Tayuya's death grip.

"N-Naruto-kun. W-Who are these two girls and why is one of them grabbing your shirt."

Naruto could hear how worried Kaede was and knew he had to explain, which he did.

"It's okay, Kaede. These two are just members of the club I joined and came to see why I forgot to go. Well, one did but the other. I think she has something else in mind."

"What's that supposed to mean," Tayuya growled pulling Naruto closer towards her face but he ignored her.

"Oh, in that case let me introduce myself. I'm Fuyou Kaede," she said with a small bow.

"My name is Nisou Shion. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"And I'm Atsuiatama Tayuya."

"I would appreciate it if you could let go of Naruto-kun. I would hate it if his work clothes got ruined."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Tayuya apologized.

After apologizing, she let go of Naruto's shirt to his and Shion's surprise. She herself was surprised she listened and did what Kaede asked.

'What the hell! It's just how I react when Shion asks me to do something.'

She then gave Kaede anther glance trying to determine why.

'She gives of the same vibe as Shion does. A vibe that makes it hard to say no to her.'

As she ponders on at that thought, Kaede spoke up getting her attention.

"If you like you can come in and have a sit in the living room."

"No, that's fine. We were just leaving, right Shion."

"Uh… y-yeah, we were. Sorry."

"Oh, that's okay."

After they said their goodbyes, well Shion did all Tayuya did was turn around and walked off, they made their way towards Shion's place.

As they walked Shion was wondering why Tayuya listened to Kaede as she never listens to anybody but her which prompted her to ask.

"Hey, Yuya-chan."

"Yeah, was it?"

"I was wondering. Why did you listen to what Kaede said?"

"Why do you want to know that?"

"I was just curious since you never listen to what other people say. No matter what it was unless it was me."

Tayuya went silent when she said that until she decided to give her friend an answer.

"If you really must know. It's because she, in a way, is just like you."

"Like me. What do you mean by that?"

"Not literally, it's just she gives of the same vibe that you do and it makes it hard for me to say no. That's all."

"Oh, if that's the case. Then no wonder you wanted to leave. You hate it when you can't say no to somebody."

"S-Shut up. That's not true."

"Your blush says otherwise."

Shion just giggled as Tayuya kept quiet knowing her friend was right even though she wouldn't emit it as they continued their way towards Shion's house.

XXX Night Time XXX

After the brief encounter with his club mates, Naruto made his way to his job that was just a normal day as always. Once his shift was over, he made his way back home but this time without any sweets. Believing it was that that gave Primula her nightmare and wanted to test if it really were the sweets.

Soon as he came home he immediately walked inside and took of his shoes then made his way towards the living room where both Kaede and Primula sat waiting for him.

Like always when he started working, Kaede would get up and warm up Naruto's dinner then bring it to him. As he ate, Primula asked him if he brought any sweets home with him as she liked the taste of them. Unfortunate for her he said no and that he would bring some next time if he could remember. She only gave a slight nod looking a bit disappointed that she wouldn't be able to eat any and continued watching TV.

When he finished his meal, he took his dishes to the kitchen with Kaede right behind him. As he put then in the sink Kaede immediately started to wash them to Naruto's annoyance but knew it was futile to stop her. When he was about to leave Kaede stopped him and asked him something.

What she asked him was about what happen at school when he was talking to Mayumi. She asked if he was thinking about hitting her or anything like that. He quickly told her that he wasn't thinking anything of that sort and that his arm shock from annoyance from their classmates whispering.

Realizing it was all in her head she continued to wash his dishes while he made his way upstairs. Where he ventured into his room and grabbed his towel then made a b-line towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Inside all he could think about was what Kaede said. About him wanting to hurt Mayumi but the truth was he really did think about hurting her. Choking her to be exact, but what he couldn't figure out was why a thought like that ever crossed his mind. Not once has he ever hurt his friends, Itsuki didn't count since he deserved the hits he gave him but the others he would never touch in any harmful way.

So why did a thought like that cross his mind suddenly. What could have caused it and why now.

No matter how hard he tried to figure it out he couldn't come up with an answer.

Finding it futile to continue trying to figure it out he turned the water off and stepped out into the steam-filled bathroom. Grabbing his towel, he quickly dried his hair and wrapped it around his waist while he made his way towards the sink. Once there he placed both his hand on the counter and stared into the empty sink. As he continued to stare, he crunched up his right hand into a fist before retracting it. He then turned it so his palm was facing upward and looked at it.

Staring at his hand, the hand that would've choked Mayumi if he didn't fight the urge to do so, he could stop thinking about what would happen if he did go through with it.

Shaking his head he pushed that thought aside, he placed his left hand on the mirror and wiped the steam off. As he did, the part of the mirror his hand wiped showed a reflection that was his but at the same time, it wasn't.

What he saw was something identical to him as the refection had bright blond spiky hair and whisker marks, however. The tips of the reflection's hair were dyed crimson red and its whisker marks were more feral then his. It also had two fang like teeth poking out from its upper lip but it's most noticeable features were its eyes.

Crimson red with black slits.

That was what the reflection's eyes were like not azure blue like his.

As he continued to stare at his so-called reflection he tried to figure out was what going and every time he moved, the refection would mimic his every movement. When he finally stopped moving and started into the refection's eyes, he suddenly saw the refection smirk causing him to jump and take a step back.

With the floor still damp from the steam, his foot slipped causing him to fall back with a loud thumping sound that echoed throughout the house.

Not caring that he fell, he quickly stood up and looked at the refection in the mirror only to see his real refection showing getting him to wonder what just happen.

While he tried pondering on what happen, he heard a knock on the bathroom door snapping him back to reality.

"Naruto-kun, are you okay. I heard a loud banging sound," Kaede called out.

"I'm fine. I just slipped and fell."

"Are you okay? D-Do you need me to come in and help you."

"No, there's no need for you to come in. In fact, I'm just about to get out."

To emphases his point, he opened the bathroom door to let her see he was fine.

"See, I'm just fine. There's no need to worry."

Kaede released a sigh of relief before looking back a Naruto to see only his lower body wrapped in a towel. Just seeing his naked upper body caused her to, lightly, lick her lips. It's been about a week or so since they last had sex and now with him working. It was little harder for her to bring herself and ask him to have sex.

Well, it wasn't really asking as she would just grab hold of his arm when she was in the mood and bring him into her room, but now. He always looked exhausted when he came home from work so she suppressed her desire to have sex so he could rest but it could only go so far and it was getting hard for her to resist. Especially, when he's half-naked but knew she needed to keep strong.

Therefore, she took a deep breath and turned around so she wasn't looking at his half-naked body.

"I already but Rimu-chan to sleep so try not to make too much noise or stay up to late, alright."

Not waiting for his response she made her way towards her room but stopped half way and looked over her shoulder.

"I almost forgot. Make sure you put your work clothes in the hamper so I can wash them in the morning."

With one last glance at Naruto's body, she made her way towards her room and shut the door leaving him in a daze.

'I'm guess her sexually frustration is building up to its max. I could sense it just by standing next to her. I bet that last look she gave me was for a mental image for later. I probably should go and help her relive that but everything that has happened to day; I'm not in the mood for sex.'

With those last thoughts, he made his way towards his room but not after putting his work clothes in the hamper as Kaede instructed.

After closing the door behind him as he entered his room, he quickly grabbed a pair of boxers from his drawer and put them on. He then sat on the edge of his bed before lying down and started to feel guilty about what Kaede was probably doing right about now. If he had to guess, she was probably playing with herself and knew it was his fault in a way since he is always walking half-naked around the house at night.

What he should do was march right over to her room and help her relieve all of her sexual frustration but like he told himself earlier. All that has happened today he wasn't in the mood for sex and would have to make it up to her but first he had a few things to take care of.

After making his agenda for tomorrow, he slowly let his sleep take over his body but once his mind was completely out of it. A mysterious voice spoke.

"It's not long now, brat. Until your body becomes my new vessel and when that happens. I'll take my revenge on that worthless village for sealing me in you. Once I achieve that, I can begin my real goal. Hehehehe… Hahahahaha!"

As the voice laughed to itself it slowly, disappeared back into the deepest part of Naruto's mind as if were never there.


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