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Of prophecies and destinies

In the previous chapter…

"It seems like you HAVE taught her something after all" Zeus said, looking slightly surprised that I knew the correct name of the offspring of a mortal and a god... yeah... so I'm a geek for Greek mythology, sue me! "And your assumptions are close but not entirely right. As I think you may have already made the connection that I am the father of your mother, I may not have been in this form at the time but it was me nonetheless, you know that your mother was a demigod. Now I hope that your biology is good because you are going to need it. Hopefully you know that each child draws genes from their parents, half from the mother and half from the father to be precise." At this statement my eyes widened with what I thought he was implying, I was, after all, taking AP bio.

"I took the god genes from my father since that is all that he is, but I also took the god half of my mother didn't I?" I asked already knowing the answer.

Zeus smiled a little before answering, "Yes, the god gene is dominant; therefore, you had no other choice but to receive it" 'Oh my... Gods?'

"But the that would make me... that would make me... a-a..." I couldn't even finish the sentence.

"That would make you a God not a demigod" Zeus said proudly.

And for the nth time in as many days everything turned black.

'Please, PLEASE let this be a dream... or a nightmare.' was my last thought before I embraced the darkness.

When I woke up there was this pounding in my head, almost like I was hung over, not that I would know with. Y dad being the chief of police and all... andm the god of the sea...there were a couple of voices yelling at each other, and that's when I realized that whatever had happened in the past 24 hours was not a dream... or a nightmare. 'Yeaaaah... I think going back to sleep and avoiding this discussion would be best. Maybe they'll pretend it never happened if I stay unconscious for long enough...'

"Don't even think about it Isabella" I heard Charlie say. 'Busted...'

I let out a resigned sigh and opened my eyes. I was on the floor of the same room I passed out on; the only differences were the torches that were lit around the room and the hearth in the middle giving it a soft glow now that it was dark outside. I stood up with a groan and rubbed my back which was slightly sore.

"For how long was I out?" I asked no one in particular, noticing for the first time the woman in the room. She had deep brown eyes and chocolate brown hair; she was wearing a simple white dress that rippled like oil in water when she moved. She was painfully beautiful and power seemed to ooze out of her, but for some reason I didn't feel threatened or worried, her presence actually made me feel at ease and safe.

"Long enough that I had to come and see what was taking so long since you were supposed to meet me a few hours ago." the woman said smoothly.

"Well your presence would not have been needed if Zeus hadn't dropped the bomb on Bella about who she really is." Poseidon said with a little whine.

"Well maybe if Poseidon had prepared her better she would have been able to handle it!" Zeus said slightly annoyed.

"Enough!"the woman said, and the other two stopped their bickering. "It does not matter. I am here now and will now continue to talk to Bella about what she needs to know." the other two looked like they wanted to object but stopped when she turned to give them a glare.

"Come now Isabella, we have much to talk about." she said, and I wasn't about to object after she managed to intimidate two of the more powerful gods of Olympus with a simple look, so I followed after her without so much as a second thought.

We walked down a flight of stairs that led to the beautiful garden that was now illuminated by torches and fire flights. We walked through the gardens until we reached a pomegranate tree that had two chairs underneath it. She took a seat in one of the chairs and motioned me to take a seat on the other.

"I chose this place because it gives me tranquility and thought you may find it helpful. It also provided a nice shade earlier in the day but it really doesn't matter now does it?" she said with a soft smile on her face, and I forgot all my fears.

"I guess it doesn't" I said with an embarrassed chuckle, because it was, after all, my fault that we didn't get to enjoy this earlier in the day because of my inability to stay conscious. "I must say though, that it looks lovely at this hour" I said and took another look around. The soft glow given to the trees and flowers was enough to make it look ethereal but not enough to lose the secrets hidden in the shadows.

"I agree with you, maybe this was the way it was meant to be all along" she said while she too took a look around. "And though I would love nothing more than to sit here with you and get to know you better there are things we must talk about first" she said with a regretful sigh.

"I guess. It's not every day you find out you are goddess" I said with a frown in my face, because how in the hell did I, Isabella Swan/klutz of the century managed to be a goddess?

"Indeed it isn't." she said "but you are so much more precious than you believe. Part of your clumsiness came from not knowing what you were, your body wanted to move faster because it knew it could, but your mind did not allow it because it thought it couldn't. It will get better know that you know your true identity, so don't worry about that." She said almost as if she had read my mind, and I remembered that Charlie had done the same earlier when I woke up 'Waaaaait a minute… what the… can they read my mind?'

"Yes we can; although that power is only limited to direct blood relatives" she answered, while looking at me with a challenging look. 'So Charlie can read my mind because he is my father. That means that Zeus can also read my mind because he is my grandfather. But how is it that she can read my mind? Who is she anyways?'

"Both very good questions, although I believe you already know who I am" she said mysteriously.

"You are Hera, queen of the gods, goddess of heaven and marriage, patron of women." I said reverently, because come on! How many times have YOU been in front of the queen of Olympus!

"Very good! Now how did you know that?" she said with twinkling eyes.

"Well, aside from the fact that you managed to intimidate two of the most powerful gods of Olympus with a single look?" I said, and we both chuckled at that. "You chose a pomegranate tree to have this conversation, which is one of your symbols that represents fertility." I finished a little smugly. Yeah I know my facts…

"I must say I'm impressed, not many young people like you know much about the gods of Olympus, let alone their titles, their symbols and what they represent." She said with a proud smile.

"Thanks!" I said blushing slightly.

"No need to thank me, no compliment of mine goes to those undeserving. Now, the answer to your other question is slightly more complicated, but I'm sure you'll understand without a problem." She said as she took a more serious look. "As you already know I'm the goddess of marriage; however, I know you are also aware that Zeus is not well known for his fidelity" 'Yeah, no shit… he had a bunch of kids with mortals' "and while in ancient times I got even by taking revenge on his kids or on the women he cheated on me with it's been a long time since it's happened so I decided to take a different approach this time, also you must know that when Zeus decided to have an affair with your grandmother it was a time where we were in our Roman forms, and therefore, we had different qualities which is also why I decided to take a different approach this time." I nodded, deciding that I would ask more about that once she finished explaining how it is that she could read my mind. "I knew that Zeus had found your grandmother attractive and desirable enough to have an affair with her. I was tired of Zeus thinking he could cheat on me again and again, so the night he decided to consummate his relationship with her I possessed her body, technically preventing him from being unfaithful since it was me even though it was your grandmother's body. That was the night that your mother was conceived, from mine and Zeus' essences, not from your grandmother and Zeus'. Your mother was as much my child as it was Zeus' even though your grandmother carried and gave birth to her, which makes you my grandchild." She finished her story. 'Well paint me blue and call me babe…'

"So you are telling me that not only do I have one of the most powerful Olympic gods as my father, but also two of the most powerful roman gods as my grandparents?" I said just to verify I had understood everything she said.

"I guess you could put it like that, yes." She said with an amused smile.

"That's badass!" I said getting more and more used to the idea of being the daughter of all powerful beings!

"I see you are warming up to the idea of being a goddess" she said.

"Hell yeah I am! At least now I know I'm not some sort of weird ass shape shifter but a cool immortal being! I am immortal aren't I?" I said, before furrowing my brows thinking of Alice, vampires are immortal aren't they?

"Yes you are. Our physical appearance often reflects the state of our personal kingdoms but you can also choose how old or young you want to look" she said, and I sighed with relief.

"Awesomeness!" I said with a goofy smile on my face. 'More time to spend with Alice… SCORE!'

"Ahhh young love…" she said with a soft chuckle and I couldn't help but blush. "Unfortunately not everything is as awesome as you think my dear, especially for someone as special as you, which brings me to the true reason as to why you are here." 'Gaaaah… Now shit is about to hit the fan… and just when I thought my life was awesome' "Danger is coming to Olympus and I'm afraid that you are the chosen one to lead the battle" she said with regret clearly in her tone.

"Ooookaaaay. And how is it that this was decided exactly?" I asked slightly incredulous that anyone in their right mind would choose me to lead anyone into battle.

"The only way every other hero has been chosen of course! A prophecy." She answered slightly baffled that I didn't know the answer.

"Of course" I said cringing slightly; nobody has ever managed to escape a prophecy.

"It is your destiny Bella. It was always meant to happen this way." She said with a slightly stern tone.

"And how does this prophecy go?" I asked, deciding that there was no point in arguing against my destiny, because I knew that one way or another it would happen and I'd rather know what I was getting into so I could prepare myself.

"This is your prophecy" She said handing me a scroll that came out of nowhere.

I unrolled the scroll carefully and began reading.

The child of the moon will rise once more

Against the father that everyone forgot.

A god shall be born

From a place unexpected

She shall help the world

Remain disinfected.

When the god child meets her mate

Both fathers shall make their claim

She shall be split in two

For the prophecies to come true

In the place where the gods rest

She shall learn her fate.

The queen shall favor her

And in the house of the mother she shall train.

Blood ties will give her the power

To do the job required

In the battles started by fate

That shall happen while she waits.

I read the scroll approximately ten times before I decided that it was enough torture.

"Anything else?" I asked. 'Would you also like my beating heart for dinner?'

"There is a second prophecy which shall be given to you as soon as the first one is completed" she said ignoring my thoughts.

"Great!" I said sarcastically. 'Well, if there is a second prophecy that means I'm going to survive the first one… right?' "Wait! It said that both father, who I'm assuming are Poseidon and Zeus, would make their claim when I met my mate! What is that supposed to mean!?" I asked, baffled that I would have a mate much like an animal would.

"Don't think about it like that. You are not an animal nor will you have a mate like one. It refers to your soulmate. Your other half. When humans were created they had four arms and four legs, until a lightning storm split them apart; since then each and every one has spent their lives looking for their other half." She said with a smile on her lips. "You were claimed when you encountered the wolves in the woods." She said, and I remembered the electric trident above my head when I saw the wolves in the woods attacking Alice. "You are lucky to have found yours while still being so young; many spend their whole lives looking for theirs without such luck. I would like to meet her soon; I hope you bring her to visit sometime in the near future. I'm sure your cousin Aphrodite will love to help plan the wedding" she said with a mischievous smile. 'Her?!... Alice!... Wedding!?... We just met! Although now that I think about it…I'm sure Alice would look lovely in white…or out of it…' A cough helped me take my mind out of the gutter.

"Sorry." I said while I tried to hide my blush with my hair.

"No worries." She said with a chuckle "Now I think it's time for you to leave and spend some time with your other half. Soon your father will take you to where you will train, but he will be teaching you about your powers before that so that you don't have any unexpected incidents while training." She said with a comforting smile, which made me relax.

"Okay. When will I see you again?" I asked. I had enjoyed my time with her even though not all of it was good news.

"Soon my child, soon. Now go to your father who must be getting wrinkles from all the worrying he must have been doing since he let you go with the big bad queen of Olympus." She said with a chuckle while getting up from her chair.

I stood up ready to leave but turned to face her once more and gave her a hug.

She hesitated at first but hugged me back after a few seconds and I felt all her motherly love flowing towards me. "Don't worry so much. I will be looking after you; you'll never be alone." She said softly in my ear.

"Thank you" I replied. I let her go and turned around walking a few steps before I looked back and asked, "I know technically you are my grandmother and all, but can I call you mom?" I said hesitantly, and little afraid of her answer.

"I would be honored" she said with a big smile, and I could see her eyes shimmering with happiness in the soft light.

"Awesome! See you later mom!" I said with a final wave before turning around and walking up the steps to where I left my father.

As soon as I entered the room my father got up from the throne with the trident engraved on its back and walked towards me. "Are you okay? She didn't treat you badly or anything did she?" he said, totally freaking out.

"Chill out dad! She was very nice if you must know. Now can we please go? There's somewhere I want to be now" I said, looking around noticing that Zeus was no longer in the room. "Where's Zeus?" I asked.

"He had a meeting with someone important" he said rolling his eyes. "We can go now if you want." He finished extending his hand towards me. I took it and looked up at him with a smile. "You ready?" he asked returning my smile. I nodded thinking that I would finally get a chance to see Alice again and once again light engulfed me. 'I don't think I've ever been more ready for everything in my life… except maybe that greek mythology test in AP English a few weeks ago…'

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