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My Interview With Setsuna

Me: Hi everyone! After welding the door shut, putting 2 bodyguards outside the room, and being under the FBI's Witness Protection program, I'm back with someone new! Today I have a person recommended by the hyperactive-brat I last interviewed named Reeny! Her name is Setsuna! Hi Setsuna!

Setsuna: ...

Me: old are you?

Setsuna: Older than you.

Me: Ok... I hear that you live with a girl-couple and their daughter!

Setsuna: Hey be nice! There's nothing wrong with living with a girl-couple! And by the way, Hotaru is NOT their daughter! Just a little girl that we're taking care of!

Me: Ok, ok, ok! I get the picture! So, got any boyfriends?

Setsuna: ...No...

Me: (Dodges underneath her chair and covers her head, expecting someone to bash through the door) ...uh...ok...

Setsuna: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing!

Setsuna: Alright...

Me: So...what's 8 + 8?

Setsuna: 16

Me: Say the first word that comes to your mind when I say a word.

Setsuna: ...Ok...

Me: Mexico

Setsuna: Cinco De Mayo

Me: President

Setsuna: First one was in the 1700's in America.

Me: CD

Setsuna: Invented in 1986 (really!).

Me: Hmmm, I see that you're naming off a lot of dates!

Setsuna: ...Well...

Me: Name 10 of the 31 states in Mexico.

Setsuna: Jalisco, Durango, Estados De Mexico, Hidalgo, Yucatan, Morelos, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Zacatecas, and Guana Juato.

Me: WOW!!! You're really smart!

Setsuna: ...Well...

Me: What's another name for your butt?

Setsuna: Gluteus Maximus.

Me: Where were you at the time of 10 p.m. on Thursday, March 10th 1345?

Setsuna: In bed.

Me: (Thinking that she's fibbing) uh-huh,, have you heard about those Sailor Scouts? What's the deal with them anyway? Why are they so popular?

Setsuna: (A bit taken back that this sort of question showed up) well, I mean, I don't quite know.

Me: Are they just girls desperate for boys or something? I
mean, those skirts are so SHORT!

Setsuna: (REALLY ticked) grrrrrrr...I don't think they're
desperate for boys!

Me: Are you ok?

*Suddenly 2 screams are heard from outside and door. Suddenly, after a lot of banging, the door bursts open and in walks a very angry, just-got-out-of-the-mental-hospital Serena.*

Me: NO WAY!!!

Setsuna: Serenity what are you doing here?


Me: I'm not even going to ASK what that is!

Serena: SO YOU ADMIT IT!!!

Me: NO!!!

Setsuna: ...

*Suddenly Serena sneaks up behind Setsuna and steals her huge, long, heavy-ended, Time Key.*


Serena: YOU MUST DIE!!! YAAG!!!

*Serena swings the Time Key at me as hard as she can, hitting me on the broad side of my head.*


Me: (Unconscious) ...

Serena: That'll teach Negaverse scum to mess with us!

Setsuna: ...

Me: (Half-comatose)

Setsuna: You are welcome.


Serena: You're still alive?


Me: (Pretty much dead now) ...

Setsuna: ...

The End

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