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Waking Up

Dark. That was the first thing that Kyoko noticed. It was so dark…but there was a light far away. She tried to reach for it, but a sharp pain pierced her temple. She could hear herself whimper, and felt something touch her hand. 'What is that? What's touching my hand? I can't move it!' For a second she wanted to panic, but forced herself to calm down and listen.

"How is she?" She tried to place the male voice, but it was unfamiliar.

"Still nothing." The second man's voice was as unfamiliar as the first, but it sounded depressed.

'What's going on?' The loud thoughts seemed to echo painfully in her head.

"It wasn't your fault." There was a mix of pain and reassurance from the first voice. "The light was green." There was no response. "Dad." There was a sigh. Kyoko forced herself to make another noise, and she felt something squeeze her hand again. She had to assume that one of the voices was responsible for that. "Is she okay?"

"The doctor said that she could wake up at any time. There's nothing we can do right now. She's stable."

'I don't understand! What happened? Where am I? Who are these people?' Moaning as loudly as she could, she turned her head, using all the effort she could manage. The pain was not quite as agonizing this time, but she felt two hands hold her head still.

"Shh. Kyoko." The second voice was closer to her ear, and the first was close behind.

"What's the matter with her? Do I need to get a doctor?"

"No. She did this earlier. I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself though."

'I did it earlier? What? When? I can't remember? Why can't I remember?' She closed her eyes tighter and twitched her fingers, fighting to move closer to the distant light. 'If I can just open my eyes…maybe I'll see what's going on.'

"Come on Kyoko." The first voice was coaxing, and she felt someone stroke her forehead. "Please?"

'I'm trying!' She cried in her mind, but she couldn't form the words. She felt herself slipping back into the fog. Whimpering one last time, she gave up.

This time it was brighter, as if light was seeping through. Her fingers were now responding, and the pain in her head was only a dull throb. One of her hands was clasped tightly between two larger ones, and she squeezed it. "Kyoko?" It was one of the deep voices from before. "Hey, sweetheart. Can you wake up?" She closed her eyes tighter, then managed to squint, made out a blurry shape over her.

"Light." The word sounded strange, even to her own ears.

"Sorry." The room darkened after a second and she opened her eyes again, letting herself adjust to the dim light. The strange voice came closer again and someone touched her hand. "I'm going to call the doctor, okay."

"Mhm." She still had no idea who the man was, but a doctor sounded like a good idea.

A minute later, another strange man in a white coat came in. "Hello, Kyoko-san. I'm doctor Sato. How are you feeling?" She blinked a few times, letting herself remember how to control the muscles in her face, then opened her mouth again. Her voice came out a croak, and she coughed painfully. The strange man with blonde hair whose name she still didn't know placed a Styrofoam cup full of water against her lips, and she took a long drink.

"Thank you." She was finally able to speak. The man nodded and took her hand again. Though she felt uncomfortable with the gesture, she didn't want to offend the man who obviously knew her in some way. She turned back to the doctor. "I'm feeling…okay." The doctor smiled and nodded, coming over and lifting her free hand, took her pulse. He picked up his clipboard and scribbled on it for a moment.

"Alright, I'll need to ask you some questions if you think you're up to answering them." Kyoko nodded slightly and he pushed a button on the side of her bed, sitting her up slowly. The stranger sat down on a chair beside her, obviously overjoyed that she was awake. "Can you tell me your full name?"

"Mogami Kyoko." She said, happy that she could remember that.

He hesitated, looking over at the blonde man, who nodded a little with a strange expression. "Good." He spoke slowly. "Do you know what the date is?" She thought for a moment, but shook her head, wincing as the dull throb intensified with the movement. "Okay, where do…"

"Is she awake?" The three occupants of the room looked up at the man that barged into the room. "Oh….I'm sorry." Kyoko stared at the tall dark haired man that approached them apologetically.

"Hello Tsuruga-san." The doctor greeted with a soft smile. "You can join us if you like." The man nodded and sat down by Kyoko, smiling at her gently and taking her free hand. Blushing a little under the soft smile of this handsome stranger, Kyoko turned back toward the doctor. "Okay Kyoko-san. Can you tell me where you live?"

She frowned, the memories flooding into her brain. "I live in Kyoto, at the Fuwa Inn." She told him simply. "Oh! Where are the Fuwas?" She wondered, glancing around the room. Both of the strange men were staring at her in stunned silence, and she wondered how they could know her without knowing that. The doctor looked up at the men.

"Um…alright. Kyoko-san, how old are you?"

Immediately she knew something was wrong. She was thirteen. She knew that…but her body felt…different. The wrongness was suddenly everywhere, and she realized that she had no idea how old she was at the moment. "I…" Her eyes filled with fearful tears and she looked at the doctor. "I don't know." She whimpered. The brown-haired man squeezed her hand and caressed the back with his thumb, obviously trying to comfort her.

"It's okay, Kyoko-san." The doctor reassured her. "I believe you have amnesia. Can you tell me the last thing you remember?"

She looked down at the sheet, glancing over at the hand grasping hers. The first thing that came to mind was the overheard conversation between the two men in the room, but that wasn't helpful. Pushing that away, she thought back. "Um…coming home from school and working at the inn." She answered him. The doctor nodded grimly, then began talking to the two men in the room.

Kyoko listened for a moment, but was lost in the medical terms. Giving up, she tried to remember what she had been doing last. 'I remember talking to Fuwa-san about school…changing into my kimono…practicing the tea ceremony…and talking to Sho. Sho! Where is he? Was he hurt too? What happened?'

"We're going to keep her overnight, but she can probably go home tomorrow." She caught the last part of the conversation.

"What about her memory!" The blonde man cried. He was older than the dark haired man who kept staring at her strangely. "How's she going to be able to live her life is she can't remember anything!"

"I'm sorry, Hizuri-san. There's nothing we can do. Sometimes hearing about the past or seeing old objects or settings can jog the memory, but sometimes it doesn't help. There's no guarantee that she'll ever remember."

Kyoko met the dark haired man's eyes. His eyes were filled with longing as he stared at her. Blushing, she smiled timidly at him. His own eyes softened and he gave her a gentle, painful smile in return.

The doctor left them alone and the blonde man dropped back into his chair with an irritated groan. Kyoko watched him shyly from under her eyelashes until he caught her staring and smiled gently. "Are you hungry?" He asked, reaching out to touch her hand again. He seemed to realize something and let his hand drop.

"Um…yes." She admitted quietly.

"All right. Well, I'll get us some food, and then we can talk, okay?"

"Okay." She said softly as he left. His hand rested briefly on the top of her head as he passed her bed. She looked back over at the other man who hadn't spoken since entering the room. He was simply watching her, making her want to crawl under the covers and hide. Sure that anything would be better than silence; she decided to start a conversation. "Hello." She spoke timidly. He smiled.

"Hello." There was so much emotion in that word that it made her heart ache.

"Um…I'm sorry." She apologized sadly. "I don't know your name." She knew the doctor had said it, but she had been too shocked by his appearance to take it in.

He flinched a little. "Ah. I'm Tsuruga Ren."

"Um…are you…" She blushed as he stared at her curiously. "…my friend?" She couldn't help thinking 'boyfriend' after the way he stared at her, though she had no idea how she would have a boyfriend that wasn't Sho, but she was too embarrassed to say it. The man seemed to be contemplating something, and after making a decision, spoke up.

"Well, sort of." His voice was warm, and his eyes were filled with amusement with a hint of the previous longing. "I am your friend. We met at work. We both work for LME, an entertainment company." She took this in with a frown.


"Ren." He interrupted. "You call me Ren." There was still a strange, nostalgic pain in his eyes, as if he were protecting something he had worked very hard for.

"Oh. Um, Ren, what do I do at LME?"

"You are an actress." Her eyes widened in shock as the blonde man appeared with four sacks of food.

"Here you go, Kyoko." He pulled out a container and placed a hamburger steak in front of the girl with a wink. "Your favorite." She smiled, happy that this man seemed to know what kind of food she liked, and watched as he handed the same thing to the other man. She took a small bite as the blonde stuffed most of a sandwich into his mouth. Eyes wide, she watched him eat for a minute. "I haven't eaten in an hour!" He cried, as if this explained everything. She turned her attention back to her own food until he spoke. "What have you told her, Ren?"

"Only that we are friends that work at LME together." His eyes widened and he stared at Ren for a minute whose face was impossible to read, then nodded slowly.

"Alright. What else would you like to know, Kyoko?" The blonde man asked her.

"Um…well…I'm not really sure…who you are." She mumbled. The happy expression was wiped from his face and he stared at her sadly.

"Of course." He said in a pain filled voice. "I'm sorry. I thought that maybe…well never mind. My name is Hizuri Kuu. I'm your father."

Kyoko's eyes widened, but before she could explain that she didn't have a father, he hurried to explain. "Maybe I should start at the beginning. You are an actress, and you have played in two dramas. When I was visiting Japan, you were assigned to take care of me. Since you were having trouble with a role, I gave you an acting assignment: my son. You did so well, and I was so impressed, that I asked you to continue to call me father." Her eyes were wide, and she noticed the fact that he seemed to want to say something else.

'I'm an actress? A good one? But…I've never acted before. I've never had any interest in acting.'

"Where's Sho." The question had been bubbling under the surface, and she finally blurted it out, fear in her eyes. These men knew her, she was sure of that. They were too familiar not to. But…suddenly having a father, being told that she was an actress…tears formed in her eyes and she hugged herself fearfully. "Please? Where's Shotaro?" Kuu stopped eating and moved closer to her, as if to hold her, but she shrunk back, still scared, and he stopped. "Can't I see Shotaro? Is he okay? Was he hurt too?"

"No. He wasn't with you." Ren told her gently, moving in front of her father and touching her hand. His eyes were pleading with her, but no matter how he looked at her, she couldn't remember him. "I'm sorry. You came to Tokyo with Fuwa…but…" He took a deep breath, and then smiled, albeit painfully. "I'll get him for you, okay?" She nodded, feeling her eyes closing. "You need to try and get a little sleep. But I'll get Shotaro." He gently wiped a tear from her eyes, then helped her lean back. She watched him warily, but he only covered her with the sheet. "Are you warm enough?" She nodded.

'He seems so kind…why don't I remember him?'

"Alright. I'm going to call Shotaro. Goodnight Kyoko." His face brushed a strand of hair from her face.

"Thank you, Ren. Hizuri-san." She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the way the older man winced at the formal address. Someone squeezed her hand, and she let herself drift off.

She hadn't slept for long when someone gently nudged her awake. Opening her eyes, she was met with the tall, dark haired man from before. 'Ren.' She reminded herself. 'We're friends.'

"Hey. Did you sleep well?" She nodded, still sleepy. "Sorry. The doctor doesn't want you sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time. You have a concussion. I think the medicine for your head is making you sleepy too." She blinked a few times, trying to clear her head of the fog that encased it.

'The way he's staring at me…are we really just friends?' She didn't ask the question, sitting up a little instead. He hurried to help her, adjusting the control on the bed and helping her, his arm on her back to support her. She smiled at him gratefully, resting against the bed.

"Do you want a drink?" He offered her a cup and she smiled happily.

"Thank you." She took a sip with his help and rested her head, blushing a little when he took her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at him, surprised at the pain in his eyes. "I'm really sorry, Ren." She looked at him pleadingly. "I…" She felt tears in her eyes. "I'm so sorry." He shook his head, bringing his hand up and wiping a tear from her eyes.

"It wasn't your fault, sw…" He closed his eyes. "Kyoko." He breathed her name. "Hey, I called Shotaro. He's coming by later to see you." His smile seemed a bit strained.

"What about…um…my father?" 'Wait...didn't he call my father 'Dad' earlier?' Before she voiced the question, he grinned and responded to the original one.

"He went home for a little while to rest." Once again he brushed a strand of hair away from her face and she blushed brightly. "Are you feeling any better?"

"Um….my head doesn't hurt as much…" She peeked up at him. "Ren?"


"What happened...I mean...why am I here?" He sighed.

"You were with D…your father. He was driving you…somewhere…and someone ran a red light." She nodded at his somewhat cryptic statement and stared at the blanket, picking at a lose thread. She wanted to apologize…to tell this man that obviously felt…something for her, how sorry she was that she couldn't remember him. "He feels awful." Ren told her softly. "He wasn't hurt...and he feels responsible."

She flinched at his sad voice. Deciding to change to topic to learn a little more about her life, she peeked up at him once again to find him still watching her. "Um…where do I live?"

"Uh…in Tokyo." She grinned a little.

"Where?" He sighed, taking her hand.

"You live with me." He said after a long pause. Her eyes widened, and she had to fight not to pull away.

Her mouth was as dry as chalk for a second, and she coughed. "Um…why?" His eyes softened and he held up his hand, a diamond sparkling on his hand. She stared at it for a moment, wondering what his engagement ring had to do with anything. Before she could ask, he pulled a box from his pocket and slipped a matching ring onto her finger, the smooth metal fitting her finger perfectly.

"Because you're my fiancée."

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