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Kuu placed his head in his hands as he sat at his son's kitchen table. He could still hear Kyoko's sobs from the kitchen and sighed, each one piercing his heart. His phone vibrated in his pocket and, taking a deep breath, he checked the screen and opened it. "Hey Boss." He mumbled.

"Kuu? What's wrong?" Lory's voice was immediately worried. "I thought you were going to Kuon's. Is Kyoko okay?"

"She remembers." He said softly, stunning Lory into silence.

Lory was one of the few people told the whole story behind the trip the day of the accident, along with Yashiro and Kuon. Maria was, of course, kept in the dark, as were all of Kyoko's coworkers. Sighing, Lory rested his chin in his hand. "Do I need to ask how she's taking it?"

"No." Kuu mumbled.

"Is she going to be okay?" Kuu glanced back at the bedroom. Sometime within the last few minutes, the sobbing had stopped.

"At some point, I hope. She's with Kuon."


Kuon continued to rub her back as her sobs faced, but tears continued to fall from her eyes, soaking his shirt at the shoulder and neck. He shifted a little, holding her waist to move her to his side, turning a little so that he could hold her. Taking a deep, shuddering breath she turned and laid her head on his chest. He reached out and tilted her head upward, carefully wiping the tears from her cheeks. He leaned over and kissed her temple, rubbing circles in her back with his thumb. She swallowed as her breathing evened out and she tucked her legs under her, leaning forward and kissing him softly on the mouth. "I love you." He whispered, hugging her again. For the first time in weeks, he felt like he was able to breath as he whispered it again. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Corn." He wiped her cheek again as she moved closer. "I'm so sorry." His eyes softened.

"No. This wasn't your fault."

"How could I forget you?" She mumbled, resting her head in the crook her his neck.

"It wasn't your fault." He repeated firmly, taking her hand. Gently removing the little rock from her hands, he placed it on the nightstand.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Two guys ran a red light." He said softly, his hand moving her stomach and then wrapping around her. "They were speeding. Dad didn't see them until they hit the passenger side. The driver was drunk." She could hear barely contained fury in his voice despite his gentle hands on her.

"What happened to them?" She had to ask.

"The driver died instantly. The passenger is still in the hospital."

"Is he okay?" Ren sighed, unable to believe that she was asking this.

"I spoke to him." She looked up in surprise. "He wouldn't stop apologizing." She nodded a little, the surreal feeling still surrounding her. Unconsciously her hand held her stomach, another tear falling from her eye. His hand covered her own and he interlinked their fingers.

"Is Father okay?"

"He wasn't hurt."

Kuu closed his eyes as he hung up the phone, unable to stop remembering. He had been chatting with her, coming up with names for the baby, debating on if it was a boy or a girl, and planning on how he would tell his wife who was on location in New York working on a photo shoot. Looking up, he had seen the bright green light and pressed the gas pedal, missing the blue car shooting through the intersection. He hadn't even glanced over until the loud crash of metal assaulted his ears. As their car slid across the road, shoved by the one driven by the two young men, he had thought of nothing but the light. 'It was green!' When they finally came to a halt, he had heard her scream, looking over just in time to see her clutch her stomach and slump over in the seat. After that it was a blur with snatches of clarity. Blood. So much blood. The feel of the seat belt as he tried to unclip it with shaking hands. Her tiny frame limp in his arms as he tried to pull her out of the wreckage without hurting her. The sirens.

He jerked out of his horrible day dream when tiny hands wrapped around his own. Looking up slowly, he met his little girl's huge red rimmed brown eyes. "Sweetheart." He whispered, squeezing her hands. "I'm so…" She shook her head, letting his hands go and, opening her arms, wrapping them around his neck.

"No." She whispered into his neck. He wrapped his arms around her, his hot tears running down her neck. "It wasn't your fault, Father."

Two days later, Lory looked up as the young woman entered the office. Jumping out of his desk chair, he walked over to her with open arms and held her for a moment. She backed away with a small smile and bowed. "I'm so sorry, Kyoko." He said softly. She nodded.

"Thank you." She mumbled.

"How are you feeling?" He asked as he gestured toward a sofa. She sat down and he took a seat across from her.

"I'm okay. I have an appointment later today for a check up." He nodded.

"Do you need a ride?"

"No. Kuon is going to take me after he finishes up." She took a deep breath. "Um…I actually wanted to talk about getting back to work." Lory grinned at her predictable behavior.

"Of course. Kuon told me that you would probably come over and try to get me to let you come back without the doctor's approval." She blushed a little and looked at the ground. While Kuon had tried to get her to look over scripts and maybe regain her memory through her love of acting, he had made it abundantly clear that she was not to go back to work without the doctor saying she was healthy enough to do so. "He instructed me that under no circumstances was I to say yes." She sighed.

Kanae glanced up from her huge stack of paperwork to the orange haired girl standing in the doorway. Sighing a little, she stood. About to ask what the girl wanted, her eyes widened when the girl slammed into her. "Moko-san!" She cried. Shocked, Kanae acted on instinct and shoved her away, throwing her onto the floor.

"Mo!" She snapped….then froze.

Kyoko stared in confusion up at her frozen friend, but before she could speak the black haired woman threw her arms around her. "Mo Kyoko." She mumbled, squeezing hard. "You idiot." Kyoko giggled softly and held her friend. A soft chuckle sent a shiver through her body as her friend glanced up.

"I should have looked here first." Ren mused as he stepped into the room, taking in the sight of Kyoko and Kanae hugging each other on the floor. Kanae blushed softly and pulled away.

"Mo. I can't believe you forgot about me." She shoved the grinning girl away gently and climbed to her feet, reaching out her hand to help Kyoko up. Ren strolled over and took Kyoko's hand.

"You ready?" She nodded.

"I just wanted to stop by and say hello." Kanae nodded, then reached out and took Kyoko's free hand, taking a deep breath, then looked at the both of them, meeting their eyes with a serious expression.

"I'm so sorry." She spoke softly, her eyes gentle. Kyoko squeezed her hand and Ren smiled softly.

"Thank you." He said quietly, knowing that only Lory and the security team could see the security tapes in the room, but he still didn't want to chance anyone overhearing. "We'd better get going." He tugged Kyoko's hand gently and Kanae waved at her.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

Ren sat in the hard plastic chair and flipped through a magazine, glancing around occasionally. He had ben waiting for at least an hour and a half, and most of it had been spent with Kyoko by his side, leaning on his shoulder, and ten minutes after she left he already missed the feel of her under his arm.

It was another thirty minutes before the doctor appeared and motioned him back. Irrational fear gripped his heart and he hurried over to the man. "Is she okay?" He asked softly.

"She's fine." The doctor smiled softly. "There was no permanent damage, and she should have no trouble getting pregnant again." Ren sighed in relief, smiling softly as a weight lifted from his heart. "She seems to have regained all of her memories, as you have probably noticed. There doesn't seem to be any brain damage. Do you have any concerns that you'd like to ask about?" They were almost back to the room where she was waiting and Ren paused.

"She's hoping that she can go back to work soon. Is she recovered enough?" The doctor thought for a moment.

"As long it is nothing strenuous for a while, she should be fine. Maybe starts with a few hours at a time, and make sure she's able to rest any time she needs it, but she should be able to work back up to her normal schedule after a weeks or so." Ren nodded as the doctor turned the door handle, revealing his fiancée sitting in one of the chairs, waiting patiently. Ren strolled over to her and pulled her into his arms, kissing her cheek.

"Ready to go home?" She nodded, taking his hand and following him out, thanking the doctor as they left.

Kyoko followed Ren into the apartment, hands still interlinked. She started to let go but Ren retained his grasp on her hand. "Ren? I'm going to make dinner." He grinned but didn't let go, tugging her over toward the couch. She followed in confusion until he sat down and pulled her onto his lap, pressing his lips against hers. For the last two days, he had kept her in his sight at all times, but had been hesitant to do anything more than hold her hand, but he couldn't stop himself anymore. The doctor words had been like a breath of fresh air and he had barely been able to stop himself in the doctor's office.

'She's okay. I didn't lose her. She's back and she's mine.' He moaned softly as she slipped her tongue into his mouth, then lifted her up and pulled her closer, her knees by his hips as she pressed against him. "I love you." He pulled away for just a second, needing to tell her. She smiled softly, touching her nose to his.

"I love you too." She whispered.

Pain. It was hidden behind the joy and love in her eyes, but it was still there. He brought his hand up and touched her cheek, sure that his eyes mirrored hers. When he thought of the baby they could have had, he felt like his heart would give out from the pain. It was like a part of him had died. He smiled softly when she covered his hand with hers. 'It will never stop hurting.' He realized. 'But it will be okay.' He wrapped his arms around her again, standing and picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her into the bedroom, his lips against hers. Kicking the door shut, he turned off the light and lay her on the bed, climbing over her and kissing her again.

"I'm home!" The call echoed through the house as Ren shut the door. Frowning when there was no reply, he slipped off his shoes and stepped into the empty living room. "Kyoko?" He walked into the kitchen and looked around. It was dark and cold. "Oh wife!" He called with a half smile. Starting to turn, he frowned at the folder on the counter. "Hm." He walked over and picked it up. His name was on the cover.

Kyoko stood silently in the doorway to the kitchen, her heart pounding, watching his profile. The paper dropped from his hands when he jaw did, and she giggled softly. He spun around wide eyed, then his face broke out into a smile. She laughed and threw herself into his waiting arms, then reached up and kissed him.

"Really?" His voice was breathless, and despite the overwhelming evidence, he had to ask. She nodded with a sweet smile and he kissed her again, dropping one of his hands to cover her stomach gently, and then fell to his knees, pressing his ear to her tummy. She giggled and ran her hand through his soft hair as he turned his head and kissed her flat stomach.

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