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A mint colored cub sifted her body that laid on the cold metal floor of her cage of black steel. She whimpered softly in fear as the screams of other captives were being experimented upon by that man.


The aporocarie's lab coat was ripped and eaten away by moths, and stained with crimson blood. His wicked smile curved into her heart like a terriable thorn.

From her cage, she could see his long, boney fingers dance wiidly over the selection of tools, as his latest "patient" screamed in horror and pleaded for mercy.

Surmor could imagen the smile of sheer sicking joy that spread across the mans face.

But, as the young druid sat in terror within her cell, she could help but feel a unkown feeling nawing within the bouls of her gut. Her gaze flickered around the dim room of the small prisoners' room and immeaditly noticed what was different. As the reason of what differed about the room dawned upon her, fear began to course through her entire body. Causing her blood to become ice and making her body become lead.

She was alone within the room.

All cages were empty.

Surmor's frame quaked in horror, and she felt tears run down her face without her consult. Closing her eyes, she laid her head down on her knees, just as the Doctor came into the room, wearing the very grin she had imagened, as he spun the ring of keysaround one finger and stalked toward her cage's door.

"Misssssss Surmor. The Doc' will see you now."

A scream of horror echoced through the dim stone halls as the lloud clang of a iron door is slammed open.

But above ground, a roar echos through the halls. The Common language making the young druid's heart skip a beat.

" The march upon the Undercity begins now! Be empowered by your King's strength! Follow me, heroes! FOR THE GLORY OF THE ALLIANCE!"


Green eyes flicked back and forth at the backs at the various leaders of the Alliance, as the army stood ready behind them. Pirece watched as Varian adjusted his arm guards, his posture confident and egar for battle.

Switching his gaze, he noticed Lady Jaina looking nervous, and her lips moved as though she were quietly muttering spells under her breath to refresh herself. Next to the mage, the Priestess of Elune no longer wore her white dress of purity, but was now clad in her Sentinal general armor, her expersion grim while her silver eyes were storms of rage.

Pierce felt fear tremble through him at the thought of how the night elf will let her rage flow through her bow in battle. Flicking his gaze away, his eyes finally rest upon the slender figure of Veereesa.

Oddly, the high elf seemed a bit out of place within this scene. Her features prefectly calm, and her hair blowing almost angelicaly in the damp breeze. The only thing that fit the tone of war, were her water-like eyes.

The tsumani within them coursed about in the circle pf her irises, threatening to break from their bonds and come into the world and wreck havoc uponn the world. But, upon a second look, there was a calm eye to the storm.

This center of peace with the storm, showed the young palidan the love between Veereesa and the child that was taken from her. As his eyes continued to gaze over the leaders, the warrior of Light is unaware of his friend's presence, as the rogue walks silently up behind him.

"Everyone's ready, when the king is, Pier."

Startled, Pierce whips around and glares at his silent friend, who's blonde hair was as golden as dry hay, and his storm grey eyes. The palidan relaxed his hand he had shot to the hilt of his sword. He closes his eyes and lets out a long sigh.

"Lee...by the Light, how many times have I told you to STOP that?

Lee Eilliot shrugs, his expersion between a smirk and uncaring.

"I was just telling you what you asked me to find out. No need to get all huffy"

Pierce narrows his green eyes and then huffs. Recomposing himself, he walks toward his king, trying not to smile at his role in the beginnings of the battle.

As he neared the king, Varian looked over his shoulder, as though he had sensed the palidan's approach.

Pierce kneeled to him, and the king turned to face him as the report was given. Pierce's voice rang out clearly as he spoke to his king.

"Reporting for duty, your majesty! Let the assault begin!"

Varian smiled, a chuckle escaped him throat. He then threw back his head and roar out his words, the entire Alliance army silent as they listened.

"Heroes of the Alliance, your King calls! Gather behind me at the entrance to the sewers of the Undercity! Hidden inside this defiled city is the wretch responsible for murdering our brothers and sisters at the Wrathgate! He must be brought to justice! The march upon the Undercity begins now! Be empowered by your King's strength! Follow me, heroes! FOR THE GLORY OF THE ALLIANCE!"

With that, Varian races off down the desent into the sewers of the Undercity, his courage strong and his blades sharpened. Tryande gallops after him,her footsteps silent, her blades n hand. Veereesa follows behind the night elf with grace, her bow ready in her hand.

And Lady Jaina races after them. Varian's voice roars from nearby in the entrance, causing the army to roar a battle cry and race after him.

" Onward, brothers and sisters! Destiny awaits!"Pierce grips his blade and sheild and roaars, racing after them.


As they race down the desent, they come upon level ground upom which the cave opens up into a dome like entrance, and a large pool of acid plauge sat in the middle of the room, the thickness of the liquid to dark for anyone to guess how deep it is. On the farside were two different entrances to the main sewer lines.
But to the group's horror, mindless abmonations began to file out of the opens, craving the blood of Alliance intruders. Varian roared in outrage as Veereesa instictively notched a arrow in her bow, pulling it back and aimed.

"What is this?! Stand your ground! Do not give them an inch"

Varian roared the order as he rushed forward himself, drawing his blades and began to slaughter the creatures. Blood spilled into the pool as more and more corpses fell.

Somehow, this was a bit nostlogic. To Veereesa, it was almost as if the cave around them faded away into the autumn leaves of Que'Thalas,glowing in the moonlight, as she and Sylvanas fought side by side agasint the endless mobs of the Scourage.

How cruel both the present and the past were to her.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her icey blue irises as she reloaded another arrow into her bow, she noticed the plagued water begin to bubble. Just as Veereesa opened her mouth to yell a warning to Jaina, who stood closest to the green pool, the bubbling increase rapidly until a large, disgusting worm broke the surface.

Veereesa gasped in horror, as she quickly took aim of the abmonation, shooting arrows at its open maw which oozed a plague drool of acid. Jaina whipped around at the splashing sound of the monster moving, and quickly blinked to a postion behind Veereesa, and began to use arcane missles upon it. Varian changed his targets and also began to attack the worm, while Tryande rained living hell upon the mobs with the barely needed aid of the warriors.

Finally, after brutally attacking the worm, causing it to bleed plague blood, it threw back its large and let out a bone chilling screech that ecohed through the sewers.

Tryande's walked over to the others, her face splashed with blood as though her dance of death had painted her with crimson paint. Her chest heaved slightly from the exihiration of battle as she looked at Veereesa and nodded, acknowledging a job well done.

Even in the current circumstance, Veereesa couldn't help but feel the slightest bit of respect for the night elf, who had by far lived Veereesa already.

As soon as it was seen to that everyone was alright, Varian yelled put to his forces, his voice unable to mask the adrenaline rush he was experiencing.

"Solders, fall in! Guard the halls!"

This made the group consist solely of Varian, Jaina, Tryande, Pierce, a rogue named Lee, and herself. Veereesa followed Varian to the entrance of the second , as the others ran behind them.

After running through the maze of sewer passages, they finally found themselves at the heart of the Undercity. They stood upon the stairs that lead down to the path way that lined the river of acid that moved in an eerily graceful flowed along its course.

Jaina gasped as her eyes feel upon the corpses that were laid out around the canal. She covered her nose with a delicate hand at the stench that rolled off the corpses.

"What's happened here? There are corpses everywhere... the stench... overwhelming..."

Varian simply sneered at the corpses of Forsaken, demon, and elite Kor'kron gaurd corpses that littered the ground.

"Horde. By the looks of the struggle, they are here in force - somewhere. Stay alert and on guard. There's no telling what horrors await us.

As his eyes flash around warily, he cups his large, gloved hands over his mouth, he shouts into the quiet, gothic city.

"PUTRESS! Your aberrations are no match for the Alliance, Putress! We're coming for you!"

Charging off, with Veereesa and the others right behind him, the king of the alliance leads the group to the entrance of the Royal Forsaken Apothecary lab entrance.

Veereesa's ears twitched slightly. Was that a child's cry she heard ringing through the halls? Glancing at Tryande, she saw her own emotions mirrored upon the powerful huntress of the night's face.

Veereesa threw her gaze back to the tunnel as the roar of a monster echos down toward them. The sound had almost, but not quite, drowned out the voice that followed after the horrible roar.

"Do not let them pass, minions! KILL THEM! My work must not be interrupted!"

Within heartbeats, Putress's guardians charge down the hall toward them. the group of alliance heros fight back valiantly, Tryande's rage and Varian's excitement causes the brawl to end swiftly, allowing the heroes to race on into the heart of the Undercity's Apothecarium. As the looked down from the loft into the lab area, a horrible sight met their gaze. One that almost made Veereesa retch.

Putress, in his sickening lab coat, his wicked smile plastered on his pale green skin, his boney fingers gripping around a large syringe filled with an odd neon purple liquid. But the cause of the fear wasn't his apperance as much, but more of who the doctor's patient was.

Surmor's silver eyes were locked onto Putress, fear coursing through their glow. Her bruised body shook violently, and her lips moved in the form of a silent prayer to Elune.

Tryande yowled in outrage, and swung her body over the railing before anyone could stop her. She landed gracefully, and quickly rose, drawing out her bow.

Surmor's eyes widened at the sight of her mother. She cried out in relief and fear.


Veereesa gasped and jumped after her, followed by Varian and Pierce. Jaina blinked down to them and Varian rushed toward Putress.

"Drop the child Putress!"

Sneering, Putress turned to the the group, the scars and stitches around his mouth coming slightly undone, and maggots seeping through the open rotting wounds. He shrieked a sound of delight, in his coarse voice at them.

"Stare into the abyss and watch as it blackens your souls!"

He cackled madly as Tryande rushed at him and began to rake her blades down his sides. He screamed in glee, as though the pain made him feel alive.

Veereesa flinched at the thought. As the others rushed past her, each beginning their own attack, Veereesa couldn't help but feel a shroud of doubt fill her mind.

If her beloved Sylvanas were an undead, would she be as cold, as dark, as sinister as Putress?

"This cannot be happening"

Does Sylvanas now wish to cause nothing but pain and death upon the world?

"It will not end like this! I've worked too hard! So many years... I... I will consume more energy!"

Does Sylvanas have any wish to see anything from her time amongst the living, or is she living solely within the realm of the dead?

"The power washes through me! I see... EVERTHING!"

Does Sylvanas...even think about her anymore? Does she too, long for the days that they and Alleria played together?


As Putress made feeble attacks to defend himself, it was clear he was weakened. Varian took his opprotunity and raced forward, burrowing one of his swords into the heart of Putress, stilling his heart once more.

Falling to his knees as blood began to flow out from around the blade lodged into his chest, he turned his head to look up at the ceiling, a peaceful smiling overcoming his face. His paling eyes widen, as though seeing something that was divine, he quietly muttered.

"A-am...I truly free...now?"

With a quick jerk, Varian rips his blade from Putress's chest, causing the lifeless corpse to fall to the ground. Looking in contempt down at it, Varian sneers at it.

"And justice is served..." He gazed at the Stormwind guards that had followed them in. "Look around you, brothers and sisters. Open your eyes! Look at what they have done to our kingdom! How much longer will we allow these savages free reign in our world? I have seen the Horde's world. I have been inside their cities. Inside their minds...I know what evil lies in the hearts of orcs."

But, even with the negativity of his words, a heartwarming scene began to take place.


"My little one!"

Veereesa looked away from Varian just in time to see Tryande embrace her daughter tightly, holding her as though it were the end of time.

Tears ran down both their faces. Veereesa, Watched in silence, but terror began to naw at her gut. Where was she? Where was Selaerosona?!

Suddenly, Surmor pulled back in her mother's arms.

"Mother! You have to help her! You have to help Selaeroso-!"

A sudden roar of triumph rolls through the halls, making everyone jump slightly and tense.

"Mog Osh'kazil gul'rok il mog Ro'th zaga maza TOV'OSH"

Varian instantly jumps up, recognizing the voice.

" THRALL! HERE?" His eyes widen, and dance with an edge of maddness as he turns his frame toward the door. "ONWARD! We end this now!"

And with that, Varian rushes out, his footsteps driven by the thoughts of battle. Veereesa rushes after him, praying that this wpuld lead her to Selaerosona, alive and alright.

As she, the king, and Pierce rush out, Veereesa can hear Jaina cry out after him, as though pleading.

"Varian, stop! I won't help you do this!"

But her words were lost upon Veereesa, as she ran side by side with the Alliance leader.

Unaware how close she was to...her...

Her hero. Her idol. Her protecter. Her lost one. Her kin. Her sister.


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