Picnics and Rain

It was a beautiful day in Konoha, and many of the people who lived there were taking advantage of it. Tsunade, for instance, was in an outdoor bar getting hammered. Jiraiya, had he still been amongst the living, would've been peeping on the hot springs, and most likely also getting hammered, though not by alcohol.

It wasn't just the higher level relaxing either. Many of the civilians in the village were out in the parks and wooded areas, enjoying time with their families. The shops that sold items one might take on a picnic were selling out as fast as people could reach them, and several water-type nin found themselves entertaining groups of people with some of their less deadly skills.

Off in a quiet clearing in the middle of the woods, two nin in particular were enjoying the nice weather, having finished the lunch they had brought with them. The male was laying in the shade of a large tree, not caring that the back of his button up white shirt was getting dirty.

His companion, and the provider of the excellent lunch they had consumed, was wearing a yellow sundress, and also laying on the ground, though she used the stomach of the man for a pillow, instead of a tree.

Conversation flowed easily between them, as they discussed humorous places to be ambushed, and equally humorous ways of defending themselves with whatever would be on hand in that type of situation.

"What if you were in the hot springs and they were invaded?" the woman asked.

"Uhh….well…..how many enemies are invading this hot spring?" the man replied.

"Mmm…..lets go with four."

"Ok…..umm…..lets see…." he mumbled as he thought out loud, "What would I have available….. soap, towels, small wooden buckets, small wooden stools…small trees and shrubbery….maybe a rock….."

"Shrubbery? How do you defend yourself from enemy ninja with bushes Naruto-kun?"

"Well, you don't defend yourself with them directly. They're more of a distraction. I mean, would you be able to concentrate if you were being swarmed by a bunch of identical wet and naked angry people wearing only towels screaming at the top of their lungs waving bushes around?"

"…I honestly think you are the first person in history to think of an effective use for a shrub in combat, Naruto-kun."

"Nah, I'm sure someone else has thought far enough outside the box, or just been desperate enough to try it, Hinata. Besides, I haven't even gotten started on what I could do with the soap."

Though he couldn't see it, Hinata had turned rather red at that, as she was fighting off some very persistent mental images of wet and naked Naruto's, wearing only towels, screaming at the top of their lungs, while waving around bushes and bars of soap. She was so lost in her fantasy that she missed Naruto's next question.

"Huh? What was that?"

"Since it's your turn for a question, I asked what you would do if we were attacked right now."

That made her pause for a moment as she ran a mental inventory of what was immediately available to her. Being that she had planned on a picnic lunch with Naruto, she hadn't really brought any of her equipment with her; the closest thing to weapon she brought was a butter knife.

She thought about it for another minute or so, and then replied with, "Well, I could use my hair pins to stab, and I still have Juuken, so I wouldn't be defenseless."

Naruto just smiled, "In a sundress? I'd like to see that."

Hinata glared at him, though the effect was pretty much ruined by her red face. Despite the fact that they had been spending more and more time together, he could still get under her skin. At least the war with Akatsuki rid her of that damn stutter.

She sat up, still glaring at him. "Well, what would you do?" she snapped, as he had been laughing at her expression.

Still laughing, he stood up, at faced away from her. "Well, I'm less defenseless than you are," he said, lifting the back of his shirt to show her the four special kunai and shuriken there. "The kunai don't fly worth crap, so I can't throw them, but otherwise they work fine. Besides, I mostly use ninjutsu, so it isn't as much of a problem."

She just continued to glare at him.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry I made fun of your dress," he apologized, though his tone implied otherwise. "You have to admit though, it is a valid point….and I'm not sure which would be better to watch…..you fighting in that dress, or me in a towel with bushes and soap."

Hinata's glare melted into a slightly more playful one, and she smacked Naruto's shoulder. He took playful offense to that, and pushed back. Thus began a rather quickly escalating act-react contest between the two nin, which soon turned into an impromptu spar.

For some reason though they kept to the rules of their previous game, and relied only on what was at hand to use to defend themselves, each having a chakra reinforced stick in place of a kunai.

Hinata got the first point, as she managed to cut through both Naruto's shirt and the special holster he was wearing when he bent back to avoid the strike. She then retreated slightly while he removed the damaged items, before they continued.

It was at this point that Naruto broke out some minor ninjutsu, as he had to repay the loss of his shirt. He liked that shirt, dammit.

Hinata returned in kind, shooting small balls of water to deflect the blunt winds he was sending her way.

This continued for the better part of an hour, the two of them mixing their ninjutsu exchanges with taijutsu every so often, until Naruto miscalculated on his wind blades, and accidentally sent a decently sharp one.

Her Byakugan was able to see the incoming blade though, and while she didn't have enough time to get completely out of its path, she was able to get a chakra-laced palm up in time to deflect the part of it heading for her neck, with the rest of the blade passing on either side of her.

Her dress, on the other hand, was not so fortunate. While she had managed to deflect the part of the blade headed for her neck, the rest of it skimmed just over her shoulders, and her backwards motion from trying to bend away from the strike had allowed just enough distance between her shoulder and the momentarily floating straps for them to get cut without actually hitting her skin.

Hinata stood up from her evasive move just in time to see Naruto take a half step toward her before his face turned pink and he looked away from her.

That of course confused her to no end, until she felt the wind on her stomach. Looking down it became immediately apparent why Naruto had looked away, as she was standing there in just her bra and panties, with the dress pooled at her feet.

She stood there in shock for several seconds as the situation fully sunk in, and then gave a rather startled shriek as she pulled the dress back up, and quickly moved back over to the tree they had been lying under, before sitting down with her arms curled around herself to hold the dress up.

Naruto began to turn his head to see if she was alright, but as soon as she noticed she gave off another terrified shriek and looked away from him again.

Realizing that he had done something wrong, (besides just ruining her dress) Naruto averted his gaze from the distraught Hyuuga and sat down on the other side of the tree.

They sat in silence for a while, until Naruto said, "I'm really sorry about your dress, Hinata. I really didn't mean to make the wind that sharp. Hell, I don't even know if you're still sitting there, but I'm really sorry."

"I'm still here, Naruto-kun," she replied quietly, "and I'm not angry at you…I just….didn't want you to find out this way."

"Find out about what?" he asked, confused.

"My scars."

"Hinata, all ninja have scars. Even I have scars."


"Scars are noting to be ashamed of. They're just reminders, nothing more."

Silence fell between them again for a few minutes, until Naruto spoke again. "Can I show you something?" he asked.

When she didn't object, he walked around the tree and stood in front of Hinata, who was staring at her lap, with her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

"Hey, look at me," he called softly, finally getting her to look up. He immediately noticed that while she wasn't crying, the tears didn't look that far off.

"While the Kyuubi can heal almost all of my injuries, he isn't perfect. I have several small scars on my arms and legs from rushed healing, you know that, as I've shown them off several times. My worst scar, though, I generally keep hidden. I hide it not for myself, as it doesn't bother me at all, but because it would bother other people. I anchored a genjutsu to my necklace similar to the one baa-chan uses to hide her age, but mine just covers my body."

He gave her a minute to process what he said before he pulled his necklace off, allowing the genjutsu to dissipate. What it revealed was astonishing. Hinata actually gasped when she saw it. There was a discoloration on the left side of his chest about four inches across, perilously close to where his heart was. The worst part wasn't revealed until he turned around though, as there was a matching spot on his back, indicating that whatever had caused the injury had run him through.

"Can you imagine what would happen if Sakura-chan found out about it?"

She looked up at him, not understanding why Sakura would have such a problem with it, until he said, "I got this shortly before I left with Ero-sennin, and as far as I know, only Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, and now you know about it."

It suddenly clicked what time he was talking about. The Sasuke Retrieval mission.

"Sasuke did that?"

"With the chidori, yeah. He missed my heart by less than a quarter of an inch."

The pair went silent for a while, until Hinata spoke again.

"I don't have just one, though," she whispered. Seeing the look of confusion on Naruto's face, she decided to elaborate. "You know I was injured at the end of the war, right?"

"Yeah….something about being almost crushed or something."

"I wasn't just almost crushed," she continued, still quiet. "It is true that I received a concussion and broken leg in that avalanche, but the explosive notes embedded into the stone that caused it sent shrapnel everywhere…..and I was hit by it….. a lot of it. The medics told me they were surprised I didn't bleed to death."

"Where….did it hit you?" Naruto asked. When he saw her flinch, he added, "Hey, it's ok if you don't want to show me…especially if it hit somewhere…not easily showable."

"It's not that….. I just…." She turned slightly pink as she replied to him, and he realized what she was getting at. The injury wasn't in a private area, but she would have to let go of her dress, at least partially, to show him.

"Do you uh…. want something else to cover up with?" Seeing her nod, he looked around, and noticed his ripped shirt. "Will my shirt work?"

"I ….. I think so."

He handed her the shirt, and then quickly faced away from her so she could arrange it on herself. She quickly got it onto position, and told him he could face her.

What he saw took his breath away. She had put his shirt on, and tied the loose ends of the front under her chest, leaving her stomach exposed, along with a fair bit of her chest. The dress had been tied off around her waist, turning it into a knee-length skirt.

He almost had to remind himself to breathe; whatever he had been expecting to see when he turned around certainly hadn't been this.

'Since when has Hinata been….hot? I mean, I know she's pretty, but… and she doesn't look like she's trying to be hot either…like she's so innocent that she doesn't even realize it…'

"Ano….. Naruto-kun?"

Quickly banishing his increasingly perverted thoughts, 'I know you're dead, but damn you Ero-sennin!' Naruto focused on what she was showing him. Near the bottom of her ribcage, there was a vivid red line going across her right side, with a few dozen smaller marks around it.

"It's not that bad. Most of the smaller marks will probably fade completely, and the big one should end up barely noticeable. Is that all you were worried about showing me?" She nodded, and he continued, "Why? Did you think I would hate you because you got injured? It was a war; Everyone was injured."

"No, I didn't think you'd hate me," she replied as she shook her head. She said a little more, but Naruto only caught the last word.

"….Ugly? You're afraid I'll think you're ugly?" Hinata just held her eyes closed, and nodded.

Naruto hung his head and sighed, before returning his gaze to her, "Hinata, I don't think you're ugly. I never have, and I doubt that I ever will. A couple of scars certainly isn't going to change that."

Very much relieved, Hinata ran forward and wrapped Naruto in a hug. He just laughed, and held her close.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, until a light rain began to fall. Neither of them had noticed, but the clouds had been gathering for a while. Still, they didn't mind; it was the kind of rain that children like to play in.

Speaking of which, "Hinata, when was the last time you played in the rain?"

"Huh?" she replied, as she pulled away from him enough to look him in the face. "I…..I do not remember specifically, but not for a very long time…..before Hanabi was born….."

"Well, come on then. Let's go."

"Now? I can't do that now!"

"Why not? And don't play that 'I'm too old to play in the rain' thing, because I'm older than you and I'm still doing it."

"I'm wearing your white shirt and a ripped dress, Naruto-kun. I wouldn't be decent," she replied. Standing there with her stomach exposed was hard enough for her. She didn't think she could take it if the shirt got wet and he could see through it.

"Oh, right, the whole wet white shirt thing…and you're probably worried your dress-skirt would fall off," he thought out loud. "You know, you could just take them off."

Hinata's mind came to a screeching halt as she tried to process that statement. 'Take them off? He wants me to…take them off?'

Since Naruto still had his arms around Hinata, he could feel her skin warming under his and knew that her face was very red.

"I mean, you have underwear on, right? It's not like you're gonna be naked or anything. Besides, I kinda already saw you in just your underwear earlier….and I would've seen you like that next weekend when we go to the lake anyway, so if anything you're just doing it a little early."

'He does have a point there,' she thought. 'We are going to the lake next weekend, and he would've seen me in a swimsuit then…'

Her thoughts were cut off though when she noticed that the rain wasn't falling on her anymore. Looking up she saw that Naruto was spinning the air above them, creating an umbrella of sorts made of high pressure air. She could also see the fading orange marks around his eyes, indicating that he had just left Sage Mode.

"Come on, Hinata, there's nobody within fifteen miles of here. No one's going to see you but me."

"O…..ok," she said quietly, before walking out of Naruto's air bubble and heading over to the basket with the remains of their lunch. They had set it under a tree, so it was still pretty dry. Once she got there, she slowly untied the knot that was holding the front of the shirt together, and placed it inside the basket.

She hesitated before dropping the skirt, and looked back at Naruto. She could tell that he was having the time of his life, laughing as he tried to do different things to the rain with his wind manipulation, despite almost falling several times.

"Come on, Hinata! What are you waiting for?" he yelled out to her…right before he slipped and fell on his ass.

She just giggled at him, and slowly removed her dress-skirt, before placing it in the basket with Naruto's shirt. Now clad only in her bra and panties, the former of which was white, (but thick enough not to become transparent when wet) the latter black, she slowly walked into the slightly muddy clearing.

Only to get a face full of water that Naruto was collecting with his wind before flinging in random directions. She just glared at him, though the effect was probably ruined by the fact that she was soaking wet and in just her underwear.

She decided to retaliate, and used a condensation jutsu.

Now, the un-ranked condensation jutsu was designed to pull moisture out of the air and condense it into a small stream that could then be used to fill canteens and such.

However, if one were to severely overload the jutsu, and use it somewhere with a lot of water in the air, and aim it somewhere besides straight down, well, the effect is a lot more pronounced, especially when the one using it is a natural water-type.

The stream slammed into Naruto's shocked face with the force of a fire hose, and sent him hydroplaning across the muddy clearing. As soon as he stood up, Naruto gathered another large ball of water with his wind and threw it back at his companion, though he was too far away to actually hit her with it.

They continued this exchange for a while, as the rain gradually turned into a downpour, and the muddy ground became almost impossible to stand on. Neither of them had realized it yet, but the clearing they were in was relatively famous among the more taijutsu oriented of Konoha's forces as whenever it rained the ground there became incredibly slippery, even if chakra was being used to help.

It was at this point that the two actually got close enough to make physical contact, and they decided to spar.

Well, they attempted to, anyway. It was really too hard for them to stand still, let alone actually fight each other. There were jounin who had trouble standing in this clearing, after all. Still, that didn't stop them from trying.

Lack of air was proving to do a pretty good job, though. Both of them were laughing so hard that it was becoming difficult to breathe, and each time one of them tried to stand up, only to slip and fall again, it only made them laugh harder.

Up until Naruto slipped and kicked Hinata's feet out from under her, when she had almost managed to stand herself. He ended up on his back, and she ended up on top of him.

Face to face.

Only inches apart.

While soaking wet.

In just her underwear.

While completely alone.

Her hands were planted into the mud on either side of him, just under his arms, and his hands were on her hips, steadying her while she was on top of him.

Time seemed to slow just then, the background fading away completely as Hinata's wet hair fell around them like a soggy curtain. She slowly lowered herself, letting her hands slide through the mud until her weight was resting on her elbows, with her arms under his, and her hands near his head.

Not caring in the slightest about the mud on her hands, she ran her fingers through his dirty spikes as her head dipped ever lower.


Naruto was having the time of his life while they shot water back and forth at each other, and his enjoyment only grew once they tried to spar in the muck. He honestly couldn't remember laughing that hard in his entire life.

Up until he tripped Hinata and she landed on top of him. When that happened, he didn't know what to think. His hands automatically grabbed her hips to steady her, and all he could do was to stare into her eyes.

Naruto had felt for a long time that her eyes were the most expressive of her clan, as well as being colored slightly different. While most Hyuuga had eyes of a cream color, hers were tinted with just a touch of lavender, which wasn't really noticeable until you got right in her face. Hers were also the only set of Hyuuga eyes that he had ever seen show emotion, and he had found that he could infer a lot about her state of mind from her eyes.

Eyes which were currently inches in front of his own.

While she was lying on top of him.

In the rain.

In her underwear.

While he was shirtless.

And they were alone.

Some part of his brain knew what was about to happen, and it ruthlessly silenced the part that wanted to question what was going on. He knew that she loved him; she had told him such when he was fighting Pein. Unfortunately, he hadn't had much time to sort out his own feelings after that confession, what with the war and all, and had yet to actually answer her.

Her forehead contacting his ended his thoughts, and just as her eyes began to flutter closed, he lifted his head and gently touched his lips to hers. Her eyes immediately shot back open, her brain seemingly unable to process the fact that the man she loved was kissing her.

It took her a couple of seconds to respond to the kiss, and Naruto smiled as soon as she did. He wasn't exactly sure why he had initiated the kiss, but as soon as her eyes had begun to close while she was right over him he couldn't not do it. He could also feel her hands starting to move in his hair, though the motions were light and hesitant.

The kiss continued for a few moments before Naruto decided to push a little farther. He slid his hands up her back, one stopping in the middle, and the other threading into her hair. Her mouth opened in reflex, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue past her lips.

The deeper kiss didn't last very long, as lack of air was becoming a problem, so they reluctantly pulled apart. Their foreheads were still in contact though, and they maintained eye contact while regaining their breath.

Despite the close distance, Naruto could see the flush creeping down Hinata's neck in his peripheral vision, and it only made the strange feeling in his chest intensify. He was pretty sure he knew what that feeling was, but he didn't want to act on it until he was a little more certain. He knew that he certainly liked Hinata, but he didn't have anything to compare it to to know if what he felt was really love or not.

What he needed was someone to ask about it, as Naruto knew as much about love as Sai did about social etiquette; maybe less, if that's even possible. Unfortunately for him though, he didn't have time to go ask someone about what he was feeling, so he did his best to understand it himself.

Hinata was still trying to get her brain back in gear for the duration of the kiss, and it wasn't until after it ended that she was able to think straight again. As she began to order her thoughts, she realized the details of her position, and she could feel the blush making its way down her neck. She could also see that his eyes had clouded slightly, as if he was deep in thought.

"Naruto-kun?" she whispered.

"Hm? Oh, sorry. Got lost in thought for a minute there," he replied, their faces still inches apart, and hidden from the outside world by the curtain of her hair. He could see her next question as it was forming, and added, "I like you, Hinata. I like you a lot. I might even love you, I just really don't know what that is."

He was answered with a blank stare for a couple of seconds, and then Hinata almost smashed her face into his, kissing him greedily. She was being uncharacteristically forceful, and her hands were gripping his hair almost painfully tight.

Once he got over the shock, he responded in kind, and began a proper duel of the tongues, which he eventually won, despite her enthusiasm. Not wanting to lose momentum, he rolled them over, putting him in the dominant position. Now with more room to maneuver, his mouth left hers, and began moving along her jaw, and down towards her collarbone.

It was immediately obvious that she liked that, as she began to whimper and moan a little bit, and also began to writhe and arch underneath him. This awakened some primal instinct in him, and he was quite pleased with the results of his ministrations.

Hinata, on the other hand, was being overwhelmed by what Naruto was doing. Seeing as she lived in a compound full of people who could see through walls with the barest hint of effort, she was never able to….experiment….with herself as she progressed through puberty in her own home, and she was much too shy to try anywhere else, so she had no real experience with what she was feeling.

Eventually, the feelings became too intense, and Hinata rolled them over again. Once the turn was finished, she just laid on his chest for a moment. Her hands moved to his chest, and she slowly pushed herself into a sitting position, even though her arms were barely able to support the weight.

Not realizing what was wrong, Naruto propped himself up on his elbows, noting that Hinata went very still as he moved, and that her face had an almost uncomfortable expression on it. "What's wrong Hinata? Did I do something wrong?"

She just shook her head, but the motion was quick and jerky. "N-no, Naruto-kun, you didn't do anything wrong," she replied, breathless. "I was just…overwhelmed."

It slowly dawned on Naruto what exactly she meant, "Oh hell, I'm sorry, Hinata. I didn't mean to….get you off doing that." As he spoke, Naruto flopped back into the mud and covered his face with his dirty hands. "I really didn't mean to do that."

"No, it's ok, Naruto-kun, I don't mind," she replied quietly, before looking away from him, "I was just….unprepared; I actually kind of…..really liked it."

Naruto's face emerged from behind his hands, "R-really? Then….why'd you go all stiff when I sat up?"

Still not looking at him, Hinata just rolled her hips a little bit.

"Oh…..ohhhhhhhh. Eh, sorry about that. I really didn't mean to."

"It's alright, Naruto-kun. It didn't bother me."

They went quiet for a while then, and Hinata just lowered herself to rest next to him, with her head on his shoulder, with the only noise being the rain that was still falling around them. Naruto just ran his hand up and down her back while his emotions balanced back out.

A few minutes later, Hinata began to shiver, as she was getting cold from the rain. Naruto wordlessly picked her up and carried her over to the tree their basket was under, and sat down against the trunk with her in his lap. The bark was slightly rough against his bare back, but he was much more concerned with the shivering woman in his arms.

Wrapping his arms around her, he asked, "Is that better?" She just nodded, and they spent the next few minutes in silence again, waiting for her to warm up.

Except that she didn't seem to be getting much warmer. Her skin was still covered in goose bumps, and the occasional tremor ran trough her body as it tried to warm itself.

Despite the cold she was feeling, Hinata was mentally very comfortable. She was sitting in the lap of the man she loved, and could feel his hot breath on the side of her neck just behind and below her left ear. Unfortunately, she was unable to fully enjoy it as her body kept reminding her that it was cold. Well, one part in particular kept saying that.

That part was her chest, which was covered by her waterlogged bra. Now that she had stopped moving and was out of the rain, the water evaporating from it was pulling all the heat out of her chest, leaving it uncomfortably chilled.

Naruto could only watch as she began to unconsciously pick at it, pulling it away slightly each time. He tried not to pay attention to it, lest certain things become more elevated than they already were, but he couldn't help but look.

Eventually, Hinata became so lost in her thoughts that she forgot about where she was, and became solely concerned with the fact that her chest was cold, and it was the bra making it that way. So, in an uncharacteristic impulse, she reached her arms behind her and unfastened it, before removing it completely and tossing it on the basket that had the remains of their lunch in it.

Naruto of course was completely blindsided by the action, as he had not expected the shy heiress to do anything like that in the near future. Hell, he was certain he had pushed her too far already, though he had to admit, it felt good to not have the cold bra strap pressing into his chest anymore.

'I wonder if that's why she took it off…if it was all wet, it was probably pretty damn cold…I know I'd be freezing if it weren't for Kyuubi keeping me warm.'

Still, he wanted to make sure she was sure of what she was doing, so he closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around her a little tighter, and whispered into her ear, "Hinata, are you ok with this?"

Hinata had been thoroughly lost in a daydream about something completely unimportant by that point, and was somewhat startled by Naruto's voice in her ear. Still not entirely awake, she wrapped his hands with hers, and turned her head to face him. She was mildly curious as to why his eyes were closed, but didn't feel like asking about that. Instead she asked, "Ok with what?"

With his eyes still closed, Naruto lightly grabbed her wrists and repositioned her hands.

He placed them on her breasts.

Her bare breasts.

"With this."

She went straight from half awake to mortified. During her daydream she had apparently taken her bra off without realizing it! While sitting in Naruto's lap even! Her arms instantly wrapped around her chest in an attempt to cover herself, and she tried to get up.

Naruto held her in his lap, though, and began to speak softly into her ear, "Hinata, relax, you need to calm down." She just kept struggling for a moment, until she finally gave up and started crying. "Hey, what's wrong? You didn't do anything, so tell me what I did wrong!"

She just shook her head rather violently, as she continued to hold her arms around herself and cry. She even began shaking. "Hinata, if you don't tell me what's wrong I can't make it better."

She just continued to cry and shake, so he did his best to calm her down, while whispering that it was ok in her ear.

A few minutes later, she stopped crying, and the shaking began to lessen, and Naruto thought he had finally gotten her calmed down.

"Hey, I don't know what that was for, but what's wrong? How can I make it better?" As son as he finished asking, she tensed up, and he thought she was going to start crying again, but after a few seconds she sighed heavily and went limp in his arms.

"You probably think I'm a tramp or something," she eventually murmured out.

It took Naruto a couple seconds to process what she said, and another couple to come up with an adequate response. Hinata of course thought he was thinking of a polite way to agree with her, and didn't think she could possibly be more depressed than she was in that moment.

She was completely blown away then when Naruto spun her around in his lap so that she was facing him, and pulled her into his arms again, trapping her arms between them. "Hinata, I don't think you're a tramp. Why would you even think that?" He noticed her glance down, and continued, "Because you took your bra off? Yeah, I think it's kind of strange that you did that, but that doesn't make you a tramp."

Hinata let out a huge sigh of relief, immensely grateful that he didn't think less of her for what she had done. Pulling her arms from between them, she placed them around Naruto as best she could, as the tree kept her from hugging him properly. She could feel her nipples, which were still hard from the cold, brushing against his chest, and had to admit that it felt really good.

"I took it off because it was cold," she eventually told him.

"Uh…yeah, I can tell," he embarrassedly responded. "Are you finally getting warm now?"

Hinata buried her face into the joint between his neck and shoulder and just nodded, too embarrassed to face him directly. Naruto just set his chin in her head, marveling at how well they fit together like that, and began to run his hands up and down her now bare back.

They stayed like that for a while, until Hinata's legs began to cramp. A furious war was then waged within herself, which ended up with her covering her chest as best she could with her arms, and turning around in Naruto's lap, so that her back was to his chest again.

Naruto closed his eyes again as soon as she turned, as he wasn't sure if she was ready to show her chest to him yet. He also tensed slightly, which she picked up on.

"Are you ok Naruto-kun?" she asked, while turning her head and realizing that his eyes were closed. "Why are your eyes closed?"

"So I don't accidentally look at your…uh, your ….chest," he said slowly, not wanting to offend her.

"I…..it's ok, Naruto-kun, they're c-covered."

"I know, but I didn't want to make you uncomfortable. You've really gone far today, especially for someone as shy as you normally are. I don't want to push you into doing something you aren't ready for."

Hinata didn't really know what to say to that, so she just relaxed, and leaned into Naruto's chest a little bit more. They once again sat in silence for a while, just listening to the rain.

Well, until it got dark, anyway. They had been hoping that the rain would let up some before night fell, but it was still down pouring.

"So you ready to head back yet?" Naruto asked.

"I suppo…se so…." She trailed off.

"What's wrong?"

"What am I supposed to wear on the way back?"

AN: no, im not dead. for those of you looking for updates on my other stories, they're coming, i promise. my grandmother was recently diagnosed with cancer, and that has kind of killed my muse lately. shes doing well, even though we dont know how bad it is yet.

anyway, you all arent here to listen to my problems. this here is the first aprt of an idea ive had rolling around in my head for a while, and i thought i'd put it up to give all of my readers, few though you may be, something to tide you over with until my next update. ive also got the beginning of a bleach fic written, but i dont know if i'll post it or not.

so, please let me know what you think of this. its another thing i kind of made up as i went along, but i think it flows decently. and yes, as far as i know, the beginning situation is original to me. ^^ i know of no other fic that ponders what would happen if a shinobi were attacked while bathing in a hot spring. i also dont know of any fic that ponders the idea of attacking enemy shinobi with bushes and soap.