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Note: This is just a small One-Shot that came to me while nearing the end of the novel.

A/N: I just read the novel, and I found out that there are barely any stories for this book. This also came to me as I was reading.

Here it is:

Rusty-James' Confession

"Hey, Steve. Can we talk?" I asked, needing to talk to someone.

"Sure." He said, and we headed to Benny's. For some reason, there was nobody here today. I wonder why. I'm not complaining, though. It's actually a good thing.

"What's up?" Steve asks, curious.

"I broke up with Patty." I said, wondering how I should go about this.

"Why? She's hot, and she really likes you." Steve asks, probably thinking I'm an idiot.

"I guess I don't like her the way I did. She's a great friend, but I just don't feel it. Ya did?" I asked, hoping he did.

"No kidding! I guess. But what's different than what you felt before?" He asked, actually interested.

How should I go about this? It's not every day that you find out that your best friend is a queer. Not that they ever really show themselves because of the hate. I sure hope it is better in California. I wonder if I should have told the Motorcycle Boy first.

My random thoughts stopped as I realized that Steve was waiting for my answer.

"I guess I just don't find her appealing as I thought I did." I said, hoping he understands.

"But you love blondes. You're not going queer are you?" He laughed, joking.

"Uhh…" I say, thinking this will go bad.

"What? You're a queer?" He asks, eyes wide.

"Yeah…" I respond. I get this feeling in my throat. I wonder if this is what it feels like to cry.

"No kidding! That's cool. I never met a queer before. Well, you're secret's safe with me, Rusty-James. Sorry for calling you 'queer', I realize it is offensive." He says, in a sorry tone.

"No, it's fine. Thanks, Steve." I say. I order both of us a chocolate milk, and then we play a game of pool.