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Chapter 1

The Stone

Waiting in the Spine, a forest, for a farm boy named Eragon, my friend, so we can hunt. As the butcher's daughter I was expected to be able to catch something. I sighed and slung my bow across my chest while I fixed my raven black hair that reached my waist. I had it in a plait so it wouldn't get in the way but it seemed to be more annoying than usual maybe it was because of the area. Something felt wrong as if the atmosphere was shifting around me. I heard a twig crack and immediately gripped my bow arrow at the ready along the string. Eragon stumbled out of the mist then held his hands up in surrender.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," he smiled as I lowered my bow and slid the arrow back into my quiver.

"You didn't scare me, it's your stealth that scares me." I replied as we walked cautiously through the forest. I stopped at the sight of a lone doe.

"I'll get it," I rolled my eyes as he raised his ready bow and fired. An explosion of blue flame erupted as the arrow struck a log and the doe scurried off in fear. There lay a blue stone with burnt leaves and ashes under it like a nest. I looked over at his shocked face as we approached the stone. Blowing out the flame I ripped the arrow from the log.

"You got it alright, even the Spine doesn't think you could have gotten it." I hissed as my coping mechanism. "What's father going to say when I come back with nothing but a stone that suddenly appeared in front of us." Eragon held up the egg as if in a trance. I clicked my fingers in his face bringing him back to reality.

"I'll take it, I rarely go home with anything." I nodded in agreement then began to leave.

"I bet you a bowl of stew that this gets us into trouble." I acknowledged as I left the forest and made my way back home in the early morning. What sucked about this walk was the distance back home, Eragon's uncle's farm was the furthest one in the valley. A while away from home which meant earlier morning hunts for me and today I didn't even go home with anything. "He's never taking the shot again," I scowled throwing the burnt arrow across the air until it smack into a tree. I smiled in relief when nothing happened except it fell and I lot it among the bushes. "Hey, Theresa, let's hunt in the Spine. Come on it'll be great easy to get some deer or quails." I announced to the world in Eragon's imitated voice. "Why do I listen to him again?" I asked myself kicking a couple of stones as I exited the Spine and entered the opening of fields close to the village. "Because you've liked him since you were eight that's why." I groaned leaning my back against a tree at the village outskirts looking into the isle of depression. That's all there was here, old people with fairytales of what life was like before the current king, Galbatorix.

"That's a nice catch," my father the butcher, as I mentioned thus, said sarcastically as I entered the shop. I smiled weakly at his joke and left for my room through the back of the shop. I slung my bow against the wall and landed on my bed closing the door, no more than half a metre away, with my foot. I sighed up at my ceiling where I had carved an image of me and Eragon getting married although it was just two stick figures holding hands. I changed out of my hunter pants and into my casual wear of old, worn leather boots and a pale, blue skirt. Then slipped into my loose, white blouse then tightened the blue bodice to match my skirt. I looked at the cracked mirror my mother had given me for my fifth birthday before she died after few weeks after from sickness. My skin wasn't pale white back I wasn't dark either a light tan to brighten my green eyes like crystal clear water with silver fish. I fixed my hair into a looser style and left for the miserable village, of Carvahall, where I had called home for the last, almost, seventeen years. I was sixteen until the approaching new moon then I was seventeen and my father would start looking for a suitable male candidate...joy.

I spotted a friend of mine, Brom, on his stool across the gravel pathway from me. I lifted my skirt and made my way over.

"Back from you hunt?" He asked as I looked at his catch.

"Doesn't count as a hunt if you don't catch anything." I replied leaning against the timber pillar beside him. We watched as the guards dragged to boys from their home for the king's army and saw the crying mother as the father tried to get his sons back without success of course.

"See why you're lucky to be a girl, were you a boy they'd be watching you like a hawk. Waiting until you're old enough to be recruited for the king's army." Brom lectured as I looked back over at him.

"See why you're lucky to be old." I joked and he held up his hands in surrender. After a few more minutes of watching people slump around like sacks of potatoes three guards walked closer. I locked eyes with their leader staring with a high alerted warning screaming through my pupils.

"What's this? A necklace. Now what would a fool like you be doing with such a pair of jewels?" The guard/knight/mean pet of Galbatorix, said dragging his sword across the birds.

"Interesting you should ask," Brom answered as the guard slashed his sword in Brom's direction threatening. I stepped forward to go off at him but Brom held his hand back at me to not start anything I would get into trouble over. "I was walking the other day at Ninor and sitting on a branch, clap of thunder they fell dead at my feet. So I thought, can't leave them there, someone might trip. So I hung them up there out of the way." Brom joked bringing a bit of humour to the confrontation.

"You what I think, I think you're a thief," The guard accused as Brom moaned in defence. "A poacher, I convescate them all in the name of the king." The guard kicked Brom's stool out from under him. Brom pulled out his knife as the guard lifted his sword.

"In most cases I would say slash them but they're not worth your life. They're not worth a night in the cells at their fortress." I consoled as Brom slit the twine and cut down the birds.

"Sorry I didn't pluck them, take care of their little bones, hate to see you choke." I smiled and pat him on the shoulder spotting Eragon staring over. I farewelled Brom and walked with Eragon.

"So what did you do with the stone?" I asked causally as I walked him out of the village.

"It's in the bag. I'll take it home and see what to do with it since your father won't accept it." My father would have accepted it, strange he didn't.

"What did you tell him?" Eragon stopped and faced me at the edge of the village.

"I said that I found it hunting in the Spine." He explained as I rubbed my forehead.

"Well, tell your cousin Roran and uncle Garrow that I send greetings and for crying out loud work on your aim." He embraced me in a friendly hug before walking back towards his farm and me back to the shop where my father would probably lecture me for not going for a knight or someone richer.