Chapter 10

Victory...or Defeat

The healers work on Saphira, Eragon only needs rest. We won the battle but if Saphira dies it wasn't entirely worth fighting. I sit beside the sleeping Eragon with Murtagh on his other side. "What's it like?" Murtagh asks suddenly.

"Pardon?" My head shoots up as I realise he's speaking to me. He looks to the cave opposite the one we're in where Alduin rests.

"What's it like to ride a dragon?" I blush maybe a little. How to describe the way it feels to be so terrified yet so overjoyed as you shot through the air with nothing but the tallest mountains to stop you?

"It's...hard to explain...impossible to explain." I stand pacing. "My first flight. I had my eyes shut tight. You can't hear anything but the wind and beating of wings. You're so scared and happy at the same time it's like you're going to explode...and... And now I'm babbling like an idiot." I end with a half sigh, half laugh.

"At least you explained half of it." Murtagh jokes as Eragon moves suddenly. I slide down beside him as he opens his eyes. He rolls his head looking at Murtagh first. He rises anxious about the whole maybe Murtagh is here to kill me situation - possibly.

"Slowly, slowly." Murtagh soothes before Eragon looks over at me.

"Saphira?" I look away then walk. I haven't heard word on her.

"Some friends can be replaced." Murtagh says. I glare back at him harshly then he smiles at me... She lives? we're met by the sounds of wind whooshing under wings as Saphira swoops in delicately. "But we're lucky some don't have to be." He adds as Eragon moves to Saphira. Murtagh looks over at me and smirks. I shake my head at him then stare over at Saphira and Eragon.

"Saphira! I didn't think I could do it!" Eragon admits. I stand beside Murtagh and lean on my leg as I watch Eragon turn back to us. "And Arya?" I roll my eyes.

"Thought that might come up." Murtagh throws Eragon the clothes. "Get changed." I move to the edge and stare over.

"Theresa." Eragon whispers and pulls me into a hug.

"Go get her Eragon. And don't send Saphira on any suicide runs while you're at it, okay?" He nods pulling away.

"Alduin." I call and watch him approach.

" couldn't let me...uh..." Murtagh stutters.

"Come on." I chuckle as Alduin lands and I climb up behind Murtagh.

"Why is he in front?" Alduin asks then drops back off the ledge leaving me laughing like a mad-woman and Murtagh clutching to the saddle for dear life.