"What is this shit? Powers? What, like Spider-man?"

"No, no, silly silly boy! More like X-Men!" Cassie's grin was far too wide for her face, her pupils dilated to the size of saucers. Her hands danced all about her body and dragged her skirt up. She was wearing little boys' underpants with Wolverine printed on them.

"Great. I'm fuckin' Jubilee!" Chris's grin was every bit as wild as Cassie's, though perhaps more cynical than her effervescent one.

"Do it again, Chris?" Cassie sang from her perch atop the coffee table. Her face was distorted by giggles in the darkness. The music was pounding in her chest along with the rhythmic knocking of her heart against her ribs.

"What? This?" A stream of multicolored sparks shot from his hands, whizzed and shimmered about the darkened apartment, then winked out. Cassie's laughter increased as she spun, arms outstretched. Chris was trying to clear his head, worrying that she would topple over into the clutter. He flinched - shaking his head to remember Cassie's own 'power' - when she finally did stumble and float up toward the ceiling.

Sparks of light flew off his hair as his head shook. "Wow!" Cassie giggled down at him, turning swirls through the air, and Chris couldn't keep from laughing anymore. It was ridiculous. He let himself sink back into his trip and waggled his fingers around his face and over his head. Cassie swam through the air, stirring currents through Chris's light show.

She wasn't sure if it was the drugs, or just Chris casting the bright images around her. Whatever it was, Cassie felt warm, truly warm, and happy for the first time in ages.

Eventually, the high wore off, and, too exhausted to care, the pair found themselves sprawled across their battered sofa. Cassie hummed absentmindedly, and every now and again a shimmer would flicker out of Chris's fingertips.

"It's a crap power if we're meant to be superheros. But it'll be excellent for parties..."

Cassie poked at him with a skinny finger. "It's so lovely!"

"Yeah, but you're the one that gets to fly."

"It's not flying, really, so much as floating," Cassie insisted in her absent way. "I wish I could carry you..."

Chris mmmed at her, sketched a star out of sparkles against the dark ceiling, and fell silent. Cassie shifted about at her end of the sofa and he felt her weight lift. Then her hands were alighting upon his chest and her tiny mass settled on him.

"Tell me a story." Her voice was soft and fading. Chris wrapped his arms around his dear friend. Her breath immediately became more even and shallow, and even if Chris could have come up with one, Cassie wouldn't have heard his tale.

Soon they were both dozing, dreamlessly sleeping off their pharmaceutical hangovers.

Twenty-five centimeters above the sofa cushions and covered in twinkling lights.

A/N: Very brief. Something that came to me randomly as a relief piece after finishing my term paper this afternoon. Their powers were inspired by Misfits, but the story is just lightness. Pretty much a personal one-off. Please feel free to let me know if you enjoyed it. Thanks!