Inside her cabin, a certain daughter of Zeus glared at her laptop. An unfortunate someone had changed her username to "Pinecone Face." She was fuming with rage. Glaring at it, Thalia posted what was on her mind.

Pinecone Face is VERY, EXTREMELY angry because someone hacked her account and named it Pinecone Face.

Thalia was going to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.

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I bet it was one of those idiotic boys! Dumb pranks are the only thing their empty heads can formulate. Phoebe posted.

Fucking correct, Thalia thought, clicking the "like" button on the comment a second after Artemis.

Not me! Grover's comment popped up. That much was obvious.

Me neither, Nico commented.

I didn't do anything. Jason typed. Thalia frowned. She trusted her little brother about as far as she could throw him.

Not me this time, though high five to the dude (WHO SHOULD HIDE REAL QUICK LIKE NOW YOU CAN'T DIE BEFORE WE EXCHANGE TIPS) Thalia's frown deepened. If Travis was telling the truth then her prime suspect had been eliminated.

Totally agree bro. So it wasn't Connor either. But she couldn't trust the Stolls to tell her the truth.

Annabeth typed, I think I know…

Suddenly, lightening bolts popped up around Thalia's head. She knew too! There were only two suspects left on her list and she was beginning to doubt that Chiron had anything to do with her new username.

Percy? Thalia typed in her suspicion.

Exactly. Annabeth's reply came.

At that moment, a comment by the culprit himself popped up. It was a joke…please don't kill me.

Thalia grinned maniacally. You. Are. Dead. Jackson.

Oops. She'd forgotten to change her name back to Thalia Grace from Pinecone Face. She smiled, satisfied, as the message announcing the name change came up. Grinning, Thalia scrolled across her homepage. She could hunt down and kill Percy later. Probably electrify him a bit to give the audience a show. But right now, she was going to enjoy Facebook.

She spotted a new post from Poseidon. Possibly he wanted to speak to his son for one last time.


"OHMIGOD!" Thalia exclaimed out loud. Poseidon was also suffering from hacking!

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Cheers Barnacle Breath! Lady Athena had typed.

How dare you Athena? Thalia could imagine extremely vividly how angry Poseidon was feeling.

LOLOLOL. Much fun. Poseidon and Athena are having a full blown fight. Beats Zeus' lectures any day! Apollo commented. So true.

Thalia would give a million bucks to get vaporized when he started on his no-one-has-any-respect-for-me-anymore rants. She smiled as Ares, Hermes and Dionysus liked Apollo's comment. About to hit the like button herself, Thalia paused as Zeus' comment came up:

Apollo? Oops. Father had a Facebook? Thalia quickly withdrew her hand from the mouse.

Sorry father, no disrespect intended. Yeah, right. Apollo was in soooo much trouble.

Stupid, stupid idiot. I'll just go and put chocolate bunnies on Katie's roof and why on earth should she mind? Ugh, she hated Travis so much. Katie clicked the enter key.


There. Travis was probably hiding from her wrath somewhere. Coward.

Why? What did he do? Annabeth asked. What did he do? WHAT DID HE DO?


Hey, it was my idea! Why aren't you trying to murder me? Is it because you loooooooooove Travis? Connor's commented. Leo liked it. Katie felt like she was going to pass out.

omgg. That is so it! Katie loves Travis! Leo was so dead.

I cannot even begin to tell you how lame that thought is :/ Katie replied.




How dare Travis comment? HOW DARE HE?

YOU DARE COMMENT, YOU LITTLE FREAK?! She posted and shut her laptop. Travis Stoll was going to regret ever coming to Camp Half-Blood. She marched over to his cabin and flung open the door. There, sitting on his bunk was the culprit himself. "Uh…Katie…hi," he said, typing away furiously on his iPad. She snatched it away from him, accidently posting his comment:

HELP! Somebody…OH NO…she's knocking…she's coming insi

Hmm. What if Leo or Connor or someone came to rescue Travis? Now that wouldn't do. Katie posted another comment from Travis' account: There is no need to worry I am completely fine – Travis There, that would erase all suspicion.

Travis snatched the iPad back and typed another comment. NOOOOOOOOOO!

Ugh. Please ignore that last comment- Travis

She threw the iPad on Connor's bed and took out her dagger, a crazy smile painted on her lips. Pity she didn't stick around for a few more seconds. It would have been just in time for Leo's post to come up: Leo Valdez has realized that Katie Gardner falling in love with you is dangerous for your health and Travis Stoll falling in love with you is bad news for your roof.

Katie grinned in satisfaction. That slippery son of Hermes had gotten exactly what he deserved. Smiling, she signed in to Facebook. The newest post was by Leo. Katie read it, her smile slowly getting replaced by a scowl.

She typed her comment. You're heading towards the same treatment as Travis, Leo.

And this time I'll be helping her. Travis' comment came up a second after hers.

I am the mighty Leo, Supreme Commander of the Argo II. You puny demigods cannot harm me. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Scrolling down, scrolling down. Wait. What the hell was that?

Pan wants to share a quote with all satyrs. Give a hoot, don't pollute!

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Katie had to like satyrs because they were into nature but they were frankly more than a bit lame.

MY LORD! I THOUGHT YOU HAD LEFT US! Grover's comment immediately popped up. Katie could just imagine him hyperventilating in excitement.

Well, if Facebook can reach Olympus how can you expect the Underworld to stay behind? Pan replied.

Seriously? The Underworld had Facebook? Oh no! Now her mother could bug her all the way down from Hades's Place! Ugh…

A post from Jason came up:

Jason Grace wants to ask Piper McLean if she will go to the fireworks with him. :)

Boys were idiots. If Trav- ahh, someone asked her to go to the Fireworks on Facebook, she would so not go with Trav- um, them.

YES! :D Piper replied. Well, good for Jason she wasn't picky.

There's so much love in the air, I can't stand it. First Travis, now Jason. How many more will be its prey? And Leo Valdez comes along to ruin the romantic moment.

Oh, shut up Valdez. Piper replied.

And then the comment from Travis Stoll came up.

A scream ripped through the air. Windows shattered. Birds fell out of their nests.

Percy and Annabeth were in the stables, kissing each other's faces off. Annabeth pulled away from her boyfriend and stared at the cabins "Did you hear that? It sounded like a girl screaming."

"Whatever, Annabeth." Percy said in a bored voice. He wanted to go back to kissing. That was totally OOC of him, of course. But since the author had made ninety percent of the characters OOC, he didn't know why he couldn't be OOC as well.

Back in the Demeter Cabin, the owner of the scream was staring at her laptop. Her eyes were fixed on a post made by a particular son of Hermes:

Travis Stoll Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even Connor has a date. Should I ask Katie out?

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I thought you knew that I'M ON FACEBOOK!Fingers shaking with emotion, Katie typed her comment.

Oops? Travis replied.

Suddenly, Katie had a brilliant idea. Her sister Miranda was sitting at her desk on the opposite side of the room. Quietly, Katie snuck up behind her and grabbed her phone. "HEY!" Miranda cried, grabbing for the cellular device.

Miranda was already logged onto Facebook. Using one hand to restrain the struggling girl, Katie quickly commented something on Travis' post and handed Miranda her phone back. "Sorry," Katie muttered, and skipped back over to her beloved laptop.

Her… Miranda's comment had come up: Definitely! I just know she'll say yes. You two would make such an awesome couple! :D Mission accomplished.

Seriously? You think so? Okay then! Travis replied in a minute.

Her lips pushed their way into her cheek as a smile blossomed on Katie's face, all her murderous motions replaced. Her happiness was short-lived though. Another comment by Miranda – the real Miranda – came up. Um Travis, just so you know Katie got into my account and posted that…

A second scream drowned out the chirping of the birds. This one sounded more masculine and seemed to be coming from the direction of the Hermes' cabin. "Percy, are you sure we shouldn't go and check out what's happening?" Annabeth asked anxiously.

"Whatever," OOC Percy muttered.