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Name: Annabeth Chase

Age: Don't you know that you should never ask a woman her age? Oh, what the hell, I'm not Aphrodite. 16 years old.

Home: San Francisco.

Current Location: Camp Half Blood

Interested In: Fighting, questing, Capture the Flag and making sarcastic comments.

In A Relationship: With Seaweed Brain. I know. I must be crazy.

The comment had popped up a second after Annabeth had finished updating her profile. See Percy? She thinks she's crazy to like you! You'd be a million times better off with me! She glared at it, thinking of how best to reply without seeming jealous and overprotective, which she of course was NOT.

I'm sorry, but I don't seem to remember meeting you. Please get out of my profile. Ah, now that was exactly what a cool girlfriend would say.

Humph. Calypso replied. Annabeth smiled to herself.


Making sarcastic comments? We all know who bears the brunt of that. Percy commented. Annabeth growled. Whose side was he on?

Shut up, Percy, or I'll block you from my profile like I blocked your girlfriend. Annabeth typed. That would show him who the boss here was.

Suddenly, Aphrodite's comment came up. WHAT THE HELL!? YOU AND PERCY BROKE UPP? WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I SEE IT ON MY FAVORITE-COUPLES-BREAK-UP-LIST? PERCY, YOU'RE DATING CALYPSO? WHY DIDN'T I SEE IT ON MY LEAST-FAVORITE-COUPLE-DATING-LISTT? Annabeth smirked. Aphrodite was on her side too. No one was on Calypso's side. NO ONE. But she had to make it clear that they weren't broken up.

Rolling her eyes, Annabeth typed, Way to get hyper on sarcasm, Aphrodite.

What is sarcasm? She replied. Annabeth rolled her eyes again.

So that's why you're the Goddess of Love! She replied.

Suddenly, another post popped up on her wall. Youuuuuuuuuu guyssssssss areeeeeeeeee weirddddddddddddddd Annabeth squinted. Was Nico drunk? He posted again. Sorryyy, thereeeeee'ssss somethingggg wronggggg withhhh myyyyyyyy keyboardddddd

:/ An emoticon was probably the safest thing to type.

:O So Aphrodite, who's top on your "Favorite Couple Break Up List"? Leo asked. Annabeth scowled, annoyed that the Son of Hephaestus had the guts to post on her wall, but waited in anticipation for Aphrodite's reply.

Me and Ares ;_; -sob- -sniff- -sob sob- - sniff sniff- Annabeth read her reply. Well, Aphrodite would obviously be obsessed with her break-up.

And your "Least Favorite Couples Dating List"? Leo asked again

Me and Hephaestus ;_; -sob- -sniff- -sob sob- - sniff sniff Annabeth scowled. Well, if she hated Hephaestus so much, why on Earth was she with him anyway?

She decided to reply. How could you expect anything else Leo? –cough self-centered goddess cough-

Annabeth! Don't blame me if my love life is more heart whelming, tragic, sorrowful and contains more suffering than yours. I can be expected to lament the lost of my boyfriend, can't I? Aphrodite replied. Annabeth mentally facepalmed.

UM YEAH. EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT, LEO? She replied to Aphrodite. Annabeth looked up as Percy walked into the Athena cabin. "Understand the concept of knocking, Seaweed Brain?" she growled as he came in. She was still very upset about the fact that he was getting so chummy with Calypso.

"Sorry, Wise Girl," Percy said sheepishly, hanging his head. Immediately, a column of regret rushed through Annabeth. She fell into Percy's arms and kissed him passionately to make up for how she had treated him. Percy beamed at her. "So I needed to talk to you about something really important…"

Fifteen minutes later, Annabeth was sitting in front of her laptop again, beaming at the screen happily. Percy was such an amazing boyfriend. This would make a very good status update. She deftly typed out her status. OMG! YEEEEES! PERCY PROPOSED

She was typing these words, happily humming to herself when it happened.

The message popped up.

Annabeth glanced at the bar which showed how much power her laptop had and saw that it was down to zero. In a last ditch effort she quickly stabbed the enter key just as her laptop blinked shut. Annabeth felt like crying. Her amazing news. Her wonderful status update. Now goodness knows how much time it all would take.

Percy had just logged into his Facebook account. As he clicked on his notifications he saw that he'd been tagged in a status by Annabeth. He beamed. It was probably a wittier version the wonderful news Percy had given her earlier. The status popped up in a new page.


Percy stared at it in confusion. Proposed? Had he really proposed? He didn't think that he'd proposed. He scrolled down to the comments. Maybe they would give him a clearer idea of what this was about.

Athena had posted a very angry comment. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS? YOU WILL DIE BEFORE YOU EVER GET MARRIED JACKSON I SWEAR IT. Percy swallowed.

His father in contrast didn't seem to care much. Aha, nice job son ;) he had commented.

You're too young Percy! AND DON'T YOU DARE ENCOURAGE HIM WITH THIS POSEIDON. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH ATHENA. WHILE ANNABETH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD WANT A WIFE TO BE PERCY IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE ANY WIFE. Percy swallowed again. Athena was one thing but his mother rarely got angry. But when she did, you did not want to be on the receiving end.

Grover had already put in claims for best man. Go Percy! Can I be your best man? Please? Pretty please?

Don'ttttt forgettttt meeeeee I'lllllll beeeee theeeee bestttttt mannnnn offff courseeeee Groverrrrrr! And Nico was already fighting against those claims.

Percy's heart shrunk even further when he saw Calypso's comment. NO PERCY! YOU CANNOT DO THIS! I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL! WAS OUR TRAGIC AND DEFYING LOVE NOT BETTER THAN WHAT THIS BLOND GAVE YOU? Suddenly a light bulb went off in his head. Annabeth was jealous! That's why she'd made this post! She wanted to make Calypso jealous. Percy smiled secretly. It felt good to have two girls fighting over him.

Can I be the bridesmaid? PLEASE I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ANYTHING YOU NAME IT. Great. Once Rachel got something in her head, she would never let it go. She would probably get them married anyway, so that she could be bridesmaid.

Whatever Prissy ;) Clarisse was Clarisse as usual.

YES! Finally, Jackson! How big was the ring, Annabeth? O_o Percy fidgeted nervously. He hadn't proposed to Annabeth! Where did a ring come in?

Yay! Now I can call Annabeth sister-in-law and we can eat peanut butter and ride fish ponies! Trust Tyson to still have peanut butter and fish ponies on his mind.

Annabeth was staring at her laptop screen in horror. What was this mess? This is what happened when she forgot to charge her laptop! She quickly typed up a post that would hopefully explain the misunderstanding. OMFG guys! Calm down! My laptop's battery died before I could complete the sentence. Percy proposed that we both go to college together!

Aphrodite immediately commented. Thank god! You guys weren't appearing in my Favorite-Couple-Married list! I was thinking that the lists were a little faulty. Annabeth grinned. A sign of normality felt good.

Whew. I was wondering what this was. I was actually quite prepared to go along with it. :D Annabeth snorted. Trusting Percy, he would have been freaking out and trying to remember when he had proposed to her.

She anyway typed out a, awwww! :* and commented.

Rachel also commented quickly. DAMMIT! I don't get to be bridesmaid!