One of the stories I made for a really special friend of mine. It was because of her that started to like Ouran THIS much. :""

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When the door was opened... my life changed...

"Alice... Hello? Alice?... Hello... ALICE IF YOU DON'T ANSWER, I SWEAR I'LL-"


She finally answered. Seriously, why'd she even accept the call if she can't even answer immediately? This girl never changed. "Hey, I'm here at the airport. Flight's about to leave in four hours. Where are you?"

Then again, no answer. "ALICE... JUST DIE NOW." I said, gritting my teeth as I lost my patience. "Oh? Oh, wait... I'm playing Pokemon." What? Yes, I know this girl lovesvideo games as much as I love anime, but her friend's about to leave the country and all she does is play and eat. This girl never grows up. "Hey, coming or not?" I sighed. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes. I'll come. I promise." Now this is one of the traits that I like about her. When she promises, she'll keep it.

"So... I guess this is goodbye?" Alice said as we walked nearer to the pass to my plane. "No, Alice. This is hello." I sarcastically replied. She didn't argue anymore. "Anyways, are you sure... this is the right plane?" I suddenly asked. A streak of doubt dashed through my brain. I didn't know why, maybe I was just scared of making a big mistake. "...Yes, what made you ask?" she said, but I noticed the doubt in her voice. "Never mind. Hey... plane's about to leave, Alice."

She sighed. "Well... Bye?" I knew she wasn't going to hug me or say stuff. She's the type who dislikes mushy stuff. The type who swore her love to video games and food. And drawing. She's not one of those girls who goes goo-goo ga-ga over boys. Well, she actually does... with anime boys.

I nodded. "See you, Al. I'll really miss you." I laughed. She blushed. "Shut up. Just bring me some food when you get back" she stuck her tongue out.

As I went in the plane and sat on my assigned seat. I took one last glimpse of my dear childhood friend, Alice.

Something tells me, I will see her again even if I did leave the country...

I cannot believe it. Almost all of my friends went abroad already. And now Karylle's out for Australia. And me? Here, still here. Playing video games, eating, drawing stuff, studying different languages. Especially the Japanese language. Well, what do you expect, that country's where almost all my games came from. I love that country.


I sighed. Flight 28 is the name of the plane that Karylle went into and she's now off to Austra-



Wait, what? JAPAN?

"Holy..." I whispered as I turned around and looked at the planes list. Shit, Flight 28 to Japan. SHIT.

I ran to the nearest counter.

"Miss, may I know where Flight 28 is really headed?"

"Ma'am, please fall in line."

"But may I know where that plane is going?"

"Ma'am, there are other customers. Please fa-"


"... To Japan."

"Thank you."

I walked away, completely stunned. "Oh, no. This is definitely bad. I have to do something..."

"Ma'am... wake up. We're almost there."

I opened one eye first. Then the other. Almost in Australia? But isn't that place far from my country? Or maybe I just slept that long. "Kon'nichiwa, Passengers. We're just about to land in Japan. Happy trip."

Weird, the attendant didn't have to say a Japanese greeting called... what? What? WHAT!

"Woah, what? Japan? Are you joking?" I yelled without thinking. I covered my mouth shut in embarrassment as the others stared at me like I'm such an idiot. "Why, yes. Ma'am, why?" the attendant answered calmly. I nodded in response. "Damn you, Alice. You will definitely die."

Somehow, I knew this was going to happen...

"Grandpa, please?"

"No, Alice."

"But... this is all my fault!"

"I find no reason to do something like that."

"But I'm only fifteen! Underaged. I can't go to other countries without parents. I really have to go to Japan, do you understand?"


"...Fine. I'll change your age. You're lucky to have a lawyer in the family."


Now I'm pretty sure that I, Alice Pfeiffer, have the best grandfather in the world.

"...Where am I." I mumbled. This is Japan. Yes, Japan. And I only came here because of an accident. My parents are both in Australia, and here I am. Japan.

Thank God I know how to speak basic Japanese, thanks to summer lessons and my love for anime. "Excuse me." I said. In the local language, of course. "Where... am I?"

The local just looked at me weirdly. "You're in Japan." What the hell, of course I'm in Japan. Stupid answer. "I mean, where's... Tokyo?" my tongue twisted at the lack of words. Damn you, Alice, I'll never forget this. The stranger pointed directions on the map that I got from the flight attendant. Shoot, I forgot I don't have the local money. Best find a money exchanger first. And then... I really have to get to Tokyo fast. It's the only place I know in this whole country.

Good luck, Karylle.

Yet, I didn't know what was in store for me at that time...

Chapter DONE! It's short, I know. I typed all three chapters in one night, what do you expect? :)))

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