"… Hi."

Kyouya stared at her, unable to process what was happening. Her voice… when was the last time he heard her precious voice? The last time he heard her was when her voice was broken and hoarse due to crying every night. He couldn't do anything. He couldn't even make her smile. He was just… there. "… You look like you've seen a ghost." She laughed, although he could tell she was just forcing herself. What's going on? Why is she pretending that nothing's happened? Their hospital days, the field of snowdrops, the full moon… why?

Kyouya continued to stare at her. She stood up and bowed politely. Why is she treating him like he was a stranger? She then continued to show him her fake smile. That smile pained Kyouya more than anything. The young girl with the ever-so-bright golden eyes stared back. They waited for one of them to at least say something. "… You've been in contact with Karylle ever since I 'died'. I'm saying this just in case you are not aware that I know everything now." The young girl continued to stare deep into his eyes as if she was hypnotizing him as she said those words. Kyouya cringed. Just a little more and he would be captured by those eyes. Those eyes that he longed for. Those eyes he loved so much. He sighed and fixed his glasses. "I didn't try to hide our communications." He finally spoke up, his voice barely audible. "In fact, weren't you the one who were trying to hide things from me?"

That straightforward statement changed the expression on Alice's face. She gritted her teeth inside, trying so hard not to burst into tears. "I was trying to protect you." She answered reservedly. "I don't need protection." Kyouya retorted back at her. That was another statement that broke Alice's heart. She started laughing. "I know. I just don't get why you're so mad at me. We had a perfect parting, Kyouya. You saying goodbye to me while I was on the hospital bed was perfect, especially with the snowdrop petals flying through the window. Tears were streaming down my cheeks back then, Kyouya. Now tell me… with that perfect 'ending', what made us… distant from each other?" Alice continued to smile despite the fact that her every word tore her heart apart. She silently thought, what is there to break when her heart was already broken a long time ago?

"You loved Kaoru."

Now that was one thing Alice couldn't deny.

Still, she answered. "Not as much as I loved you, nerd."

"… Tell me something, Karylle. You have something to do with this, right?" Jessica confronted the other girl as they tried to conceal themselves in the bathroom, out of Alice's sight. Karylle laughed nervously. "Now you really are one smart girl, Jess. Lia didn't really go crazy… I asked her to pretend she was crazy so she could drive Alice to rush her to the hospital. I knew beforehand that Kyouya was here…" Karylle grinned and winked. Jessica stared at her in surprise before laughing out loud. "No, you're smarter, Karylle. I should say, Lia is a very good actress. She actually made everyone believe that she 'transformed' last night." The girl flipped her long straight hair. Karylle nodded in agreement.

When they were about to leave, another girl came rushing in the bathroom. This sight shocked both Karylle and Jessica. The new-arrival quickly locked the door of the girl's rest room and slumped to the floor, panting. "… Don't make me do that again." The new-arrival glared at Karylle. "… You escaped the doctors that easily? Lia, you are one amazing girl!" Jessica started laughing once again, before the other two laughed along.

When they finally calmed down, the colors of their eyes clashed with one another. Midnight blue, mahogany brown, and forest green mixed in with one another as they stared at one another for a long time. "… Why are you going this far, Karylle?" Lia finally asked.

"… I can't explain it myself… it almost feels like without my help, those two would never find each other again…"

Kyouya was silently walking away. He couldn't stand seeing her close to tears, especially if he knew that she was only trying to put up a smiling, strong front. He knew that deep inside, he was breaking her. He sighed, ignoring the stares of every woman in the hospital. He doesn't even know what he's feeling anymore. He needed to make a few adjustments before he could face her again; before he could look into those sunshine-filled eyes once more.

"Leaving so soon?" Kyouya turned around to face the person. "… I don't even know where I'm going." Kyouya answered back at the doctor. Shizuo chuckled lightly to show amusement. "It is unlikely of you to act stupid, Kyouya. If your father were here, he would have thought you lost sight of who you are." The doctor commented calmly. Kyouya bit his lip in annoyance. "I'm becoming blind about everything because of that woman."

Shizuo's amused face turned into a very serious one. His eyes changed from light blue to Prussian blue. "How cold. 'That woman'? Since when did you start calling her that? And how exactly are you going blind because of 'that woman'? She's trying to make you believe in life again, Kyouya. She's trying to bring you back to who you are. It's you who's too stupid and dense to realize it." By hearing the word 'dense', Kyouya's blood started boiling. Shizuo doesn't even know much about him, how dare he talk that way? All he knows is to meddle in other people's business and pretend he knows it all and—

"Not as much as I loved you, nerd."

Wait… Alice called him what?

A very obvious look of realization was upon Kyouya's face. He started shaking and he didn't know why. Once again, a look of amusement was upon Shizuo's face. "… It's up to you to decide which path you will take and what you will believe in. I'm only here to shot arrows through your heart to make you realize. Everyone can see it, Kyouya. Only you can't."

"… 'Nerd'… that was what she used to call… me…"


Karylle could only facepalm. She couldn't bring out the topic of Jessica liking Kaoru now for reasons because Alice just kept yelling outside the hospital windows. "… Language, Alice." She commented. Alice just huffed in anger. "We didn't even get to have a proper conversation and he freaking walked away! RUDE BASTARD! THAT NERD IS FREAKING CRAZY! Not only that, he's a STALKER! Where does he live, anyway?" Alice suddenly asked, making Karylle snap. "IDIOT! You're more of a stalker than he is! Why are you even asking where he lives?" That statement only enraged Alice more. "DAMMIT, KARYLLE! I ONLY ASKED ONCE! Besides, it's not like I'm going there to talk to him. We have nothing to talk about! That nerd is dense! DENSE!" Karylle knew that she wasn't going to win this screaming contest so she just kept calm once again. "You're denser, Alice. You can't even see that he's suffering." Karylle decided to meddle with Alice's conscience for once.

Mission success. Alice turned to her and stopped yelling and screaming curses. "… Suffering?" Alice asked. Karylle face-palmed. They were now entering the elevator, finally. "… You think you're the only one who got tricked? Kyouya thought you died. And you thought he left you. You're both just on the same boat. Stop trying to hate each other."

Alice froze in her place. The elevator door opened.

"Even if I'm alone… I'll go, okay? Even if I wanted to die and escape my miserable past… I could always hear your voice, saying that I should live on. I'm not afraid anymore. I'll fight. I'll fight for you and me. Even if I'm separated from you, no matter how many times I get reborn as a new person, it will always be you and me. Even if I lose my memories—"

"And even if you feel sad, always remember that I love you."

"I'll remember."

"I'll be waiting outside the hospital room, Alice."

"Wait for me…"

"And if something goes wrong?"

"Don't worry. I'll be reborn. If I get reincarnated someday, come and find me and make me remember…"










"Make me remember that you love me."