Note: in this story Mikan and her Family ( you will find out about later ) all have hazel eyes and light coffee hair, but other than that she still looks the same, but 16. Tsubasa and Misaki are the same age as everyone and the school uniforms look almost exactly like Utah's from 'Shugo Chara' (:


Mikan Sakura, a normal sixteen year old girl living in a small village in Japan, but on one fateful school night she was walking through a dark alley as a short cut to get home. She noticed the presence of somebody behind her so she sped up, not looking back. After shutting her eyes for a split second she felt someone put their hands on her wrists.

"Your very pretty" the young man said in a low and menacing voice. Mikan was trying to escape but it was futile. The bell tower rang banging through their ears, at the same time it happened.

He Bit Her.