Seeking Summer Romance.


The McLaner family was getting ready for their family trip in their own lake-house and to be reunited with the family they're so close with, the Chance family. This used to be a tradition to them but when the Chance family had to move out of town , they can't do the annual tradition but with the Chance family back the tradition can continue on.


I was so excited for this summer! I bet and hope that this summer will be the best, something that I won't forget. I would be- I mean we would be seeing the Chance family again! Yes! that means, I would be seeing Greyson, my bestfriend in this whole wide world. He's like the best and... I kinda like him. I mean , what's not to like about him? His smile, his eyes, his style, his voice! I like everything about him.

"Arian, are you ready to go?" My mother's voice boomed. I zipped the duffel bag. I had two duffel bags and one hand bag. Hey, I have the whole summer to spend there in the lake-house, I need to look good to...for Greyson.

"Yes mother." I shouted from upstairs. I grabbed the bags and trudged downstairs , my brother helped me. My heart was skipping , Greyson , I can't wait to see you. I went inside the car as my brother slammed the back door of the car and went inside and sat down beside me. I plugged in my earphones and we drove off.

My heart skips a beat , my heart skips a beat.

I woke up by the sound of people talking. I looked at my iTouch, it stopped shuffling. Oh well. I got out , Greyson's mother and father practically squeezed me to death and saying, I have grown alot. Wow, adults these days. Then Lexi , which I like to call her , greeted me and Tanner gave me a super hug. Alright now everyone practically squeezed me to death...where is Greyson?

"Lexi, where's Greyson?" I asked her. She smirked and tapped her foot.

"I knew , you'd ask me where he is. Well he's inside with Beatrice." Beatrice? Who's Beatrice?

"Uh...okay." I walked inside and saw Greyson...with a girl. The girl was sitting on top of the counter and her legs are wrapped around Greyson, they were laughing and giggling.

I cleared my throat and their head snapped my way. The girl got off of the counter and clasped her hands together.

"Arian!" Greyson shouts and walks towards me with his arms wide open. He pulled me in for a hug. I miss his hugs.

"Hey Greyson!" I practically tackled him, but I didn't care. Just then Greyson looked back at the girl and motioned her to come closer. The girl came closer and Greyson wrapped his arms around her...waist. What.

"Arianna this is Beatrice , my girlfriend and Beatrice this is Arianna, my bestfriend. But you can call her Arian." He told Beatrice "and you can call her Bea." He told me. I nodded.

"Nice to meet you." I said and nodded at her. She put on an obviously fake smile. "you too." She said.

But I thought...before he left he told me he loves me.

1 year ago ; 15 years old.

I cried as Greyson hugged me.

"Don't cry Arian, you know how much I hate to see you like that." He pulled me in for another hug then kissed my forehead.

"I can't can I not cry? You're leaving." I looked down.

"Don't worry...and uhm, Arian , I have to tell you something." He gulped.

"Yeah sure." I sniffed.

"I...I-I-I...I'm inlove with you Arianna." He finally said. My eyes widened.


"Yes." He cupped my face with his hands...then leaned in.

That was my first kiss.

"GREYSON! WE HAVE TO GO." His mom shouts.

"I have to go, but I'll call you everyday. I love you Arian , forever and always." He smiled.



What happened to his promise? Yes, he called everyday but it stopped eventually... now I know the reason why.