Forever Unbreakable
Hmm, got this idea when I watched Season 2, Episode 4: Operation Bumblebee (Part 1).
Warning: Spoilers! Don't read if you don't want spoilers! (Unless you already watched the episode.)... Unless you really want to read this. But don't blame me for spoiling it.
I guess I advise you to go watch the episode... It could be found on Youtube~
Just type in: Transformers Prime Season 2 Episode 4
There should be a full length episode near the top.
(I think Transformers Prime Season 2, Episode 5: Operation Bumblebee comes out on the 17th? or 18th, maybe around there, I'm not sure.)
Chapter One: Trapped Within
"Alright, we're finished here." Knock Out said, smirking up at Breakdown. "Still have those Autobot signals?" The red muscle car waited for his helper's answer.
"Yes." Breakdown nodded, smirking back at Knock Out. "They are just outside."
"Good, I'll go first. Then it's your turn." The narcissistic Decepticon said, transforming and driving out of the cave they were in, making sure that the thing was in him safely.
"Catch me if you can!" Knock Out said, smirking up at the two Autobots as he turned, leaving and driving fast.
He looked behind him and saw the yellow one- Bumblebee, who was following him.
"Sporting of you." Knock Out commented, watching the scout run after him.
"Your not even going to try and shout at my tires?" Knock Out said loudly so that the mute 'Bot could hear him.
Knock out came to a stop, watching Bumblebee try to transform to get to his weapon's.
"Bumblebee, where's your famous horse power?" Knock Out laughed. "Show me some speed!" He taunted. He watched as the scout came running for him, but Knock Out started up his engine and drove off.
"I'd stick around and do some doughnut's around you, but I have a delivery to make." Knock Out said, slight laughter in his silky voice.
'Hmm, maybe I can stick around for a little while... The human's do say that Curiosity killed the cat... What's a cat?...' Knock Out rolled his optics in annoyance, and did a 360 turn and then a half turn to drive all the way back to Bumblebee.
"So, I know I shouldn't be talking to you stupid Autobots, but how come you aren't transforming?..." Knock Out asked awkwardly, still in his Car form.
He watched as the mech put the random old truck down, staring at him.
"..." Bumblebee started inwardly debating if he should or shouldn't tell the enemy.
Well, Knock Out is the enemy.
Bumblebee shook his helm, "What's it to you?" The yellow mech beeped at the Decepticon with wariness.
Knock Out transformed into Bi-pedal mode and stared at the young scout. After a minute, he decided to tell him.
'Hey, maybe if I tell him, he'll tell me...' Knock Out thought, smiling smugly.
Bumblebee stared at the red mech weirdly, waiting for an answer.
"Just curious." Knock Out finally said, crossing his arms, awaiting his answer.
"I'm guessing M.E.C.H..." Bumblebee beeped after a second, moving his servo's so they were resting on his sleek hips.
"Hmm, did they take your T-Cog." Knock Out grinned.
Bumblebee nodded, confirming Knock Out's suspicion. "Anyways, give me the device you took." Bumblebee chirped, glaring at the Decepticon.
"Hm, I think I'll keep the device, and take you too!" Knock Out smirked, knocking out the Autobot with ease.
"Weak." The Decepticon muttered, waiting for Breakdown to catch up with him. While waiting, Knock Out thought about M.E.C.H and Starscream. He received a Comm. from Starscream saying that the SiC was going to join forces with M.E.C.H for Energon.
"This'll be really interesting." Knock Out chuckled, staring at the young scout.
Knock Out looked up when he heard an engine rumble, he saw Breakdown in car form and staring at Bumblebee.
"What's he doing here?" Breakdown glared down at the Autobot in stasis.
"Oh nothing, just taking him to Base for Megatron is all." Knock Out replied, patting Breakdown's hood. "Did you do your job?" He asked after a second, pulling the Autobot so he was resting on top of Breakdown.
"Yes, I did." Breakdown mumbled, not liking the feeling of the mech on him.
"Good, so we won't be followed." Knock Out said, tying Bumblebee to Breakdown to make sure he didn't fall or try to escape if he came Online during the trip back to the Decepticon Base.

Bumblebee's optics brightened to there normal blue state as he came Online. He slowly looked around at his surroundings.
'Where am I?...' He thought, staring at the dark purple creepy walls. 'Wait...!' Bumblebee jumped when he heard a door open, and in walked the famous leader of the Decepticons, the Warlord himself, the deadliest mech alive, Megatron.
The yellow Autobot beeped in slight surprise. He looked down to see himself strapped and tied to a berth.
He watched as Megatron walked over with his evil smirk. "So we meet again, scout." Megatron murmured, resting a claw on Bumblebee's leg, letting it trail upwards until it stopped near his thigh.
The scout watched as Megatron retracted his servo and paced around him.
"I wonder what I should do with you... There's a lot of things. Maybe, pay you back for stealing that weapon... Or, maybe I should properly thank you for helping me with my body..." Megatron enjoyed the scout's expressions.
"Luckily for me, Knock Out supplied me with the information about you losing your T-Cog to M.E.C.H, the ones that captured Breakdown a while ago." Megatron sneered, patting Bumblebee's helm.
Bumblebee flinched from the contact, and watched Megatron's every move in silence.
'What are you plotting?...' Bumblebee thought, warily watching the Decepticon leader.
"For now, I'll just keep you my prisoner... Maybe, get some information from you." Bumblebee's optics widened at that, shaking slightly.
"I just hope it won't be like last time, at Tiger Pax... For your sake, scout." Megatron chuckled, turning and walking out of the room, leaving Bumblebee alone and scared.
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