Forever Unbreakable


Chapter Eleven: Insanely Indomitable


(Autobot Base - Ratchet's POV)


Many hours passed by when I finished with everyone, including Optimus. I looked at Bumblebee who was still not Online, yet. We were all waiting for the moment for him to online. Silently waiting as time passed by.

Optimus only had a few big dents and some circuts cut, and a couple big newly forming scars, but all is well for the Prime.

Arcee had a medium sized scar across her stomach area, but I managed to seal the wound and replenish the energon flowing through her body.

Bulkhead's pede had been crushed by one of the Decepticons that managed to corner him and somehow disable his weapon, therefore leaving him open and unguarded, with pounding some dents out and using my tools, I fixed it right up and reattached it to his leg.

Wheeljack was almost the hardest, but not that close to Bumblebee. Wheeljack has many broken pieces and dents that were pounded into him by the Warlord so many times. The sports car was leaking energon from almost everywhere. But I managed to heal him with my EMP, which I didn't want to use, but in this case, I have to.

As for Bumblebee... Our poor scout. It's harsh enough that he had to go through such terrible things no 'bot should go through...

I vented loudly, obviously tired. I ran my servo on my helm, optics going dim a little.

"You need rest, my friend. You did a very good job on all of us." My dull blue optics shined and brightened when I heard Optimus' voice flood my receptors.

I looked up and noticed Optimus standing next to my desk, holding his side.

"Optimus!" I gasped, standing quickly, making myself a little dizzy. I slowly shook it from my processor and focused back on our Leader. I hooked my arm around his back and gently led him to my seat behind my desk.

"I thought I told you to rest, not walk around." I scolded him, with a soft glare. I shook my helm again as he stared long and hard at me.

"What?" I asked after a couple of nano-kliks of waiting. He smiled and let his gaze fall down to his servos which were resting on his lap.

Prime stood and swayed, but didn't move till he stopped swaying. "I'm going back to my berth. But still, Ratchet, you did a good job on all of us and I just wanted to thank you. And believe me, I'm fine. Thanks to you. Also, I believe when the others come back online, they'll gladly thank you." Optimus slowly walked out of my med bay silently as I watched him, stunned.

"Just because your the Leader doesn't mean you have to be so nice." I muttered tiredly, obviously grouchy from working for so long and not getting any rest.

"Now, time for more work..." I mumbled, staring at some medical sheets that needed to be filled out.

"Oh, and on top of more work, we need more energon since I used it on nearly everyone here." I rolled my tired blue optics, clearly annoyed.

Now I know how Jack, Miko, and Rafael felt after I did their projects. "Great, I'm a nusence. To top all of this of, I'm talking to myself. So I must be crazy. Insane."

"Ratchet?" The quiet voice gave my spark a jolt, and I quickly looked over to see Bulkhead sitting up on his berth.

"What are you-" Bulkhead started, but paused after I gave him a glare.

"Don't ask." I vented loudly again, throwing my servo's in the air and stood to get some 'fresh air', but not before checking up on everyone.

I walked down the hall of our base and decided to go for a nice little drive. It'll take my helm of thinking about everything.

Once I reached the outside, I transformed and started my drive. I checked for any Decepticon signals, and found none, so I decided to take a small walk in the forest to clear my head.

I glanced up to see the rising sun, hiding behind all the clouds, turning them pink, orange, and yellow, instead of their normal white color.


I found myself thinking, coming to like this planet more and more.
"I must be going soft. And Medic's aren't supposed to be soft." I scolded myself harshly and turned around to head back to the base.

Once I got out of the forest area, I transformed and drove back to the base, going fast but not that fast to brake any speeding limits.


(Decepticon Base - Megatron's POV)


I growled and brought my clentched servo down and slammed it against the Knock Out's Medical Berth. "The Autobots will pay!" I cursed loudly, seething.

Many of my drones were all sitting somewhere in the Med bay, basically everyone was here.

Me, Breakdown, Soundwave, Starscream, we all took up the rest of the berths. Those stinking Autobots had managed to take my possesion and nearly kill all of my men!

I froze, thinking. I grinned maliciously, 'I'll just up with an even bigger plan, to crush that bug and his fellow Autobots...' I thought, chuckling darkly...


(Knock Out's POV)


During my work, I glanced over to see Megatron laughing creepily.

I raised an optic ridge, 'Maybe the Autobot hit him to hard over his helm...' I found myself thinking, as I prepared liquid that would help everyone with their wounds and injuries.

I, myself, am badly injured, but as the Decepticon Medic, I am ordered to take care of our Leaders wounds and then the rest.

At least, he escaped... I don't know how much that little bug could take from Megatron anymore.

Plus, I'm sure Megatron was planning something serious for Bumblebee, so I'm glad he escaped with the Autobots.

Getting lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice the second in command glaring daggers at me.

"Knock Out," Starscream hissed loudly, "Some of us are leaking energon like crazy over here while your just standing over there doing NOTHING!" Starscream screetched, slamming his servo on the berth he was now currently sitting on.

Many of the drones followed his glare and stared at me, either holding their wounds or trying to help another with their wound.

I glanced at the ground with a slight frown, feeling bad since I wasn't doing my job.
"Knock Out." Megatron seether, obviously still in a horrible mood.

"Right away, Lord Megatron..." I trailed off, apporching him with the needed tools to attend to his injuries.


Nearly a Earth day had passed before I finished attending to all the Decepticons, including myself.

I tiredly walked back to my room, fighting the need to offline my optics and recharge. Once I reached my destination, I made a bee-line for my berth and immediately collasped.

I stared up at the dull grey ceiling in my room, and slowly offlined my optics, getting ready for a needed recharge.

"Bumblebee..." I found myself saying his name quietly, and slowly drifting into my long awaited recharge.


(Autobot Base - Ratchet's POV)


I paced around the med bay, waiting silently. I glanced at Arcee, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Optimus who were staring at our scouts body.

"He should be waking up any time soon..." I mumbled, watching as they all sort of lowered their guard.

After Bulkhead and Arcee woke up, it was a few hours later when Wheeljack was woken at the sound of Bulkhead yelling his name loudly.

I got distracted from my floating thoughts that I didn't even notice a quiet moan.

"Bee!" Bulkhead gasped, jumping from my med. berth onto his pedes in a split second.

I jumped not only from the loud bang, but also from the rumble of when he did so.

"Bulkhead, please! Don't just around in here so casually!" I grumbled, glaring at him with my servo's resting on my hip joints.

"Bumblebee, thank Primus!" I heard Optimus say, also hurrying past me.

"Tch, young mechs!" I frowned, shuttering my optics slowly glancing over to the occupied berth.

Bumblebee was online, but still obviously tired and in a lot of pain.

"I'm sorry, kid, I don't have the right pain killers here than I did on Cybertron." I looked at the ground, sad for the pain he is feeling.

"It Sparks up the Fire- a flame that still burns. To you, I Will Always Return... "

My optics widened, "Bumblebee! You-..." I trailed off, spark feeling quiet light apart from my tired old body.

"We Live and we Learn to take One Step at a Time, There's no need to rush. It's like learning to Fly, or falling in Love."

The five of us stared at Bumblebee, all surprised. "Aww! I missed you buddy!" Bulkhead cried out, showing his soft side and hugging our scout.

He spun him around like they haven't seen each other for a million solar cycles.

Wheeljack, Arcee, and Optimus all smiled at the sight of the two friends.

I sighed and shook my helm, "Great, now it's going to be even more noisier. It was nice having some peace and quiet." I commented, crossing my arms with a loud huff.

"C'mon, Doc bot, you know you missed him too." Wheeljack smirked when I tensed at the name.

I pulled out my favorite wrench, "What did you say?" I seethed.

Wheeljack's optics widened at the sight of my big wrench as I aimed it at his helm. "Whoa!" he cried as he barely dodged the flying wrench. "Watch it, Doc!" He glared at me.

I pulled another wrench out with another glare shot towards the Wrecker.


(Bumblebee's POV)


I shuttered my soft blue optics and watched as Ratchet and Wheeljack fought, throwing insults at each other.

I smiled for the first time in a while, and it felt nice. It feels nice, I mean, to be back with my family. With Optimus, Arcee, Bulkhead, and Ratchet, no matter how weird he may be acting.

'Hmm, maybe it was the deprivation of me.' I thought cheekily, with an even bigger smile on my face plate.

'I just can't wait till I get to see Raf. I've missed him so much. I've missed everyone...' I thought happily, starting to slowly feel like myself again.

I shook my helm and turned my attention back to Wheeljack, who was on the ground in pain, and Ratchet holding a wrench in the air, victoriously.


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Songs Used:

Bryan Adams - I Will Always Return: It sparks up the fire- a flame that still burns. To you, I Will Always Return.

Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time: We live and we Learn to take One Step at a Time, There's no need to rush. It's like learning to Fly, or falling in Love.


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