They are cruel, the Digald, when they came to our city we were not aware that they were going to do such terrible things to us. We tried to fight them but their bio zoids were too strong for us. Our city fell and they wasted no time in their work. They gathered everyone outside a tent and made us enter one at a time and touch a stone that sometimes glowed. After that they separated us into two groups. I watched as my family was taken from me for the stone did not glow when I touched it. I watched helplessly as my young son was torn from my arms and shoved into the other group. My group was set to work in the mountain in a mine, my son was made to become a zoid pilot for the digald. My son was worked night and day with little food and even lesser water, with almost no sleep or rest. One day he got sick and they took him away, no one saw him for days. I heard a week later from the taskmasters that he had died in the hospital from pnenomia. He was six Years old! Damb those digald bastards! Venerable Ancestors! Give me the power to avenge my son's death! Please!