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The air in Ikebukuro is cool and clear as she walks the streets, surveying everything with her bright crimson eyes. The people around her move with a barely concealed energy; spring is on the way and all of Ikebukuro is on edge, and so is she. She is on patrol; her children are out there right now, keeping watch and keeping her informed. They are everywhere, see everything and hear everything; she is everywhere they are, sees everything they see and hears everything they hear. The yellow scarves are everywhere as well, but tonight they do nothing except plot and conspire.

It is late and she is about to retire for the night when something happens not too far from where she is stationed. A group a Yellow Scarves is on the move and is following a group of teenagers they suspect to be part of the dollars. She takes off through the shadows, taking the back alleys and side streets, she arrives just as the group of Yellow Scarves has the teens cornered and cowering. What swine she thinks targeting people weaker than them.


It is when they are about to strike that her children make themselves known, they appear out of the shadows matched in number with the Yellow Scarves. The one that has been designated leader of this particular group, his name is Genjiro if she remembers correctly, steps forward. He is a tall dark skinned youth in dark cargo pants, a zip hoodie and sneakers. His face is calm and almost looks bored as he speaks.

"You scum never learn," he frowns, his voice serious and just a bit rough, "Always picking on people that can't fight back or that are too afraid to. Your behavior will no longer be tolerated."

The group of yellows begins to laugh, their leader steps forward as well. He is a bit older than the other boy, but not by much and shorter as well, he wears jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.

"And who exactly is going to stop us? You? You don't look so tough." he is smug and annoying and getting on her nerves. The others continue to laugh and crack jokes behind him. They aren't scared but they should be.

Genjiro's eye twitches. He can feel her irritation, they all can and it puts them on edge even more. He glares at the loud mouth idiot in front of him and sneers. He moves across the short distance that separates him from the other guy.

"Shut up already, you're making Mother angry."

The punch he throws is too fast for his opponent to see and thus he has no time to dodge or even think about it. The shorter boy is on the ground before anyone can blink. His companions are stunned for only a moment before they charge. The fight does not last long and by the end of it the group of yellow scarves is now also her under her control. She materializes from the shadows, reveling herself to them when it over. They move to surround her, bowing; she is their Queen, the center of their world, their universe. They live to serve her and only her. She thanks them for all of their help then tells them to return to their normal lives.

She has school the following day and decideds to retire as well. She heads back to her apartment.


He has been watching her again. A smirk plays on his face and his own crimson red orbs light in amusement as he wonders just why that is. It is very unusual of him to let his attention stay on just one person for an extended amount of time. He thinks that maybe he's puzzled by her and wants to figure her out or maybe he's annoyed with the way she is able to control his wonderful humans. It's mostly likely the last one he thinks shrugging the question away as he follows her in silence and shadow, grinning the entire way to her apartment. He doesn't care either way at the moment.


It is when she is opening her apartment door that he decides to make his presence known. He appears before her, jumping down from the complex's rooftop. She stands a little ways inside the doorway (barely inside at all really), the glow from the streetlights illuminating her dark apartment. She turns so that her profile is facing him. He is leaning against the railing, looking very much at ease with no trouble at all; smiling. He looks amused and pleased with himself all at once.

"It looks as if those color gang wars are getting more and more violent," he tilts his head to side "don't you think so?"

"In no small part thanks to you, I suppose." Her tone is low and just a little disapproving.

He closes the small distance between them. He is so close, invading her personal space as if he has no concept of the phrase. She tilts her head back and looks him in the eye. He leans in closer until their lips are almost touching. Their eyes half open glow in the mostly dark entryway, he brings his right hand up and caresses her side. The touch sends a slight jolt through both of them.

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

The words are ghosted against her lips, and then he seals their lips together, their eyes slide shut and everything stops. In this moment the people that they are do not exist, they are not themselves, they are entirely different people. Everything that has happened and could happen ceases to matter, what does matter is the way her lips feel against his and how they both wish that everything could be this simple and uncomplicated.

The kiss is over almost as soon as it begins, but the moment still lingers.

"I give you my word." It is nothing more than a whisper.

"We'll see." She whispers back

He is still invading her personal space and their lips are once again almost touching. She is flushed and the color in her cheeks makes her seem even more stunning. He realizes vaguely that she has somehow managed to become more important to him than any of the other pieces in his game. He steps away from her; finally breaking the spell that had been woven around them. He smiles that infuriatingly, smug smile and jumps off the railing. He flips once before landing on his feet, he waves and then heads off into the hustle and bustle of the late-night Ikebukuro crowd.

She watches him a bit longer, then closes the door.