The Counsel of the Stormcage sat in their chairs, overlooking the empty courtroom. They gazed down from the raised dais at the woman they had fought to imprison many years ago. But now they had given her a chance to redeem herself, earn a pardon. They had lost many men in that mission, but she had performed to the satisfaction of the Catholic Church.

"River Song," the middle judge said, looking down at her with disdain. "You have proven that, although you have escaped this place dozens of times, your intentions to fulfill your sentence were true. You have earned your pardon as set forth by the Catholic Church. From this day forward, you are a free woman."

The bailiff holding River in place moved to unlock her handcuffs, to find that they were already undone. River handed them over, to the disapproving scowls of the Counsel.

"Thank you, High Counsel," she said, stepping back as someone walked from a side room to give her the belongings that they had taken from her upon her incarceration. One of these items was a vortex manipulator, which they had found to be a useless piece of equipment to keep from her because she always had a second one secreted away somewhere. "Since I have no vehicle to leave this place, I'll use this, shall I?" She did not wait for their approval.

River typed in the coordinates of Luna University, her Alma Mater. She had her Masters' degree, but was now intent on becoming a Professor and perhaps teaching for a bit. Anything that would keep her out of trouble and away from this place.

She pressed the dematerialization button and disappeared.

The Counsel breathed a sigh of relief. No more break-ins and outs to deal with.