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"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Raven shouted at Beastboy before storming out of the common room.

The changeling just sat there on the couch staring sadly at where the empath was.

'What did I do?'

The boy sighed as he thought about the young sorceress of the Titans.

All he ever wanted was for her to smile or laugh. He knew that of anyone she deserved it the most, but all his attempts ever did was make her mad.

Sighing once more, he thought of Raven's smiling face and smiled to himself as he slumped into the couch.

'Planning time'

-Meanwhile, with Raven-

Raven had been in her room for the past hour meditating,

Or at least, had been attempting to,

'Why were you mean to Beastboy?'

The empath sighed as she floated down to her bed and cradled her head in her hands.

'He deserved it.' She argued,


'Because…' she trailed off

'Because he always tries to make you smile? Or laugh? Or because he's always trying his best to make you happy?"

Raven sighed, falling into her silky bed sheets.

'I hurt him,' she agreed, 'but what will happen if he does finally get that smile? Will he just up and stop? I don't think I could live with that…..'

'And if you continue treating him this way? Maybe he'll decide you're not worth it anymore.' The emotion rationalized.

'Rae, you have to try, besides do you really think that after all this time he'd really just up and leave after getting one smile out of you?'

She chuckled breathlessly as she got up and made her way back to the common room.

'Your right, wish me luck.' The emotion giggled at that.


As she walked through the common room doors she looked for her favorite changeling, only to find him nowhere in sight.

Sighing for what felt like the umpteenth time that day the half-demon fell onto the common room couch and frowned.

'I go to apologize and the stupidly adorable idiot is gone, figures.'

She slumped further into the cushions and closed her eyes, only to reopen them when she heard a soft, melodic voice.

You're just too good to be true

Can't take my eyes off of you

You'd be like heaven to touch

I want to hold you so much.

At long last love has arrived

And I thank god I'm alive.

You're just too good to be true

Can't take my eyes off of you

Looking over she found the very boy she was looking for making his way over to her, with a small smile on his face.

She blushed at the way he was looking at her and looked down at her lap, only to feel his strong hands gently lift her chin so she could see his smiling face as he sang.

Pardon the way that I stare.

There's nothing else to compare

The sight of you leaves me weak.

There are no words left to speak,

But if you feel like I feel,

Please let me know that it's real.

You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off of you

Beastboy twirled away-leaving Raven feeling….disappointed- and pointed at her then clutched at his heart as he belted.

I love you Baby!

And if it's quite alright,

I need you Baby!

To warm the lonely nights

I love you baby,

He smiled at her,

Trust in me when I say….

He twirled down in front of her and whispered into her ear

Oh pretty baby

Don't bring me down I pray

Oh pretty baby, now that I found you stay

And Let me love you, baby

Let me love you.

He trailed off as he looked into her eyes.

She smiled- a tiny almost invisible little thing, but it made the changeling beam.

"You really mean that?" she asked tentatively.

He nodded, as he smirked at her.

"I made you smile." He stated, waggling his eyebrows.

Rolling her eyes, the empath's smile widened before narrowing her eyes at the boy.

"Does this mean you're going to stop?" she asked almost sadly.

Shaking his head wildly Beastboy looked back at the girl and smiled softly.

"Sorry, but you're going to be stuck with me."

Raven smiled again and pressed her forehead against his.

"Good" she whispered breathlessly before capturing his lips with hers.

Pulling back she looked at the changeling's dazed face and giggled softly.

Shaking out of it at the sound of her laughter the green teen beamed at her, and the empath smiled back shyly.

"I like you" she whispered,

He just smiled back at her.

"Good," he stated, lips inches away from hers, "Because I like you too."

And then he kissed her softly and smiled,

Because she was smiling back



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