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Harry had been so exhausted that he had slept throughout the rest of the day and into the next day.

May 4, 1998

After waking up Harry began to think about what he needed to do. He knew he would need money and he knew he would have to go to the bank. The bank he had broken into just three days prior. He knew the goblins would not be happy with him for what he had done. He tried to remember what he had learned about goblin customs from the history of magic classes, and decided that he might as well get it over with. He thought about what the goblins might do, take away his money, imprison him, or possibly even torture or execute him. The thoughts of what he would possibly have to endure did not affect him, he was still feeling numb from the exhaustion of the previous year and the specifically the final Battle at Hogwarts. Plus, he knew he just felt alone. He didn't think he would really care what the goblins would do, so he decided to get it over with and confront the goblins as soon as possible.

Harry decided to floo over to Diagon Alley. He was hesitant at first, but after every thing he had been through in the past year, this should be easy. He had already died once, he had been subjected to the cruciatus curse in the past, what more could the goblins do to him? He winced as he decided that was not something he need to dwell upon. As he was making his way towards Gringotts Bank, he steeled himself for what he knew he must do. There was no way around this he thought as he considered the possible ramifications for is upcoming actions. He paused for a moment, and then he headed through the large doors into the main lobby of the bank. The few goblins present eyed him warily, immediately recognising who was there. Harry slowly drew his wand from his holster and placed it on the floor before him, he bowed forward with his hands in front and his fingers splayed as he spoke aloud and slowly, "I, Harry James Potter, do willfully surrender myself to the Goblin Nation and the authorities herein for my previous actions perpetrated against this fine establishment."

There was a hushed silence. The doors behind him were magically locked. In mere moments a score of armed goblin guards had arrived in the lobby surrounding the wizard who had already disarmed himself.

Harry heard some hushed voices speaking in the gravelly Gobbledygook, the language of the goblins. While he remained in the bowed position for what seemed like an eternity he thought to himself, "Well this could be going worse."

One of the guards walked up to him and growled at him, "On your knees wizard filth."

Harry dropped to his knees and kept his head bowed, which he knew was a symbol of surrender to the goblins, as it allowed easy access to the neck for an executioner's axe.

Harry heard to steps of a goblin approaching him slowly. He wondered who he coming forward and if the individual did in fact carry a large axe.

"Mr. Potter," snarled the goblin's voice, "you may put your hands at your side and you may look me in the face."

Harry slowly did as he was told.

The goblin stared at the scar on Harry's forehead for a moment and then he looked hard into Harry's eyes. The goblin gave a puzzled expression, and then finally he spoke, slowly to his captive.

"It is a most unusual circumstance we have found ourselves in today, young man." The goblin continued to eye Harry carefully as though he was searching for the deception that must be hiding behind those green eyes. "Most unusual indeed, as I find kneeling before me the most extraordinary individual in the history of goblin and wizard relations. Never has a wizard successfully managed to steal anything from the vaults within Gringotts, and the fact that this was done from one of the deepest vaults within our fine facility is quite astonishing. And add to that simple fact that even during any of the Wizards' Acts of Aggression against the Goblin Nation there has never been a single instance of a wizard voluntarily surrendering themselves to the custody and retribution of this great nation."

The goblin stared at Harry in silence. The entire room was charged with anticipation waiting who would dare speak next. Harry knew that he was in no position to speak until he was commanded to do so, and so he kept as still as possible.

After a very long five minutes of silence, the goblin spoke after giving another puzzled look at Harry. "We have no cries for mercy from our prisoner, we have no acts of defiance from this same prisoner, and we have no accusations of unfair treatment. You are a most curious specimen of a wizard. Perhaps the rumours that surround you are true. The wizards call you the Boy-Who-Lived, some called you the last hope of the generation. Already we have heard the reports of what you have done. You killed the enemy of the Goblin Nation when you killed Tom Marvalo Riddle." The goblin paused and saw no reaction in Harry's face. "You do not react but I detect that you know that name, and perhaps you wonder why we do not choose to refer to the lat Mr. Riddle by the name he gave himself. The goblin nation will deal with falsehoods, and the name he gave himself was false, for he was no lord. But I can tell that you knew all of that. But I will not speak more of that situation at this time."

The goblin turned around and faced the guard that had spoken to Harry. "Steelfist, would you be so kind as to bring the prisoner to my office." The guard named Steelfist replied with an all too eager "Aye, that I will." Harry cringed internally at the thought of the way this would be accomplished as he noticed the sneer appear on the guard's harsh face.

"And for clarification, Steelfist," added the goblin without turning to look at Harry," I do not intend for you to use your usual means of bringing a prisoner to my office, just lead the way and I am sure that Mr. Potter will gladly follow you, for I am convinced by his display this fine morning that he already knows the consequences if he should dare to defy any one of the guards here." With that the goblin walked out of the lobby as Steelfist turned to look at Harry. Steelfist walked up to him and said, "You may arise, prisoner of the goblin nation. You may even take you wand as long as it remains unused, and I am sure you are aware of the consequences of failing to obey."

"I am well aware, Steelfist," replied Harry as he slowly arose and slipped his wand into his pockets. "Shall you bind my hands so that I cannot use any magic while I am in your custody?"

Steelfist was shocked by the question and then he growled in anger at the insolence in the request. "I was informed that you were aware of the consequences should you try to disobey, and you already surrendered yourself to the Goblin Nation, and yet you think you need to be bound and shackled? Is your gestures here worth nothing, such would be typical for a wizard? I thought you were above such pettiness."

"I mean no deceit," commented Harry. "I just wanted you to know that I had no intention of acting in anyway that would be construed as fighting back, so I thought…"

Steelfist growled again, "You are the prisoner!" He glared at Harry. "You are no longer in position to think, just do as you are told."

Harry hung his head in apology to the goblin and then wordlessly stood up again. "Well, then," said Steelfist as he controlled his contempt, "just follow me to the regent's office."

After walking for several minutes down various twisting hallways and passages, Harry and Steelfist arrived in front of a large stone door that had a gold plate mounted on the front. "Ragnorak, Regent, Gringotts Bank, London, Paris, Salem." Steelfist rapped on the door with the metal gauntlet covering his right hand. Slowly the door opened into a large ornately decorated office. There were gold statues, various paintings on the walls that Harry quickly assumed must have been pleasing to the eyes of a goblin but made him cringe inside. Ragnorak was seated behind a large granite desk that was polished to a near mirror finish. He glanced up from various piles of documents that were arrayed on the desk before him and he motioned to a chair in front of the desk. "You may have a seat, Mr. Potter," he said about as kindly as Harry had ever heard any goblin speak. Harry quickly bowed his head towards Ragnorak and took the offered chair, which was ornately decorated with gold trim and had dark green velvet covered cushions. Ragnorak eyed him closely once more and then he turned his attention to Steelfist, "That is all for now, I will summon you when you are needed next."

Steelfist silently turned and walked out of the office. The large stone door shut silently behind him. Harry sat quietly in the chair waiting for Ragnorak to address him. For his part, the regent was carefully going through the various piles of documents and then he finally looked up at Harry and spoke, "You seem to be full of surprises, young one, and I must say that you have created an inordinate amount of paper work. There is so much to deal with, so many decisions, where should we begin?" The regent waited for some sort of response and then after a couple of minutes of silence he continued, "Very well, let us review the various charges, shall we. First there is the matter of entering into a private vault of another wizarding family after evading Gringotts Security measures and attempting to avoid detection by the illegal use of polyjuice potions, invisibility cloaks and imperious charms within the confines of the Goblin Nation and the halls of Gringotts." He paused and looked up at Harry. "You were not alone in these activities," he added.

Harry did not waver in his return gaze to the goblin, "No, I was not alone but I will accept full responsibility for the acts of all involved, due to the war with Voldemort and the Death Eaters they were following my orders."

The regent would have been surprised at this statement if it were not for the previous interactions he had already had that day with Harry.

"So, you do not deny the charges? From what I have seen of you today I am not surprised. But I must continue, there is also the matter of stealing a dragon from the vaults of Gringotts and the resulting damage to the building of Gringotts Bank, London which ensued from your escape on the creatures back."

"I do not believe that it was an act of stealing as a dragon is a sentient being, so I may have been directly involved with said creature escaping from the confines he was in and in that the resultant damage that occurred to the building."

Ragnorak raised an eyebrow, "Not only do you not deny the charges but you seem eager to confess to all of the charges before you. Now you are a most unusual wizard."

"Are there any more charges?" asked Harry.

"Should there be?" asked the regent, raising the other eyebrow.

"Well, there was the item that was removed from the vault," added Harry.

"Gringotts has a policy that dark magical items of wizard creation are not permitted within the vaults or on the property," Ragnorak replied with a sly grin, "so the Goblin Nation looks to that event as the removal of an object that had no legal reason for being present within the vaults. For that matter, I am prepared to offer you a simple thank you." The regent then stood from his chair, bowed in front of Harry and repeated the two words, "Thank You."

Ragnorak sat down and began to search through several more piles of documents, muttering quietly in Gobbledygook the entire time. "Oh yes, there is one more issue which we need to officially discuss with you before we get to the sentencing portion of today's meeting, and that is the events that occurred shortly after you left the bank on the back of the dragon."

Harry winced slightly at this for he was sure that Ragnorak would be bringing up the incident where Riddle had shown up at Gringotts and killed many goblins, including Griphook, after Harry had already departed with Helga Hufflepuff's cup. Harry had seen much of the encounter through the link he had shared with Voldemort. He soon found out his suspicion was correct as Ragnorak proceeded to relay the details of Voldemort's rampage within the lobby and main hall of the bank. The regent seemed surprised at the lack of response or emotion that Harry showed as he listened to the tale as the goblin explained in quite gory detail all that had transpired.

Harry was sitting still in the chair, his face devoid of any expression or emotion. Ragnorak eyed him carefully and then turned over a few new documents and then addressed Harry again. "Do you have any idea what the punishment is for the charges filed against you on behalf of the goblin nation?"

"I am not entirely sure sir, as I am not well versed in goblin law," Harry humbly replied.

"Oh, but you are, my young wizard," he said with a sly smile, "you most definitely are, for you know that you would not have survived this long upon your return to Gringotts if you had not studied about how to appropriately surrender to a goblin. So I will not waste your time here on this topic, as you most certainly know that the only acceptable price to be paid is death."

Harry did not respond. After a minute of silence, the regent continued, "And you would then also know that the penalty to be exacted for the actions of a certain Tom Marvalo Riddle is also death, would you not?"

Harry saw no way out of this but to answer honestly. "That would be a correct assumption."

"Before we can proceed, I would like to ask a favour of you," asked the goblin.

Harry was surprised at this turn of events.

"You would do the Goblin Nation and the Gringotts bank a great service if you would kindly tell us, or tell me at any rate, the details of the night that lead to the defeat of this Mr. Riddle."

Harry was actually initially surprised at this request. He thought about it quietly for a moment and he quickly decided that he had nothing to lose by being completely honest with this goblin, after all, that is what he had been doing so far.

Harry looked Ragnorak in the eye as he stated, "You do understand that I can only tell you the details if you agree that the information does not go any further."

The regent solemnly nodded his assent. Harry decided to avoid any insult to the goblin and he did not insist on any oaths or vows to assure his secrecy.

"I first need to explain that the object that was removed was a Horcrux, a physical object that was a receptacle of part of Tom Riddle's soul." Harry paused and noted no reaction whatsoever on behalf of the regent, so he continued. "I was able to have the item destroyed, and thus killing part of the soul of Riddle, by use of basilisk venom." At this statement Harry noted that Ragnorak's eyebrow raised very slightly. "So, the item was definitely a dark magical object, but I can assure you that the item is no longer a vessel of anyone's soul. As to the tale of the demise of Tom Marvalo Riddle, I went to confront him in the Forbidden Forest outside of Hogwarts Academy so as to end the battle that was being fought. I had in my possession the Deathly Hallows."

Again Harry paused and the raised eyebrow was even more noticeable on the regent's face. "I presented myself to Riddle, and he promptly slew me with the death curse. I died. Briefly. But I did not stay dead. Riddle then brought what he thought was my lifeless body to gloat to the wizards who were defending Hogwarts Castle and claim victory. However, I was not still dead, I was then able to engage him in battle and during that duel I defeated him." Harry paused again before he added a simple statement, "I suppose that you find that story hard to believe."

Ragnorak gave an odd sound, which Harry interpreted as a laugh from the goblin regent. "If someone had told me that a young wizard would willingly walk into this bank today, surrender himself to the mercy of goblins, knowing full well that mercy is not a trait that the goblin nation has ever been known for, and this wizard confessed to multiple crimes against the bank and the Goblin Nation, and apparently be ready to accept the penalty of those crimes, I would have told that person that they were nuttier than Xenophilius Lovegood. However, considering everything else that has transpired this day, I would find every thing that you have told me so far absolutely believable."

Harry took that as the best compliment that a goblin would ever give a wizard.

The regent then asked Harry to stand, and then he produced a new document magically into his hands.

"Harry James Potter, you stand before me as regent to the Bank of Gringotts, officer within the Goblin Nation, and have confessed to the crimes of breaking and entering into Gringotts Bank and into secure vaults through the illegal use of magic and charms and potions. You have also confessed to the crimes of willfully removing a creature from the premises of Gringotts and in so doing, causing wanton destruction to the material property of Gringotts bank, London. The penalty for these events which occurred earlier this month is death."

Harry sighed slightly as he had expected this pronouncement and he was wondering how he could get out of this. He had hoped that perhaps he could get away with paying a large fine, for he was aware that gold was very important to the goblins and it was something which his family apparently had a lot of based on what he assumed considering the size of the vault for his school allowance. Harry had hoped to have the opportunity to haggle with the goblins, but that did not seem to be anything that was to be offered.

Ragnorak looked Harry in the eyes as he again tried to determine any emotion from within those green orbs, but he found none and continued with the reading.

"The report that Harry James Potter was killed at the hands of Tom Marvalo Riddle have been confirmed. That being acknowledged by the Goblin Nation, the sentence has been duly carried out." Again, Ragnorak eyed Harry closely and he noted a slight smile begin on the corner of the young wizard's mouth and then a sparkle in his eye as a slight tear began to form. The regent continued, "As to the judgment against Tom Marvalo Riddle, whose crimes against the Goblin Nation and against Gringotts bank, London, is a sentence of death. Mr. Riddle escaped custody within the Goblin Nation. Justice has been meted out at the hands of Harry James Potter, who, as being the agent of justice on behalf of the Goblin Nation, is now awarded the title of Friend to the Goblin Nation, and to all the honour which said title deserves."

Harry was shocked at this pronouncement. Thinking quickly he then asked about Ron and Hermione who had helped him in the break in.

Ragnorak gave Harry his awkward goblin smile. "You confessed that they were not responsible for any of the actions and you took their blame onto your person. While some might argue that you would have multiple death sentences, the Goblin Nation acknowledges that one death is sufficient for the payment for all debts related to all charges based on the events of that day. Therefore, there are no further charges or judgments pertaining to the activities of that day."

Harry was visibly relieved to hear that. Ragnorak continued, "Now, Friend Potter, as the regent for Gringotts bank, London, and acting as your account manager here, I think we have some further work to complete here this day."

Harry raised an eyebrow in surprise, "And that would be?" he questioned.

"That would be a settling of your accounts. It has become a concern that you may not be aware of all of your accounts for you have only ever requested access to your school trust fund. The remainder of your accounts will become available to you upon your 18th birthday. But we need to establish which vaults you have access to and rights to, as things have changed since the school trust fund was established."

Harry knew that he had to look into the vaults and he was a little surprised when Ragnorak mentioned that he had to establish which vaults he had a rights to, so he asked the regent, "Excuse me, but are you implying that I have lost some family vaults?"

Ragnorak made a snorting type of sound that Harry recognised as the goblin's version of laughter. "No, Friend Potter, however there is more vaults which may have become yours as the result of the various events that have occurred in your life so far. We will have to look into this and test you for blood ties and blood rights. Please be patient while I summon the appropriate assistance." The regent then turned around and faced what appeared to be a small and filthy mirror. The goblin then waved his hand over the front of the glass plate and made several quick movements across the surface with the tips of his fingers. Upon completing these unusual gestures he turned to face Harry once again. "It should be just a few minutes and we should have all that we need." Then Ragnorak waved his hand and the various piles of documents disappeared from his desk. Harry assumed that they were sent to some sort of goblin filing system for he doubted that there would be anyway that the goblins would lose track of any of the information they had.

Harry was startled by the sound of footsteps behind him, and as he turned to see who was coming he noted that the massive stone door had opened again without even the slightest sound. He then acknowledged the three goblins who were striding into the room. The first was carrying a large stone bowl with ornate runes carved around the sides, the second was carrying a small pile of parchment and the third was carrying a small but ornate box. The three came to stand at the edge of the granite desk to Harry's left.

Ragnorak silently nodded to the three and then the one carrying the stone bowl placed it in the centre of the table. He then produced a small but elegantly crafted dagger with a jewelled hilt and a gleaming blade. The regent then nodded at the second goblin who then laid the parchments on the edge of the table. He then handed the top sheet to Ragnorak, who in turn set it in front of him as he turned to Harry.

"Friend Potter, we will need to test your blood so we can be assured of which family lines and vaults you have control over. If you would please extend your right arm, we shall begin."

Harry offered the arm to him. The goblin holding the jewelled dagger handed it to Ragnorak, who in turn grasped Harry's right hand with his left, so that Harry's palm was facing the ceiling. He muttered a few phrases in Gobbledygook and then sliced Harry's palm open and allowed the blood to flow into the bowl. After a minute of allowing the blood to collect in the bowl, Ragnorak then traced the hilt of dagger over the wound and Harry felt the wound heal quickly. The regent then spoke in Gobbledygook again as he stirred the blood with the blade of the knife, and then he spoke to Harry. "Friend Potter, will you please arise, grasp the dagger by the handle and then stab the parchment here in front of me."

Harry acknowledged the request silently as he moved forward. He grasped the dagger and did as he was told. He was surprised that the blade did not seem to hit the granite desk top but sunk completely to the hilt into the paper.

"Now, Friend Potter, please slowly remove the blade," commanded Ragnorak. He watched as Harry carefully removed the dagger. Harry was surprised that the blade was gleaming in the light and there was not even the slightest evidence that it had been covered in blood. He handed the dagger back to Ragnorak who in turn handed it back to the middle goblin. Ragnorak then looked down at the parchment and Harry followed the gaze of the regent and noted that a blood red wiring was appearing on the page.

Ragnorak waited for the writing to stop and then he examined the document closely. Harry could not make out any of the markings as it was written in Gobbledygook. The regent perused the length of the document and then he looked up at the anxious wizard.

"According to the blood lines and magical law, Harry James Potter, Goblin Friend, Lord of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter, Lord of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, are entitled to the following vaults: The educational trust fund established for Harry James Potter, by right of inheritance, accessible immediately; The Potter Family Vault, by right of blood, accessible upon his 18th birthday; The Black Family vault, by right of inheritance, accessible upon his 21st birthday; The Evans family vault, by right of blood, accessible immediately; the Peverell Family vault, by right of blood, accessible upon his 21st birthday; the Gaunt Family vault, by right of conquest, accessible immediately; the Gryffindor vault, by right of magical inheritance, accessible upon his 18th birthday; the Slytherin vault, by right of magical inheritance, accessible upon his 18th birthday; the Riddle family vault, by right of conquest, accessible immediately; the Lestrange Family vault, by right of conquest, accessible immediately."

Harry was shocked at what he had heard. Then he realised that he had been told he had access to the very vault he had broken into, and he wondered how he had obtained that vault due to conquest, for he remembered that Molly Weasley had been the one to kill Bellatrix during the battle. He was about to ask Ragnorak as to how he had come to possess the Lestrange vault when the regent who had been anticipating this question raised a hand to stop Harry's question. "There is no mistake, Lord Potter-Black, as to the Lestrange vault. Due to the fealty her family had sworn to Riddle, upon your obtaining the rights to the Riddle vault by right of conquest you also obtained by right of conquest the rights to the Lestrange vault."

Harry was still awed by what he had learned. He wondered how much he had just inherited, or would soon be inheriting, and then he looked over at the third goblin still holding the small but ornate box. Ragnorak then spoke to Harry as he anticipated the next question. "Please, Lord Potter-Black, place your right hand on the parchment and then place it on the box, and hold it there for one full minute."

Harry did as he was instructed and felt a strong magical pull into the box. After a moment the pull was released and then Harry removed his hand. The box now was covered with the coat of arms of the House of Potter and the House of Black. The change caused a slight smile to form on Harry's lips, but then he wondered what this really meant. As he turned to question Ragnorak about this, the goblin was anticipating the question.

"Friend and Lord Potter," he said with his wry goblin grin that appeared more like a snarl, "in that box are contained the rings of the houses to which you are currently head. As you are the Lord of two Noble and Most Ancient Houses, this two emblems have appeared on the box. Inside are the rings you would wear to convey your status and position, as well as rings to give to the Lady of your House or Houses, at such a time as you deem it appropriate to so claim your Lady."

"Do I need to take the rings now?" Harry asked, unsure of what he was expected to do at this time.

"You may choose to wear your rings at any time, but we will be happy to store the entire collection here until such a time as you are ready for using any or all of said rings." The regent waited for a verbal direction from Harry as to what he would prefer.

Harry only had to think about this for a moment and then decided to have the goblins hold onto his rings and that he would lay claim to them at some point in the future.

"Is there any further business you which to conduct with us at this time?" asked the Regent.

Harry considered this for a minute and then he answered, "You have told me that I have multiple vaults, but I have no idea how much money I have, nor what any of this truly entails. Also, I would like to know what other assets I have, and I have some special requests about storing items in the vaults."

Ragnorak eyed Harry carefully. Then he responded, "We can prepare a statement on your holdings, including properties and investments. We can prepare a statement of your total wealth, including moneys. However, we would prefer not to print a list of the artefacts within your vaults but we would be happy to show you the items when you choose to visit your vaults and discuss these items with you. Would that be satisfactory?"

"Yes, that seems quite satisfactory," answered Harry.

"Now, Lord Potter-Black," continued the goblin, "you also have a request about storing items. We will not store any dark items, which we already discussed concerning the afore mentioned issue pertaining to an item that had previously been in the LeStrange Vault. May I inquire as to the nature of the object you wish to store?"

Harry hesitated for a moment and then he withdrew the Elder wand. He presented it to the regent and then he simply stated, "I would like this wand kept in the Gryffindor vault. I would like that no one other than me be able to remove the wand. Would this be possible?"

Ragnorak eyed the wand carefully and then looked at Harry. "That you would entrust such an item to Gringotts is most impressive my young friend. You honour us with your trust. We shall honour this trust with the safety which we can provide, including special wards on the item and the vault. Would you like to leave that with us at this time, or would you want to return it to us at some time in the future?"

"I can leave it here now," Harry responded. "How long before you can have the statements prepared on my holdings?"

"That should be ready within the next several minutes. We will bring that to you shortly," smiled the regent seeing the look of surprise on Harry's face. "Do you have any further requests which you would like to make while we wait?"

"Well," stuttered Harry as he tried to put his thoughts to words, "I had not expected to come into the Riddle, Gaunt or LeStrange Vaults, but I was hoping that the funds from those vaults could be used to undo some of the problems that those families have caused. I would like to set up a scholarship fund to support half-blood and bugle born witches and wizards when they attend Hogwarts Academy. I would like the scholarship to cover their expenses for school, including, books, supplies, robes and information about wizarding society so that they are not feeling at a disadvantage when they are in school. Could the resources within those vaults be used to fund such a scholarship?"

"I am sure that the interest alone on the funds within those vaults should easily cover what you are requesting," answered Ragnorak. "It would be a most unusual account, but we can manage the funds to make sure that the needs of those students are always met."

"Brilliant!" exclaimed Harry as he realised that he could something to help future students. Then Harry added, "I would like the scholarship to honour the memory of Professor Severus Snape who was a half-blood and also my mother, who was muggle born." Ragnorak seemed to wince at the name of the former potions professor. Noting this reaction Harry realised that many at Hogwarts would never know the truth of what Severus Snape had accomplished, so then he added, "I would like to name the Scholarship the Evans-Prince scholarship, after my mother's maiden name and after Snape's mother's maiden name."

Ragnorak gave a slight grin at this suggestion, "You honour their memories well in this, Lord Potter-Black."

Ragnorak wrote down the information that was needed to establish the scholarship and then another goblin entered the room with a stack of parchments. "Here are the documents you requested in regard to the Potter-Black accounts," said the new goblin quietly, as he tried to steal a glance at the wizard who seemed to be making quite unusual requests upon the regent.

Ragnorak dismissed the goblin as he took the pile of parchments, "Very good, you are now dismissed." He then turned to Harry again, as he added, "now, let us begin to review this information, Lord Potter-Black."