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The two men sprinted as fast as they could down the flights of stairs, making their way from the block of flats Smithy pointed towards the large green "Check over there-" he turned to the alley down the side of the block of flats "I will go this way". He registered Callum call something back to him but he continued down, he paused in the alley opening and waited for a second, it was dark, he could just make out the lamppost at the far end as he started his way down. Callum began his way across the large green and seeing the young girl the far side he sped up as he ran towards her.

"Hello-" he called "Can you hear me?"

"Please help me-" her voice faltered.

"Jade-" he began running down towards her voice, he lent down beside her "You ok, what happened?"

"I don't know, they had a gun, they took Barry-" Callum interrupted

"Barry Dalton?". She nodded as he held on her arm "Can you get up, have you been hurt?" he asked

"No, I am fine-" He pulled her to her feet and helped her from the green "They dragged him down the alley, I think-" Callum let go of her arm and made his way in the direction Smithy had gone

"Get yourself home Jade, run and don't stop until you get there-" he sprinted off towards the alley "Smithy, mate you down here?" he made his way down the alley and stopped at the far end as the car sped off, he could see the two masked men in the front and Smithy and Barry in the back

Stevie ran back into the living and grabbed for her mobile, she watched as Millie tried in vain to see anything going on out of the window "Millie, move back there is someone out there with a gun-" she watched Millie take a few steps back and turn to her as she lifted her phone to her ear. "Neil, we have a problem-" she began down the phone, watching as Millie rested onto the sofa "There has been a gunshot-"

"Ok, stay inside-"

"Smithy and Callum have already gone out to investigate-"

"what the hell are you lot doing trying to get yourself killed, these people are dangerous-" he paused and Stevie felt her heart skip a beat as she thought about the danger Smithy could be in, what could be happening "Stay inside, I'll get an armed unit down their ASAP" She stopped as a loud bang on the front door sounded the room

"There is someone at the door Neil, hang on-" she made her way through the flat and paused before calling "Who is it?"

"Callum" his reply was short but enough for her to take the bolt off the door and let him in. Once inside he lent over taking a few deep breaths "Is that Neil?" he asked, Stevie nodded, before she had a chance to speak he took the phone from her and made his way through to the living room, she followed him and watched as he made his way to the window. "The shot was aimed at Dalton, I found Simmions daughter, she is ok, a bit shaken but-" she watched as Callum paused and listened to Neil, she stared at him, in the hope his face would give away what their superior officer was saying "Yes that's fine". He hung the phone up and turned to Stevie "They are gonna try to track down Dalton, they are putting a trace on his mobile-"

"what about Smithy?" Stevie asked. Callum handed her phone back and smiled

"I don't know where he is-"

"What?" Stevie shouted "You need to ring Neil back, I need to know Smithy is ok?"

"Stevie if he knows Smithy is missing he will pull the operation-"

"Smithy's safety has to come first-" he grabbed her phone and walked into the hall

"Fine I will ring him back". She watched him disappear out of sight before turning to Millie "Why hasn't he come back?"

"He will be fine Serge, you know Smithy he always comes out fighting".

Grace had just set the table and rested down to her dinner, she was dining alone which was nothing unusual after the last few days, she poured a glass of deep red wine before placing her spaghetti bolognese down and sitting down at the table. She glared up at the clock as the door bell rang before rising to her feet and making her way through her house, she paused at the door as she checked her reflection before pulling the front door open "What do you want?" she asked, staring at the DI as he shifted from one foot to the other

"There has been a development on the Grove Avenue case, Can I come in?"

"I have just sat down to dinner-" she began staring at him "Is it important?" he nodded and she stepped aside to let him in,
he followed her into the kitchen and he gestured to her food

"If you want to eat-"

"What have you come to say Neil?"

"Dalton has been kidnapped, we are unsure on who has taken him or what for but I need you onboard to track him down-"

"What leads do you have?"

"Nothing as of yet, uniform are checking the CCTV and doing door to door of the surrounding streets" She nodded as he rested down at the table

"So what do you want me to then?"

"Check known associates, try to find someone with a grudge against him, just do your job Grace-"

"Yes Gov" she interrupted before lifting her food above the bin and tipping her wine away. She watched him make his way out of the house and she followed, grabbing her coat on her way out of the door, she watched as he drove away and she climbed in to her car and began to follow him to the station.

Stevie had paced the living room a few times when Callum returned to the room, she felt Millie rise to her feet and move towards her as she stared at the tall man "What did he say?" she asked as Callum placed her phone to the small table "Callum what did the DI say, what is he doing about Smithy?"

"He is going to alert uniform that he is missing, you have to stay here, Millie and I are going to go-"

"I have to stay on my own-"

"You are a big girl Stevie and we don't want to raise suspicions-"

"Hang on a minute-" she watched as Millie grabbed her handbag "So I am just ment to sit here, this isn't on"

"We will be in touch-"

"Callum I'm not a-" she watched the two disappear before moving to her phone, she lifted it and glanced at the black screen, she pressed to turn it on and stared at the words 'Sim Card Fail' she took the battery off and stared at the empty slot, she moved to the window and lent out but Callum was already driving away "Shit" she cursed before turning back to the empty flat, she made her to the front door and slid the bolt on before moving into the bedroom and resting down onto the bed.

She watched Neil make his way into the office before resting down at her desk, she smiled at him but he just slammed his door shut, they were the only two in CID and she knew that gave her the perfect opportunity to put their cards on the table once and for all, she placed her handbag to the desk before rising to her feet and walking to his office, she knocked on the door and waited for him to call her in, she made her way inside and pushed the door closed. "we need to talk Neil-"

"Now isn't the time Grace"

"Please-" she asked moving towards him "We can't keep acting like there is nothing going on, we need to sort things out once and for all, I hate arguing with you".


"I know you are upset with me for leaving Neil-" she paused as he sat down behind his desk "But I do love you and I am doing this because I can't take any more-"

"What about Jake?" he asked

"I'm not his mother Neil and you made it quite clear how you feel about me seeing him-"

"I was angry, he loves you-" he smiled "And so do I" she moved towards him and pulled on his hands so he rose into her arms "How did things get so messy?" he asked, she moved back slightly

"I don't know Neil, I wish things were different but I am going to Africa-"

"Why? if we love each other why leave-"

"We need some space, I am only leaving for six months-"

"And anything can happen in six months Gracie, you could meet someone else-"

"No, I love you Neil-" she moved gently into his lips, massaging his lips with hers as they remained in their embrace.

"why are you driving so fast?" Millie asked, staring at her boss as he sped along the roads "Callum-" again she received no reply and she grabbed for her handbag and pulled her phone out "I am going to ring Stevie, make sure she is ok-" his voice was low, barely above a whisper as he glanced from the road to her

"There is no point, I have her sim" he pulled the sim from the pocket on his coat and passed it to the young PC


"Because if Neil knows Smithy is missing he will pull the operation and we aren't even in there yet"

"But Stevie is on her own-"

"And she is more than capable of looking after herself, we need to find Smithy, so just try to call him-"

"I can't believe you just left her-" he glared at her

"Just concentrate Millie and leave me to do the driving, get in touch with Nate and see if uniform has had any reports of gun shots".

Smithy watched as the car came to a stop and he glanced round, he stared across at the river before back to the two masked men "Why have you brought us here?" he asked, he watched as the driver climbed from the seat and dragged Barry from the car,
he was crying, begging for his life and Smithy just feared he was next, the passenger pointed to the driver seat

"Move-" he recognised his voice "You're driving now" Smithy slid through the car and into the driver's seat, he began driving away, he glanced briefly back in the mirror at Barry as he knelt on the hard ground.

"Where are we going?" he asked, watching as Dave revealed his face

"Just drive, we need to get rid of the car-"

"What is going to happen to him-"

"You don't want to know, just shut up and drive Smithy"

She pulled from his grips and smiled slightly as he stood with his eyes pushed tightly closed and his mouth making a 'O' shape, she placed her hand gently to his cheek and rubbed along his jaw line "I have work to do Neil". she registered his eyes fall to the floor as he stepped further away from her, she moved to the door and pulled it open, he grabbed her arm and she turned back to him

"Gracie, please don't leave me-" he moved closer to her "I love you and I want a chance to make everything up to you, let me prove that I love you?"

"It's all booked Neil, I have given my word, I can't go back on that-"

"What about us?". She stared into his dark eyes, he looked sad, she could tell how much she was hurting him, but she had to do what was right for her and this was it

"Neil I am not going over this again-"

"What about the kiss, you just kissed me. That ment nothing?"

"It has always ment something Neil" she paused taking hold of his hand "Come with me?"

As Smithy pulled down the small lane he glanced round until Dave pointed to the far corner of the alley "Down there" he shouted. Smithy drove down and Dave pointed the gun at him "Get out". Smithy was frightened, he knew this was a bad thing, he wasnt even sure if he would come out of this alive. "Torch it" Smithy stared at him


"There is a can of petrol in the boot, torch the car-" he paused as he glanced round "Now". He began to pour the petrol into the car, taking a brief glance at the nervous face staring at him "Come on Smithy, hurry it up-"

"I'm going as quick as I can" he took the matches he was holding out to him and lit one before dropping it into the backseat of the car, he watched as the fire began to spread through the car before Dave pointed the gun at him once again

"Come on let's go".

Callum and Millie had driven round for about an hour when Millie pulled her phone out of her pocket "I am not doing this any more Callum, Smithy could be lying in a ditch somewhere-" he grabbed her phone from her hand

"No Millie, do you know how much shit I would be in with the DI-"

"Think about Stevie and Smithy, she must be so scared" she paused as she stared at the Sergeant "How can you be so heartless Callum?"

"Just concentrate on looking for the car-" he passed her phone back to her as it rang "Who is it?" he asked

"Nate, am I allowed to talk to him?" she glared at him as she answered the phone. "Nate, what have you found?" he watched her talk for a few minutes before smiling "Ok thanks-" she hung up and turned back to Callum "They have found the car, it has been burnt out-"


"No sign-"

"Shit-" he interrupted "Ok, ring the DI".

He shook his head as he rested back down at his desk "It's not that simple Gracie, I can't just leave Jake, I can't just pack up and run away-" he took hold of her hand as she lent against his desk in front of him "I can't give everything up and swan halfway round the world-"

"I have to do this Neil, it's all arranged-" she rose to her feet as his mobile rang and he glanced at the name before ending the call and placing his phone to the desk "You could take a few months leave and just come for-" she paused as his mobile rang again, he ended the call once again "It's obviously important-" he shook his head

"Nothing is as important as you Grace, we need to sort this, I want to make us work-"

"So do I, but what can we do, we want different things-"

"That's not true, I know you want to be with me, so cancel the trip, please Gracie?" he glared at the phone as it began to ring again, he grabbed it from the desk and shouted down the phone "This better be important Millie-"

"Gov, we have a big problem-"


"Smithy has gone missing-"

"What?" he shouted pulling from Grace's grips "How?"

"We don't know, after the gun shot, he and Callum separated and now-"

"Where are you?" he interrupted

"Callum and I are looking for him-"

"And Stevie?"

"We left her at Grove Avenue and her phone isn't working-" he moved from the office and began his way to the small briefing room

"I am going to check her on the monitors, I suggest you and Callum get here now" he hung up and stormed into the small room "Come on Stevie, where are you?" he registered Grace place her hand softly to his back "Where is she?".

She remained on the bed for what seemed like forever, she had never felt so alone, she was scared, more scared than she had ever been in her life, but she just couldn't keep her mind from Smithy, she was so worried, he could be anywhere, anything could be happening to him, and she was sure now, her feelings for him were more than just friendly, she was so worried for him, she was dragged from her thoughts by the large bang on the front door, she took a deep breath before making her way from the bedroom, she stood in the door way for a few moments before shouting "Who is it?"

"Its me Stevie, open up" she ran to the door and pulled it open before falling into his arms, he hugged her for a few minutes letting his hands drift into her soft blonde hair, he kissed the top of her head before pulling from her arms "You ok?"

"No-" she shouted as she slapped his arm "Dont you ever, ever do that to me again Smithy, I thought-" she paused wiping the tear running down her cheek away "You could have been dead" she pushed the door closed as he made his way into the bedroom

"Well I'm not, so lets just be thankful for that shall we?"

"Where have you been?"

"Pitball took me and Dalton-" he turned back to her "I need to have a shower Stevie can we do this in a minute?"

"No-" she pushed the bedroom door closed and gestured to the bed "Sit down Smithy-"

"Stevie-" she pointed to the bed once again

"Please Smithy, just a few minutes-" he rested down onto the bed and she moved towards him and sat down next to him

"Smithy, when I thought that you were, I have never been so frightened" she placed her hand gently to his leg "I think it has made me realise how much you mean to me-"

"I cant do this now Stevie-" she took a deep breath before pushing into his body, pulling his lips down onto hers, his tongue gently touched her lips, begging for entrance which she granted. He pushed her back onto the bed and she felt him shift his weight onto his hands as he moved his body over hers, when he pulled his lips away she smiled "I think I am in love with you Smithy-" he gently placed his lips to hers

"I love you Stevie" he lent back down to her body and began kissing along her jaw line before dropping down onto her neck.