If Only Human


The sky was painted ruby red, mist still lingered into the air. It was already dawn; he had been in the bar all night.

A tall man approached the counter, and asked something to the cashier. The lady shook her head, but he seemed to remain insistent. He held the lady's chin lifting it slightly so she looked at him, and said something. She stared at the man blankly, nodding at his every word. The man seemed pleased with her reaction, as he let a small smile form in his thin lips. He then removed his hand from her chin, and walked towards his direction.

The man was wearing an expensive looking suit, and didn't at all look like he belonged to this part of town. He stopped at the stool next to him, and called for the barkeep.

'Bourbon, please. One for me, and another for my friend over here.' he said in a thick English accent.

Sam looked at the man, and as if he was reading his mind he said to him, 'Hello, I don't believe we've been introduced.'

'Hi,' replied Sam, extending his arm. 'Sam Winchester.'

'I know.' The man said, almost too shrewdly for him. 'I've been following you, Sam Winchester. Quite a hobby you have, eh?'

The man accepted his hand and shook it with gentle strength. Sam looked at him, questioningly.

'Oh, let's not beat around the bush, Sam.' He said, his voice stern as he finally faced him. 'I know you've been feasting on Demon blood.'

Sam's face gave away the confusion he was feeling. 'Who was this man?' he thought. He had kept his diet under covers, and no one, not even Bobby knew.

'I have a proposition for you, Sam Winchester.' He continued, 'I'll get your brother out, on one condition…'

The man paused, drank the remainder of his drink and put the empty glass on the table. He then took Sam's glass and held his wrist above it. Dark red fluid freely flowed from a crescent shaped mark that was very quickly healing.

Sam now looked at the man, with an expression of bewilderment. He had come to the conclusion that it was the man's own bite mark that punctured his wrist, (as the ends of his mouth had a slight tinge of the red liquid) he must have done it so fast a pace that his human eyes did not register it.

It did not pass ten seconds before the blood stopped flowing. The man took a handkerchief from the inside of his jacket, wiped his mouth first and then his wrist. When he was done, he looked at Sam in the eyes, as if he was willing him to do him proud…


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