Chapter 12

Dark smoke filled the man's lungs, his senses sensitive enough to discern the smell of burnt bodies that lingered in the air. 'That bastard,' he smirked, 'getting sloppy.' He had thought he would need another favour from the Winchester boy. The bastard had been elusive before, he had gotten skilled in hiding and running away. Or maybe he had become arrogant… the explosion, the dramatic burning… a spectacle! It almost looked like he wanted to be found! The man huffed at his immaturity.

He would have the element of surprise.

The sun had already made its way on its peak when Klaus had stopped for a meal. He had enjoyed his cheeseburger and chips, with a dash of blonde B+ on the side at a roadside diner. Suddenly feeling very chivalrous, he compelled the blonde to forget the deed and left her breathing. Although it soon became apparent that chivalry ought to be dead, for a man such as Klaus at least.

The proud, and an inch short of narcissistic man that he is, chivalry was something of a rarity. Deeds were calculated, and everything he does must have some sort of gain for him. He did not what came about with that blonde waitress; leaving meals living was almost as rare the quality.

The blonde broke out of the trance and made her way back into the staff room, wrapping her neckerchief around her dainty neck once again. It was when his mobile phone started vibrating. It was one of his hybrids. Once again, rage filled him. Not only hours ago he had been played for a fool, and now here they are again. Oh the irony. The only time he felt doing a gallant deed, it back fires. Needless to say, not one in the diner remained breathing. Authorities will have a damn good time figuring out how an animal attack happened inside the establishment.

No one plays the hybrid for a fool.

He had phoned his twin witches.

Mystic Falls is in it for a surprise: someone will burn.

And burn they certainly will.

'Guys, isn't it too early to be plotting death?' Caroline complained. 'We need to grab more sleep.'

The group had relocated into the Salvatore's after compelling some builders to clean up their mess. It was the older Salvatore's brilliant idea, which earned him a stamp of approval from the older Winchester. Caroline couldn't really complain, she didn't have money to pay them (she had made a mental note to make Damon pay the builders when they're done), she didn't have the energy to explain how her living room came to its state and finally, it was good to have the two stubborn boys something to bond on.

It hadn't been a very breezy start with Damon and Dean. The moment Dean had fully recovered; he immediately grabbed the sharpest object closest to him -a glass shard- and went for the older Salvatore's neck. Lucky for the vampire, his abilities enabled him to dodge the attack in time. Unluckily for him though, he was not able to extract his payback as Bonnie had performed her witch voodoo on him before he could even sink his fangs to Dean.

'He's a vampire!' Dean shouted, pointing at Damon hatefully.

'I know,' Bonnie replied. 'And I know him, you don't need to worry about him. It's Klaus we need to worry about.'

'Should I feel offended?' Damon said casually, 'I feel offended.'

Caroline somehow felt the need to explain herself. The older Winchester looked like he was really out for blood. Yes, she acknowledged she was a monster, but a different kind. 'I only ever killed a person once. And that was when I was newly turned. I regret that. I don't have plans on hurting, let alone killing people. I live on blood bags and animals. Are you still gonna kill me?'

Dean looked at her. She could almost here the gears in his brain shifting and turning, ransacking it for what to reply.

It was not he but his younger brother, Sam that did the apologising albeit prematurely, explaining that hunters hunt 'monsters' and more often than not, monsters equal supernatural. 'We've been doing this all our lives. It's our basic instinct.' He said finally.

'And we're vampires. We hunt. We're predatory creatures. It's our basic instinct.' Damon added, clearly not grasping the situation at hand.

Caroline rolled her eyes and said, 'but we choose not to hurt people, don't we, Damon?' she looked at Damon, daring him for a sassy retort before continuing, 'Vampires can compel them to not feel the pain, forget about the experience as if nothing happened and stop before any real damage is done.'

'They can, doesn't mean they will.'

'We're people too,' Caroline sighed, 'I choose to be a veggie vampire. He didn't. And some choose to switch their humanity off, let their vampire side take over. Not all are the same kind of monsters, Dean.'

'Fair enough.'

They all agreed to leave it at that.

After that tense morning, Caroline just wanted Damon and Dean to see eye to eye. And they did. Although that seemed to be the last thing they had agreed on. The two constantly bickered, ideas clashing, especially when it comes to the use of Bonnie.

Dean had been adamant in keeping Bonnie safe, making it his first priority. He instantly frowned upon any that suggests otherwise. Damon was getting more and more frustrated, his sarcastic remarks getting more colourful. Contrary to what Elena's drunken tales, Stefan isn't back to his 'lovely gorgeous self,' make that douche-y asshole. He kept making ripper-y suggestions through out the meeting, for the sole purpose of taunting Damon and Dean.

'Look Dean,' the younger Salvatore said in mock drama, 'I get it. Bonnie's hot, you want to be her knight in shining armour. But she's a big girl, she can take care of herself. We all want Klaus dead, this is the only option!'

'The "only option" you were suggesting was that she take on two witches more experienced than her, without any backup because you are too scared of this freakin' SOB.' He said, as he walked towards the Ripper only stopping when he was face to face with him. 'I suggest you start getting your hundred year old brains working so we can gunk this mofo down.'

Stefan only smirked.

Damon on the other hand, had started applauding. 'See guys, that's what we need! Fire! Passion!'

The girls rolled their eyes. That binge was haunting them in the middle of the day.

'Guys!' Caroline called out again, 'I don't care what you all are gonna say, we're all out.' She stood up, grabbed both Elena and Bonnie and all but dragged them out to the door.

It all happened so suddenly. The moment she opened the door and stepped outside the house, the scorching hot rays of the sun hit her skin. She let out a high-pitched scream and tried to rush back in to the house, only she couldn't. There was a barrier, like she had to be invited back in. She ran just behind the tree where the shadows could give her temporary shelter.

'Caroline!' she heard her friends scream. She could see them rushing to her aide.

'My ring!' she said in a state of panic, 'my ring is not working! And I can't get in! Oh my god! Tell Stefan and Damon not to come out! Oh my god!' She could see the Winchesters nearing up, 'What happened?' she wasn't sure which one asked. 'It's her ring, it doesn't seem to be working.' She could feel a blanket being draped over her. 'Here,' he said carefully assisting her. It was Sam Winchester, with the gorgeous hazel eyes and the kind smile. 'I'm just gonna put another blanket over your head so you won't get burnt.'

'Ok.' She nodded meekly.

With the blanket eliminating her sight, she was more aware of his presence behind her. He still had his hands on her shoulders so gentle, as if she could break. And it was all she could do not to listen to his heartbeat, steady and strong. She tried focusing her sense to other things.

'Yeah, that's fine.' Dean said.

'Ok. I'm gonna go with you, I'll see if I can figure out what happened to her ring.'

It was Bonnie.

'Our ring's lost its mojo too!'

Damon. Most likely still inside the house, judging by the distance.

'Stay in the house, Damon!' She could just imagine Elena's scolding face.

Moments later, she was being guided inside a car, sat in between Elena and Bonnie.

'Can I take this off now?' she asked. It was getting stuffy in there, and she felt awkward sitting there with blankets all over her.

There was a resounding 'NO.'

'It's still bright out, Care.'

'Where are you taking me? I feel like I'm being kidnapped.'

There were dry chuckles around the car. 'We're going to be living in a motel during our stay here.' Dean said, 'you won't need to be invited, so it's a perfect place. You're welcome to stay.'

'Home, Sweet, Home!' Dean said, dumping his duffel bag into one of the beds.

Motel rooms were generally alike and this was no different. It was like they were all designed by the same guy, or they had some sort of tick list with the words 'crappy' and 'tacky' in every single item.

'Come in,' Sam ushered the girls awkwardly, trying to be as gentlemanly as possible.

Today has been quite eventful, even for him. And he needed to speak to his brother as soon as they get this sorted out. Dean suddenly appeared very protective over the witch. So he was smitten with her, that didn't mean he'd go soft with his decision-makings. And were they really going to be working with these vamps? They gunked vampires, not work in cahoots with them! But then, the blonde's face came up to his mind, Caroline. She said they don't hurt people… weren't they hunting because monsters kill people? If they didn't, where does that leave them? He inwardly groaned, as he gestured the chair to the girls. He has to stop over thinking things. He and his brother will need to talk, figure out their next step… and maybe finally address the topic they've been ignoring for much too long.