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A bright light blinded Mariah the moment she opened her eyes. Her backside was freezing and her head was pounding.

"Oh, good. You're awake." Well wasn't that just pointing out the obvious.

"Bree, what happened?" Mari threw a hand over her eyes to shield herself from the wretched light and sat up… A little too quickly.

The room spun.

"I think I might be sick."

"Oh no, not all over my pink converses!"

"Stop yelling."

"I'm not yelling"

"Then, start whispering. Now, what happened?"

"You fainted." Bree sounded like she was holding back a giggle.

Oh great. She had fainted, right in front of Daniel Fenton. She was such a weenie.

"The nurse said you have a high fever. She also said you can't leave until it breaks."

Mariah silently thanked God for her fever, at least now she wouldn't seem like a total weirdo because she fainted at the sight of Danny. Then she proceeded to glance around the room where she was currently located. From what Mariah could tell, it looked like a hospital room. Two beds, one of which she was on, were lined against the wall.

"I see you're awake," a short African American woman appeared seemingly out of nowhere and, once again, pointed out the obvious. She searched through a stack of papers clipped on her clipboard and pulled one out.

"Let's see here. Mariah Lovette. Age: 19 Sex: Female DOB: December 6 Blood Type: AB+. Is all this information correct?"


"Wait a minute ma'am. You got her sex wrong. It's virgin." Bree burst into a fit of giggles, stopping only when the nurse sent her out.

"You will be here for at least another 24 hours, more if you start running another fever."

"Twenty-four hours? What is this? A hospital? I thought this was college!" Twenty-four hours? Surely, she wouldn't be kept here that long.

"Ms. Anderson. This is the prestigious Ravenswood University. We provide around-the-clock medical attention for out students; even those who do not stay in dorms. If you get sick on this campus, you will be treated. Now, I expect you to be a quiet patient who does what I say, when I say it. You are to stay in this room. No wondering in the hallway, no going back to your dorm, and especially no visitors." The nurse stopped to take a breath and simply raised her hand when Mariah tried to argue.

"Somebody take their job a little too seriously…" Mariah muttered darkly under her breath.

"Oh, and honey, I'd thank that lovely dark-haired young man who carried you in here. Whew… I wouldn't mind hitting that." The nurse walked off to go find some other student who needed "around-the-clock medical attention."

Dumbfounded, Mariah stared at the nurse's retreating back. A 'dark-haired young man' had carried her to the nurse's station. (She was, of course, making an assumption about the place, since no one even told her exactly where she was.) Dark-haired Danny Fenton. He had touched her. And she wasn't even conscious to enjoy it!

"Oh my god." The full realization that Danny Fenton/Phantom was here (and that she was obsessing over him) hit her. Her stomach churned, and she was pretty sure that if she had a mirror she would look paler that usual.

"What am I going to do?" Mariah whispered the words with a desperate and doomed filled sigh. Then another realization hit her.


Danny rubbed his arm again. He just couldn't forget the feel of Mariah's body in them. After she had passed out, Ryan had picked her up. Then, promptly dropped her, creating knot on her head.

Danny, whose heart had dropped to his toes when their gazes locked, and whose brain had lost all trains of thought when he had seen her angel-like face, snapped out of it and intervened. He forcefully pushed Ryan, who was trying to pick up Mariah's limp form again, out of the way and easily swept her into his arms. He hurriedly carried her to the Nurse's Station, never stopping once, not even when Ryan blocked his path claiming that Danny had no right touching "his" Mariah like that.

Danny continued to walk forward, causing Ryan to walk backwards. Danny had vaguely said something about chopping something off and feeding it to his pet pit bull. Needless to say, Ryan got out of his way. But he still followed closely with Bree on his tail.

When they got there the nurse had shooed the two boys out, but allowed Bree to stay for "support." Danny had walked off silently. He needed time to think.

Which was why he was now sitting on a bench just outside his dorm building.

It wasn't just the sensation of Mariah's skin against his that he couldn't forget. No, he couldn't explain it. It was just her. All of her; her ability to seem fierce and proud, even when she was unconscious. Her body, her eyes. Mariah looked like her.

He loved her. He was willing to admit it now. Not that it was any good. She was dead. And he blamed himself.

If only he hadn't been out fighting ghosts that night. He could have protected her. He should have protected her.

A movement in Danny's peripheral vision caused him to come back to the present. But, when he looked up, no one was there.

"Cheer up, Danny. It's over and done with." Danny had routinely given himself this pep talk over the years. But lately it didn't seem to be helping much. "You've loved once, you can love again. Besides, Sam might not be dead. Yeah! Mariah could be Sam." Danny punched his fist in the air with mock enthusiasm.

"Oh…who are you kidding? Mariah isn't the first girl you thought was Sam." Danny looked at the sky. "Sam, wherever you are, I hope you know you have a twin."

The nurse was loco. It was as simple as that.

Mari peeked around the next corner. The coast was clear. Not a demented health-care provider in sight.

Mari darted to the elevator. She was just about to close the door and escape to freedom when a voice rang out.

"Hold the door please!" A girl with a huge stack of books was hurrying towards the elevator, red hair flowing behind her.

The girl rushed inside and sat the books down on the ground. Putting her hands on her knees, she tried to regain the breath she had lost on her jog to the elevator.

"Thanks…" she managed to gasp. Mariah knew that voice. No, it couldn't be.

She wasn't even sure she could fool one Fenton, but two? She was toast. No way in Hell could she pull her Mariah identity off with two Fentons.

"Ground floor, please." Mari quickly jabbed the button. The faster she got out of Jazz's presence, the better.

"Oh wait, I think that lady wants to get on."

Mari looked up from where she was hiding behind her curtain of hair. Nurse Loco was running down the hall, sweating with the effort to reach the elevator before the doors closed.

"Ms. Lovette! I highly suggest you get your skinny white ass back in that bed. Ms. Lovette! Do you hear me? Ms. Love-!" The nurse was cut off as Mari quickly pushed the button for the doors to close.

"That was close."


"Oh, nothing." Mari turned back to face the wall and quickly regretted it. Shoot! She had forgotten she wasn't alone. She couldn't let her guard down!

Her stomach dropped. She didn't know if it was because the elevator started moving at that precise moment, or the look of shock on Jazz's face. She was willing to bet her life's savings on the latter.

"Wh-what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't. And it's Mariah Lovette."

"Oh." Jazz looked down in diplomatic confusion.

"So, I'm guessing you're a bookworm trying to get am early start this semester? No offense." Mari filled in the awkward silence. She hated the silence.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. But mainly I'm looking up information on my little brother's courses. He may be 19, but I'm still his older sister."

Mari had to laugh at that. Although many other things had changed, it was nice to know Jazz was the same: reliable, over protective, and a bit prudish.

"Have we met before?" Jazz's eyes were alight with suspension.

Mari quickly stopped laughing and averted her eyes nervously.

"I'm pretty sure we haven't, unless my parents took me on a tour of your hometown during our cross-country vacation. Where are you from?"

"A place called Amity Park."

"Nope, don't think I've ever been there. Sorry, but I don't think we've never met." Mariah could feel the sweat trickling down her neck. Lying was not her thing, even if she had been doing it for a good part of the past five years.

Ding! The elevator had finally reached the ground floor. Mariah hurried out, not even bothering to say goodbye to Jazz.

She rushed out the door into the cold, fresh air. She shivered. In this weather, no wonder she had had a fever. She stood outside for a moment longer before remembering her original mission: Operation Snatch the Pillow.

The evil nurse wouldn't even let her get her own pillow to sleep on. So, she has snuck out in hopes of getting back before the nurse realized she was gone.

Well, that plan was dashed. The nurse was probably on her way down right now.

Mariah started walking to her car. She hadn't had a chance to unload the rest of her stuff since the fainting episode. If the nurse was going to take her back, there way no way she was going without her pillow.

"Sssshh…" Mariah whipped around. She could have sworn someone was behind her. Mariah turned back around and found herself face to face with a man.

"Looky, here boys. We got ourselves a good one." Mariah felt coldness that chilled her to the bone and froze her blood when the man touched her. The dead man that is.

The man raised a transparent arm.

"DANNY!" Mariah was out cold before she hit the ground.

"DANNY!" Danny, who had fallen asleep on the bench, was woken by the shrill scream of someone calling his name.

He bolted upright. Something wasn't right.

Danny shivered as his 'ghost sense' blew out of his mouth.

Oh no. Something definitely wasn't right.

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