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Chapter One

Somewhere, in the bustling lands of the USA, there is a lively city named Townsville. It is a location filled with great pride, a luxurious economy, a beautiful skyline, and the nicest citizens a tourist would ever have the fortune to come across. The place has everything a city could ever benefit from: A grand lake in a central park; a majestic river flowing into the nearby ocean; museums; Nightclubs; innumerable stores; recreational facilities; and the complementary suburb of Pokey Oaks on the opposing side of the river, connected to the metropolis by a sturdy, colossal bridge.

Unfortunately, the city of Townsville (despite all the positive praise) does not rank high on the vacationer's list. Why? Because the city's grandiose icing does little to hide the layer-upon-layer of problems: A low level of intelligence for the average citizen, an absurdly high crime rate, a tendency to attract "Godzilla" rejects, and a dormant volcano that is erected right in the middle of the park, which just happens to be the base of operations for a "super-intelligent", evil monkey bent on world domination. "Freaky" doesn't begin to describe these oddities.

Yes, Townsville is a place with problems. Big problems. And had there not been that faithful day in which Pokey Oaks resident Professor Utonium created the famous Powerpuff girls, the city surely would've been reduced to an apocalyptic wasteland.

The Powerpuff Girls, for the uninitiated, are a trio of young kindergarteners, named Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, who were artificially created by the mixture of sugar, spice, everything nice, and the accidental spilling of the mysterious chemical X. Their appearances are simple, with large heads, tiny bodies, a noticeable lack of digits, noses, and ears, and simple, one-color dresses with a single black stripe around the trunk, color-coordinated to the irises of their pretty "anime" eyes. They are gifted with great superpowers, ranging from the enhancement of power, speed, and the senses to the more exotic abilities of flying and laser vision. The three of them use these abilities daily to ensure that the citizens of Townsville are protected from danger, and do a darn-good job at it, as well.

That does not mean that the three are deprived of their childhood: They still find the time to enjoy the activities of any other average child, such as, say, playing a game of catch in the park. In fact the three of them are doing that right at this moment, and judging by the ridiculously wide distance between Bubbles the blue-eyed blonde and Buttercup the green-eyed brunette, not to mention that Blossom the pink-eyed redhead is equipped with a laser speed gun, it appears that they're winding up for one of the fastest, greatest throws in the history of playing catch.        


"Hey Bubbles! Get ready to catch this one!" Buttercup yelled to her sister.

"Don't throw it so hard this time!" Bubbles yelled back, getting ready for the baseball Buttercup was about to throw.

"Here it comes!" Buttercup shouted in return.

After a quick windup, Buttercup threw the ball with an intense velocity. It rocketed towards the park perimeter, where Bubbles was standing, poised and ready to catch. With a loud whack, the baseball slammed right into the blonde's catching glove, pushing the young girl slightly backwards from the tremendous momentum.

"Hey! I actually caught the ball!" Bubbles exclaimed. "Hey, girls! I caught the ball! I caught the-"


Bubbles' surprise of finally catching one of Buttercup's fastballs was immediately cut off by pain as the red-hot baseball burst into flames, which, in turn, created a dangerous fireball that was burning her glove at a frantic rate. Not in the mood to get second to third degree burns, she circled around in panic as she tried to douse the searing flames of the burning glove.

Buttercup, hearing her sister's loud screeching and fearing the worst, flew quickly to the rescue. But she stopped short when she saw Bubbles' source of despair.

"AHHH! Burning-burning-burning-burning-BURNING!!!"  The blonde cried, unwillingly and unintentionally performing a dangerous circus act as she searched for the nearest water supply.

 The sight of Bubbles, running around like a puppy dog whose tail was just stepped on, proved too much for Buttercup's somewhat sadistic sense of humor. She pointed and laughed her mocking laugh at her desperate sister.

"Bubbles, you dummy! Look behind you!" The brunette shouted out, mockingly.

Bubbles, still clutching to her last remnants of reasonable intelligence, followed Buttercup's command- and saw (to her embarrassment) the grand, glistening view of the park lake, which is probably the hardest body of water to not notice, save the ocean. Regardless, Bubbles immediately dove right into the holy pool of salvation, ignoring the fact that her actions would certainly make her the laughingstock in all of Townsville.

Completely oblivious to the actions that unfolded, their sister Blossom chose that moment to approach her feisty sibling, Buttercup. Her expression was that of amazement as she continued to stare at the reading displayed on her radar speed scanner:

 "Wow, that was your fastest yet, Buttercup! According to this device, the speed of that baseball was greater than that of an electromagnetically-powered bullet train!" Blossom exclaimed.
Buttercup looked at Blossom in confusion. "An Electro-what?"

"Never mind." The intelligent leader glanced around her surroundings. "It's too bad no-one was paying attention to see it. Say, where on earth is Bubbles? Did she catch the ball?" She asked as she scanned the premises.

The brunette stifled a chuckle. "Oh, she caught the ball, alright. But my fastball was too much for her. Just as soon as she caught it, FOOSH! It turned into this awesome fireball in her hand! Then she ran around for five minutes before she FINALLY saw the lake, and jumped right in!"

Blossom gasped. "Buttercup! How could you do that to her? Don't you think she'd get a nasty burn because of that?"

"Hello, Blossom? We're the Powerpuff girls!" Buttercup rebutted. "We're the defenders of Justice! Fighters of Crime! We're SUPERHEROES! I don't think a burning baseball glove's gonna do us in. Besides, it's not like she's gonna lose any fingers. Heck, we don't even have any ears, noses, or toes!"

"Hmm. You do have a point there." Blossom agreed. 

Buttercup pointed towards the lake. "See, wasn't I right? Bubbles is fine!"

Bubbles did appear to be in good shape, as she walked towards her sisters. She could be considered okay, unless you consider her wet, loose hair, her soggy dress, a missing left shoe, and her left hand still wearing the blackened, charred catching glove. And only the most innocent (or clueless) of folk would've not taken notice to the vengeful burning in her big, blue eyes.

Blossom definitely wasn't in that group. "Um…Hi, Bubbles." She said nervously, her expression that of concern for Buttercup's health. "Are you ok? Any burns?"

Bubbles took off the destroyed glove and examined her hand. Save for a few red blemishes, her stump still had a healthy layer of flesh. No signs of exposed bone anywhere.

"I...I think I'm fine." She turned in anger to Buttercup. "This wouldn't happen if Buttercup didn't throw so hard!"

Buttercup grinned, "Ah, don't be such a crybaby. You just can't handle my hardcore skillz. If you can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen!"
"I'm not a crybaby!" Cried Bubbles, her eyes squinted.
"Is so!" accused Buttercup, also squinting her eyes.
"Is not!"

"Is so!"

"Is not!"



"Is infinity!"
"Not inif...infi...infinity PLUS ONE!"

Such is the relationship between Buttercup and Bubbles. They are always at odds, and are never agreeable on just about everything. This especially proved true today, since they were out on their own this summer afternoon, without their father figure, Professor Utonium, to keep the peace. In cases like this, Blossom would usually attempt to intervene to stop all this crazy nonsense, but her attention is distracted by an odd spectacle in the northern sky.

Up above, something that had the unusual look of a metal ball bearing was flying through the Townsville skyline. Its velocity was like that of a screaming fighter jet. It appeared to have no intention of slowing down. In fact, it looked like it was going to…
"GIRLS! RUN FOR COVER!" Blossom cried.
Before Buttercup and Bubbles could ask what the heck she was talking about, they were picked up by their leader and literally thrown to the side. Blossom, with her super-speed, zipped ahead of her flying sisters and caught them to prevent injuries. It was just in time, too. Seconds later, the large ball of metal crashed into the exact place where our heroes stood just moments before. Dirt flew into the air. People panicked and ran for their lives. The large thud of the white-hot metal crashing into the soft earth resonated for miles and miles. Amongst all this pandemonium, the girls could do nothing, except faint.