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Chapter 2 - Asking for help

Abby stood up from the couch she was sitting on in her living room. The knot was forming itself in her throat.

"What is it, girl? What do I need you to help you with?"] The scientist asked her friend with just a hint of anxiousness creeping through her voice.

"Just to kill someone and help me get rid of the body" Garcia answered, somewhat seriously. Silence met her.

It took Abby a few seconds to realize, the BAU technical analyst was just kidding, she smiled to herself and decided to tease her friend a little as well so she answered "Only if Kevin is the victim"] before she could hold herself anymore and burst out laughing.

"You... you..." But Penelope could not help herself and started laughing as well.

After a few moments, they managed to calm down enough, to speak again.

"Honey, I love you, but I couldn't help thinking you could do way better than that Lynch no matter what you think, I know you can do better, I could go out on a date with Morgan if you really wanted to."] Abby told her friend with conviction in her voice.

"Well, speaking of Derek... He is the reason why I called you. I broke up with Kevin because I realized you were right. It's not fair to stay with someone you don't really love because you're scared of ending up alone... And I'm in love with Morgan; I'm ready to take the risk." Garcia had to take off her headphone the moment she'd finished her sentence because her ears couldn't handle the decibels Abby's squeals were transmitting to them.

Penelope made a mental note to remind herself never to tell her best friend something like that, unless her ears are at a safe distance from a phone or headphone, or if she have earplugs with her. When her friend was excited the entire universe knew it. Pen hoped that Abby was alone otherwise all her colleagues would rush toward her to see if she was alright.

"Honey, if you have decided to tell Morgan how you feel about him, what do you need me for?" Abby asked confused.

"Because, I'm scared as hell!" Garcia told her friend as if that was the most logical thing in the world.

"What did you just say?"

"I'm scared, Abby."

"How can you be scared? I've seen flirt with him more than once... I flirt with Gibbs too, but I'm not saying half the things you say to Derek, your little word games are very..."] Abby paused a second to think about the right adjective to use. "... steamy."

"No, it's not!" Her friend replied in a somewhat higher voice.

"Yes, it is. And you know it, P. And the tone of voice you used to answer is proving it. You know it as well as I do."

Penelope Garcia sighed in defeat. She knew Abby was right. The BAU technical analyst also suspect Abby knew the real reason behind her steamy words flirt session with SSA Derek Morgan. She just wanted her to verbalize it, so she would really admit the reality of her feelings.

"You are right," Garcia said then. "I use it to protect myself. As long as it's only verbal, it's not real. It's my safety cape I guess, like Superman. I can pretend it's just a came and that the words I tell him don't really mean anything.

Now it was the NCIS forensic scientist to sigh. "First of all, it would be Supergirl's safety cape, you know Superman's cousin..."

Oh geez! I really spend way too much time with Tony. She though laughing inwardly

"You are fooling yourself, honey, because those words you say to him are very real. I've seen you when you guys are in the same room, you love him. You are a very smart woman, Penelope Garcia, but when it come to you love... sorry to say so, but you are stupid. I'm pretty much sure to know what is going in that head of yours. I can't go out with a gorgeous man like Morgan, he's out of my league, I'm not the type of women he goes out with, I'm not good enough for him... Shall I continue?"

"No thank you." Garcia answered a little shocked that Abby was right about knowing what she was thinking.

"Let me ask you a couple of question."

"Ok, shoot."

"What makes you sure those women are really his type?"

Penelope was surprised by her friend's first question. The answer was so obvious.

"What kind of question is that? The answer is obvious, isn't it?"

"P, I don't want the obvious answer. I want your answer." Abby told her.

"Because, Morgan always seems to chose the same kind of women to take out, and have sex with."

["Penelope have you realized the words you've chosen to answer me? You said, Derek have sex with those women. You didn't say he made love with them. So who says that he doesn't chose for this type of women for that exact reason... To have sex with them and nothing more, he isn't attached to them emotionally, he never will be. Trust me. He is using sex because he enjoys it, just the way you use steamy flirting. Those are your tactics to protect yourselves."

"From what?"

"From starting a real relationship and having a real bond with someone which would lead to sharing an emotional bond with that person and emotion bond means that sooner or later you would end up being hurt by the person you are with. That is what you want to prevent. But the thing you both want to prevent yourselves from is exactly what a real relationship is about and what makes it so worthwhile."

Penelope laughed.

"Since did you become such a good psychologist?"

"Working with Gibbs, and being in love with him helped, I guess." Abby answered, laughing.

"Wait a minute there."

Damn, Abby hoped Penelope would not have picked up on it, but unfortunately she had. The words had slipped out of her mouth before she'd realized she was saying them. There was no chance to deny she had said them now if she tried Pen would never leave her alone.

"And before you say anything, yes, you heard me right, P, I said it, I am in love with Gibbs."

"Ok. So will you help me?"

"Of course I will."

"Now that this is settled you have to tell me everything about you and Gibbs." Garcia said excitingly.

Abigail Sciuto sigh heavily and then giggled. "All right, but not on the phone, what would say the both of us have a good talk over a cup of coffee?"

"Where and when?"