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My eyes were planted on Eric's back, when he fell to his knees as the impact of the blow landed on his chest. I screamed when I realised he'd been shot. For a few horrible, insanely long seconds my heart stopped and I froze in terror, held in place by the most torturous uncertainty.

But the bullet wasn't wooden. The world was no that cruel. I didn't have to watch Eric explode into a bloody fountain before my eyes.

In fact, he didn't even fell further, but he steadied himself on his knees and hissed threateningly. Whoever shot him, haven't planned fighting a vampire – they were counting on getting me.

I jumped to my feet and run to the doors, looking for the attacker. Of course Eric's arm shot out to stop me from entering the house. But I was already close enough to look inside – straight at Debbie Pelt's face.

She was sitting across the room, the gun still in her hand, but lowered, as if she'd forgotten about her task. She didn't even lift her gaze at was completely focused on the hole in Eric's chest.

But it wasn't only the shock of shooting Eric instead of me that made her immobile.

It was the blood. Eric was bleeding and Debbie was a former V-addict.

Just as I came to this conclusion, I saw the gun falling out of Debbie's hand. She looked like she didn't even realise she dropped it. She was in a daze. Eric's posture changed slightly as he adjusted his position into something more like a crouch and it didn't take long for me to realize what was about to happen.

"Eric! watch-", I tired to warn, but it was too late.

Debbie lunged straight for his chest. It all happened almost too fast for me to register. She shifted into her animal form mid-air. I'm sure normally Eric would be able to easily catch her before she reached him, but he was still holding me back with one arm. I heard a sickening sound when her teeth connected with Eric flesh. They both growled as Eric tried to tear her off after she greedily latched on the wound. Suddenly there was too much fangs, blood, snarling and rolling on the ground for me to follow. I felt my stomach clench when he finally pushed her away. She didn't loose the dead grip her jaws had on his flesh, so she rip his chest open. I knew one thing, the more she drank, the stronger she became and the weaker Eric was.

It was an instinct when I lifted my hand and shot her with my light. She landed on her back with a whine. She tried to get up, but she was clearly stunned. Eric quickly took advantage of her dazzled state by grabbing her by her neck and tossing across the room, straight into the wall. She yelped, looking quite beaten, but she was already licking the remains of Eric's blood still dripping from her muzzle and I knew she'd heal fast. Eric, on the other hand, looked like he could use some time to gather his strength. The problem was – so could I. I still wasn't at full control of my faerie powers and it was difficult to call them to me at will repeatedly.

Unfortunately for Debbie, you don't have to use vampire or faerie tricks to kill a wolf. My eyes dropped to the abandoned gun. Time stopped and I knew what I had to do. But was I really capable of it?

The decision was taken from me the moment the wolf's growl caught my attention and I saw Debbie readying herself to take another leap. As if in a dream, without thinking about what I was doing, I picked up the gun, aimed and fired.

Her dead body hit the floor with a loud bang. The gun soon followed it, when it slipped from my shaking hands. I stared at the scene before me in shock.

"Sookie?", Eric's hoarse voice pulled me out of my daze.

I turned my head slowly toward him and sobered immediately. He was sitting against the wall, resting. His chest was a raw, bloody mess. I hurried to him to take a closer look.

"Eric! God, are you okay?", the wound looked as if... well, as if a wild animal chewed on it.

"Give me few minutes", he grunted.

"You need blood", I stated.

"I'm fine", he argued.

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. Male pride. How predictable.

"Is the bullet still inside?", I asked instead.

"Yes. I should heal quickly once it pushes itself out."

Without discussing it any further I pushed the rags that were once his shirt apart and exposed his wound. It wasn't a pretty sight.

"What are you doing?"', Eric asked, but my only answer was to lower my head.

"You don't have to", he whispered guessing what I had in mind.

"It would speed up the process, right?", I confirmed looking up at him.

"It's already healing."

I took the evasion as a yes.

"Does it hurt?", I insisted.

He shrugged. Again: avoidance. Meaning: yes.

So I lowered my head again and gingerly put my mouth on the injury, trying not to inflict any additional pain on the damaged skin. Then I sucked. I felt Eric's hand on the back of my head. It took only two gulps for the bullet to hit my tongue. I straightened and spat it out. I watched the rapidly closing wound in wonder. I licked my lips unconsciously, then looked up at Eric.

He had the most inappropriate expression on his face: bliss.

Not the exited, erotic kind, but the relaxed, peaceful one: this kind of bliss that reminds you of laying on the grass on the summer day and basking in the sun. Certainly not the expression you'd expect to see on the face of someone who was supposedly still in pain. But there was something else.

His carefully composed, blank mask was gone again and I watched it disappearing with baited breath, knowing that I must have done something right. His shield was fully down and it was then I realised there had been still a part of himself that had been holding back, protecting himself. It was gone now and in this moment, I saw both Erics – the one with and without his memories – merging smoothly, without any clash.

When I looked into his bright eyes I realised we'd made a full circle. Here I was again, sucking a bullet out of his chest – a bullet he took for me. Only this time I wasn't mad and he didn't deceive me. There was no trick – we just didn't want to see the other one hurt.

Back then, in Dallas, I would have never guessed that it would be important to Eric if I cared. But then again: wasn't that the point of the whole trick? Would I help him if I didn't care?

Did the fact he was so quick to turn the situation to his advantage make him shielding me in a first place meaningless? Didn't he truly save my life that night?

Eric's hand on my head moved stroking my hair lazily while I searched his eyes. His wound was already closed. I put my open palm on his heart.

"Better?", I asked in whisper.

He smiled slowly.

"Oh, yes", he said.

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