AN/ This idea has been bothering me for a while, I needed to get it out.

Night fell, and Pinkie Pie crawled under her cotton candy pink covers, her mane providing its own cushioning as she laid her head down on her pillow, a sigh escaping her lips. Her blanket was filled with down, and warmed her very hooves as she curled into her favorite sleeping position, one in which she lay on her side, curling into a ball. Sticking a hoof in her mouth, she sucked it lightly, her bright blue eyes fluttering shut.

Pink clouds intermixed with floating buildings, a checkerboard sky painting the background. A giggle bubbled up from between Pinkie's lips, a smile across her face as she slid down soapy roads, stopping to greet Screwball as she floated by. Tree's bearing marshmallows dotted the landscape, their trunks edible chocolate as Pinkie stepped off the soapy road to face a crown sitting atop a strange throne, it's odd shape deformed.

'Huh, never seen this one before.'

She stepped forward, her features controlled as she honed in on the crown, her hoof reaching towards it slowly.

A growl sounded out, the deep voice echoing.

'Don't touch that.'


She sat up quickly, her lungs filling with air quickly and indecisively. Pushing her hair out of her eyes, she got up dejectedly, the normal world a bore after the chaos of her dreams. Rubbing her eyes with her hooves, she rolled out of bed, staring absently at the clock that adorned her wall, the tiny bird inside coiled tensely, awaiting the hour when it could ring out with it's incessant coo'ing. Putting a hoof to her hair, she noted how flat it felt. Shaking her head, she trotted to her nightstand, the mirror surrounded by tiny lights, casting odd shadows on Pinkie's face.

She placed her hooves down on the nightstand, pulling open a drawer to take out her curling iron, looking quickly out the window and noting the growing light. It was almost time to get to work.


With bouffant hair she trotted back into the store, her ever-present smile plastered across her face. After setting a tray of cupcakes to bake in the oven, she trotted to the register, smiling at the pony who had just stumbled through the door.

'One muffin please.'

The grey mare laid a few bits on the counter, and she trotted to the display to procure a fresh chocolate chip muffin, which she promptly laid on the counter for the mare to snatch. After counting out the bits, she smiled at the mare, and bid her a good day, turning to the next customer.


While the pink mare worked, so toiled an infamous mismatch of animals, stopped as he was in his stone shape. Inward he trembled, in stone, his thoughts boiling. The draconequus did not like being in the dark, as chaotic as he was. For his chaos was showmanship, was flashy, bright, unrestrained, quite the opposite from the place in which he now was.

Being set in stone does not hurt, but does leave you alone. Trapped as you are in endless night, all you have are your thoughts. He thought of his younger days, when he frolicked with Tia and Luna, before they became powerful. He thought of his original defeat, and the day when he was first set in stone. He was set to stay here until the Elements of Harmony died, or until one of them lost touch with her element, as it were. But one does not think of this when they are alone, powerless, in the dark.

He thought of past enemies, of the trails he had faced as a child. He thought of the Elements of Harmony, and how much he loathed each one individually.

But mostly, he clawed. Clawed at the stone walls that blocked his path and forced him to rot within his mind, until his fur matted with sweat and blood.

He would get out.


The group of six sat in a booth, surrounding a pile of Pinkie's famous cupcakes as they discussed with one another. Rarity was currently telling the six of her newest dress designs, eliciting a yawn from Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy was leaned over the table in excitement, and Pinkie held in a sigh as she reached for a cupcake, licking the pink frosting once.

The words began to blur in her ears, and she tried to keep her eyes looking bright as she stared off into space. A waving hoof in front of her eyes brought her back to the world, the golden pony laughing.

'Did ya'll space out on me, Pinkie?'
'Sorry, Applejack.'

The farmpony laughed, her odd chuckle ringing out as she smacked Pinkie on the back.

'Not'tah worry, Pinkie. I was just asking ya'll if yah still need that apple shipment.'
'Oh, yeah! The customers love the cinnamon-apple cupcakes.'

Applejack smiled at Pinkie and turned to join in on the conversation once more. Slowly, Twilight stood up.

'Girls, it was great meeting up with you, but I must be going. I left Spike home alone, and I don't want to know what he's doing with the ice cream supply.'

The girls giggled and all dispersed, Pinkie trotting up and returning to work, her smile still painted on her face.


The draconequus clutched his bleeding paw and frowned into the unyielding darkness, his eyes staring off. Slowly, a sliver of light appeared to the side, and his gaze whipped around.

A crack?

He moved towards it, his heart fluttering, his good claw moving towards it with frightening speed as hacked at it, widening it slightly. With frantic hands he dove into his work, ignoring all injuries as the light shone brighter, the crack widening until slowly, the draconequus slipped out.

With a smile pressing apart his cheeks, Discord broke free of his stone prison, undulating as the wind blew against his mane. Turning his head quickly, he flew towards Ponyville, one question lingering in his mind as he turned a passing cloud into cotton candy.

Which of the elements had cracked?