Hyacinth's father calls up the stairs, "Richard's on the phone." Hyacinth jumps off her bed and runs down the stairs to answer the phone.

"Hello Hyacinth," Richard says calmly.

"Richard, it's so good to hear from you! I've missed you!" Hyacinth exclaims. Despite the doubts she expressed to her sister she loves Richard very much.

"I've missed you too, darling. Are you free Friday night for a very special dinner? I have a very important question to ask you." Richard asks after he takes a deep breath.

"You do realize that's tomorrow night? That doesn't give me a lot of time to prepare." Hyacinth says with shock in her voice.

"I know, but this really is important. I hope you're free." Richard says nervously.

"Of course I am. What time should I expect you?" Hyacinth asks breathlessly.

"I'll see you about seven o'clock tomorrow night. I love you." Richard whispers the final part.

"I love you too. I'll see you tomorrow." Hyacinth whispers. She sets the phone down gently and squeals excitedly. She races up the stairs shouting, "Daisy! Daisy! I think Richard's going to propose!"

"Your mood has certainly changed in the last five minutes." Daisy says cheekily.

"I think Richard is going to propose! He wants to see me for dinner and he said he has an important question to ask me!" Hyacinth says excitedly.

"Maybe that's what Richard was talking to father about! Maybe he was asking father for your hand in marriage! That's so romantic!" Daisy says with a smile. She's excited for her elder sister.

"I don't know what to wear. What does one wear to an event such as this?" Hyacinth asks hesitantly.

"You need something fabulous. Let's look through your wardrobe." Daisy says helpfully.

"Thanks for your help, Daise." Hyacinth says as she pulls open the doors to her closet.

Daisy flips through the dresses in Hyacinth's closet space. She comes across a beautiful, pale green, chiffon, cocktail dress. It has wide straps and a sweetheart neckline. "This one is perfect. Richard would love to see you in this dress." Daisy says pulling the dress out of the closet.

"I'd forgotten about that dress! It's perfect! Richard hasn't seen me in that dress yet! Which shoes do I wear with it?" Hyacinth asks as she kneels down and looks at her shoe rack. "Will these do?" Hyacinth asks as she pulls a pair of white, peep toe, high heels out of her closet.

"Those are lovely. This outfit is soft and elegant. Richard is going to love it! I hope he's not too nervous when he asks you tomorrow." Daisy says sweetly.

"He seemed nervous when he asked me out to dinner. I wonder if he thinks that I know what his plans are tomorrow night. I hope he doesn't get too nervous. I don't want to be the cause of any discomfort for Richard." Hyacinth says sweetly.

"Just be yourself. He'll notice if you're behaving differently from usual. Just be natural. Richard will only be nervous if you make him nervous. Richard is a naturally nervous person, so try to calm him down." Daisy says seriously. She wants her elder sister to be calm, confident, and happy when she is proposed to tomorrow.

"When did you become the one giving your older sister advice? It used to be the other way around." Hyacinth teases.

"We all need advice sometimes, even my perfect elder sister who is always looking out for everyone else." Daisy says sweetly.