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Anyways, I plan to finish the whole story of the Saint Beasts from the anime till the end, so I'll have 2 use the existing ideas and build on it but, by no means, are the ideas OWNED by me (except maybe the parts that I've created)… Hope you enjoy!

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The beginning

At the dawn of time- before the creation of the universe- there was nothing. Everything was engulfed in this infinite black darkness; there was no life, no light, and no air. There was nothing but a black dark void with no beginning and no end. Then, light appeared, this light was the creation of the universe and the birth of God.

Decades, centuries, millenniums passed and God grew lonely, so he created Heaven and Earth. In heaven, there were gods and angels. God created angels with his blood and by infusing his breath with love. They are endowed with immortal life, and are blessed with God's divine protection.

On earth, God had created humans and beasts and they loved maintaining the balance of their world. Zeus, the God of gods, acknowledged humans and permitted them to live of their own free will.

As time passed, however, the angels gained emotions and started disobeying Heaven's system that Zeus created to maintain the balance of the universe.

Lucifer, one of the three archangels, started having forbidden impure feelings, thus causing the seven deadly sins and the darkness of the universe to consume him.

With the ability to manipulate darkness, Lucifer revolted against Zeus and the war between Heaven and the creatures of darkness started. The war escalated and Zeus, having seen enough pain and suffering, exiled Lucifer and all the creatures of darkness from Heaven. The angels watched as Lucifer's pure white wings turned black, and soon he forged a paradise for all impure souls, Hell.

The betrayal of Lucifer and the abandonment of Gabriel affected God deeply as the three brother angels were his first ever creations. It was common knowledge amongst all life in Heaven that these three archangels were the ones with Zeus' deepest affections, and blessed with powers akin in strength to a god's.

For years the angels mourn for their kin; the betrayer, Lucifer and their comrade, Gabriel, who abandoned them in the darkest hour, however, the missing presence of their hero, Michael, who fought against his blood brothers for the sake of Heaven, left the biggest scar in the angels' hearts.