When Two Souls Unite.

The tingling sensation within my departed soul enigmatically ceased. With it so did he. His silent screams of sheer pain ripped through my feeble heart, devouring it mercilessly. Echoes endlessly vibrated across the harsh backdrop, which stood stoic as a witness to nature's endless cycle. Gusts of wind began to become more forceful, harsher and powerful, as if the heavens were also making their regrets felt. Death. It was the end some patiently waited for, whilst others constantly tried to avoid it. But both felt unceremoniously scared, when the end was near. So he too would have felt no different. In the midst of his youth, death had enraptured his body. Slowly it coursed through his temple conquering each part, to make its presence felt. Poison

Laying still as if he was comatose, his pure white hair spiralled across the white bed in which he was now accustomed to. It seemed he belonged here, but the reality of his life was a far cry from it. This was the boy who topped the college rankings every year, was the life and soul of every party, was mommy's perfect little angel. A boy who'd always think about others before himself. Selfless. This trait made death hungrily propel his expiration date from the world. Him being a Vampire didn't help much either.

A Vampire. Known to weave throughout history without being so much as felt. Known to enrapture pure souls and suck the holy life out of them. Known to be monsters, who will even kill their own to survive. But are they truly devoid of any emotion? But are they truly monsters for following their instinct, but carrying it out in an animalistic way? But are they truly worthless for their deaths to just be felt as a passing wind? No.

As his chest shook violently, I knew it was coming. It was taking my one and only love away. Away to the dungeons of hell where I could not reach even if I wanted to. It would not leave anything in the awakening of its destructive path, except love. Our love. It would remain in the scriptures of history forever. A love which conquered two races, a love which united two deadly, rivalling kingdoms, but most of all a love which healed my broken heart.

I could feel his powerful aura slowly lingering away. I urged him to leave. For I would soon join him. What good is a life when there's no one to share it with? His once emerald eyes, sparkling full of joy now remained forever glassy. As he took his last non-existent breath, his undying heart could do no more. His arms feebly attempted to reach out to me. But it seemed death wanted to punish him. Punish him for being born a monster but living like an angel. Slowly death encircled his drowsy eyes. They were tired of fighting against the inevitable, but he was not. Finally, his eyes shut. For the last time in his life. Forever. But was forever truly enough for him to experience all of the joys life had to give? Was it enough for him to fully live his extended life with his newly found soul mate? Or was there another forever to come? Beep. Beep. Beep...