AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a story about Mimi from Digimon Season 1—not Mimi as we usually think about her, but a side of her that may have existed. I always saw a little something missing in her character, an empty space…so I'm filling it with my own imagination. I don't own Digimon or anything like that. No money is being made from this, just ask my empty wallet.

Oh yeah, and this is my first submission in four years. To everyone who ever fav'd or stuck a tag on me, thanks a million. Now I finally have something else for you. Enjoy!


THE FURIOUS ROSE, by Sacred Dust

CHAPTER ONE: It's Nothing


She never let anyone read what she wrote.

One reason was time. When you were one of seven kids chosen to save a world, you didn't get many chances to sit down and show each other stories, poems or random musings. But most of all, it was fear. What if what she wrote was boring, or it didn't make any sense to them? Or if they said it was nice, but believed she was just an airhead pretending to have deep thoughts?

But I'm not that way, she scribbled on a new page. That's not who I am.

Dawn was rising on the Digital World, the rocky horizon slowly erupting in shades of yellow and orange. As the light spread over the sky, red ink spread over the page like a fever. Mimi knew her time was short. Any minute now her friends would be waking up, and then it would be time to worry about the day.

Tai is always the first to get up. Maybe that's why he's kind of the leader, he's ready to go before anyone else. Sora says he wasn't like that back home, though. And he doesn't know that I'm awake even before him…

Mimi eyed the wild-haired goggle boy cautiously as he started to move, and her hand froze around the pen. But he was just rolling over in his sleep. The floor of a cave wasn't the most comfortable place to spend the night. She planned to complain about this when they were up—even if she didn't really care at this point, it was expected of her.

Expected. Her normally cheery expression turned sour as the scrawl continued. A surge of red ink, fast and angry as the blood rushing to her face.

That's what matters. Not what I think. Oh Mimi honey, please don't bother the guests with your writing anymore. They don't understand it. Or put the pen down and get ready sweetheart, we're going to be late. Or Mimi you're so pretty, come out and show it, don't hide in your room with your notebooks. Or at night when they thought I was sleeping—why does she do that? I was never like that. It's probably just a phase. Just take her out shopping for that new dress you saw, she'll love it…

Her parents never understood. They didn't even want her to bring her notebook to summer camp, she had to sneak it into the bag…well, her third bag. She'd folded it into a beach towel. And that last day when the snow started to fall, she was lucky enough to have it tucked under the belt of her dress before they were whisked off. Some kids were coming inside her cabin and there was no other place to hide it.

She was just going to run outside a moment, do her thing—"wow, I wish I brought my fluffy pink snow boots!"—then get back in and finish. But somehow she never got to finish. There was always just one more thing to write and then someone would come along. Or a huge wave would come along and sweep her into another dimension, and…

At least I met Palmon, she wrote. And she's the best friend I've ever had! Maybe she would get it even though she's not human. Or maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I can show her sometime. But I said that last week! Why can't I tell anybody?

She hadn't tried in years. She remembered the last time—showing a book report to her mother, or it was supposed to be one. But somewhere the book had been left behind and it turned into a Mimi report. Mom didn't seem to like it. "Sweetie, you don't have to try to impress the teachers! Just do the assignment the way they want you to. Then you can relax and read something fun instead." And she handed her one of her fashion magazines. Mimi could have torn it to pieces.

So it all stayed hidden. Even now, in another place with kids she should be able to trust. Well, she did trust them, but…the fear was still there. Several days ago she had rushed ahead of everyone else into that village of Pagumon—which should have been a village of Koromon, but she didn't know that. She was desperate to get cleaned up and find someplace to write. Of course, Tai and Izzy had to run in there like total idiots while she was in the bath.

They could have seen her naked. Or they could have seen her notebook lying open, just a little behind the tub. Which one would be worse? Or was there any difference at all? But neither had happened, so she could forgive them.

That's the part that's really scary. I don't know if I could forgive someone for seeing this. That sounds so weird but—

"Too soon," someone mumbled. She gasped and looked up. But it was only Joe, talking in his sleep near the back of the cave. "Too soon…to go in the water…"

She smirked. Now Joe, he definitely wouldn't understand it. But he wouldn't make fun of her, either. Not like the other kids, when she was eight. She showed it to another girl she trusted. The girl showed her friends and they laughed and laughed, so loud she could still hear them sometimes.

It was morning. A rude awakening, like every other morning when she got up early to do this.

If I tell someone, will they even care? She protested in red. My parents didn't, the kids in third grade didn't care. But I care what they think because I wear pink and talk about silly stuff just like they want. Gennai sent me the Crest of Sincerity. Sincere means telling the truth. But I'm afraid that if I do

The words began to falter.

Running out of ink. Don't have another pen. Maybe ask Sora? But that means I have to show her t t t

It was dry.

Mimi held it like she'd lost a friend. After a long moment, she blinked back tears and closed the notebook. It had a pretty pink rose on the cover.

She slipped it back into her bag as she heard some of the kids and Digimon stirring. Tai pushed himself up on his elbows, groaning from his uncomfortable sleep. "Man, my back…we'd better take out Etemon today, guys. I'm sure not spending another night in here. Guys…? Hey, wake up already."

"Say, Mimi…" someone else said in a scratchy voice. Mimi wiped her eyes hurriedly and turned to smile at her. "Morning, Palmon."

"What was that you were putting in your bag?" The plantlike Digimon studied her with those deep green eyes, and in that moment Mimi wanted to tell her everything. It wasn't the time, they had to get going. But at least she could say "I'll show you" or "kind of a diary" or "don't tell anyone, but" or even "I'll tell you later"…or something, one side of her begged the other in silence. Say anything.

But she hesitated long enough for the fear and the fury to creep up on her, to swallow her words into empty space. "…Oh, it was nothing."

In the back of her mind, she heard laughter.



It's been forever since I wrote anything. Be gentle?

-Sacred Dust