A/N: My best friend is a four-time national champion dancer. My in-laws are ballroom dancers who have won many awards. My grandfather was the talk of Franklin, North Carolina, with his unbeatable Charleston moves. Me? I took ballet lessons and was told that my sense of balance is abominable. I can't even waltz. I got the idea of dancing as a sexy way to fight after reading the One Piece fic "One Moment's Heat" and the doujinshi "Pirate Ship Noah." Both are really hot stories!

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima doesn't like my dirty dancing moves, so he won't let me write this into the manga. ^_^

Dance Fighting

a Fairy Tail fanfic

by Rhov


Chapter 1

The Dance

For a stripper, he was a phenomenal dancer. Although Natsu felt a brass pole might have served Gray better...no, it was best not to imagine him pole dancing. Just seeing him take to the guild's dance floor was bad enough. As much as the ice-bastard annoyed him, he was graceful, his movements refined, and so long as he was dancing with a partner, his clothes somehow managed to stay on.

Gajeel's guitar and Mira's vocals were mere accessories to the main show of Gray dancing. He completely owned the floor, and all the girls wanted to be his partner. Lucy, Erza, Cana, Levi, Lisanna, Evergreen, Bisca, Laki, he danced with Mira during one of Gajeel's solo songs, and of course Juvia weaseled her way into her precious Gray-sama's arms almost every other song. Even when his partner was little Wendy, Gray managed to make the pre-teen look as glamorous as a supermodel. That was his talent, to take frigid dancers and mold them into something beautiful.

He clapped to the beats, slapped his heels, twirled, jived. Sometimes it was more like he simply floated along to the flow of the melody. He could spin a girl and grab her without the lady losing balance. He could time their movements until it was like he was forcing her to move in a certain way by magic. His body twisted like flurries in a blizzard, fluttered as light as a snowflake, and made the girls melt like frost on the first day of spring. His hair was as dark as midnight in winter, his eyes like noon in summer, his skin as rosy as sakura in the spring, and his moves as crisp and colorful as an autumn leaf.

Natsu hated to admit it, but Gray's dancing was pure perfection. His sense of the tempo was flawless. His hips snapped as he swung his partner into a spin that was just enough to send her skirt flaring, yet never enough so the audience saw her panties, then he caught her just before she could feel dizzy. He was gentle with each partner too, sensing when she was out of breath and adjusting to less exhausting moves, doing the fancy work himself.

More than anything, Natsu was annoyed by that subtle, smirking grin that showed plainly to everyone that he was enjoying every minute of being the Dancing Ice Prince. That look made Natsu's heart thump in his throat, as if only his scarf choked back the pounding sensation. His chest burned. His lower stomach tightened each time Gray gave a well-timed thrust against a lady, making her eyes pop open and her cheeks blush hot. Fucking exhibitionist! The fact that he looked so damn good doing it was even more frustrating to the dragon slayer.

The music got faster. Natsu smirked that it was as if Gajeel was privately challenging Gray. Who could keep up the fastest: Gray's nimble movements or Gajeel's fingers of iron? The guild recognized this for the silent fight it was and gave him the dance floor. Even Juvia stopped trying to get a chance to dance again. They stood along the sides, clapping a percussive tempo to Gajeel's guitar, cheering as Gray's body spun and his legs worked, arms moved, hips swung, flawlessly hitting each accented beat with a thrust that made Juvia swoon. Still that smirk curled on his face, so confident in his talent as a mage and as a dancer!

Natsu realized he was staring...and sweating. He, who never felt hot even standing in the midst of an inferno, was flushed as he watched Gray's flexible body twist and spin.

Damn showoff! Damn exhibitionist showoff bastard!

But he had to admit, Gray was amazing. Natsu's heart beat faster than the music's tempo. The noise around him faded until it was a quiet sound of the music and a throbbing pulse of his own heartbeat. In a stubborn burst of determination, he set down his bottle of flavored milk, slid off the stool by Mira's bar, and weaved through the crowd that surrounded Gray.

Gajeel's music spiraled into something frenzied, to the point where the Ice-Make mage was merely spinning to keep up, his arms spread out for balance, a mere step-tap in between to keep the rotation going. The song reached its peak, and so did he. Gray had never spun this fast for this long. He brought his arms closer to his body to speed up, whirling like a top. He briefly wondered how he could stop, if he would ruin this competition at the very end by falling flat on his face. Gajeel was surely at the limit to a human's ability to play, merely strumming chords now in what must have been sixty-fourth note riffs that were about to snap his guitar strings. It was an insane fight, an ultimate test for both musician and dancer, when suddenly...

It ended with a loud, pounding chord. It was Gajeel's final challenge, to stop! For a split second, Gray realized he would lose when suddenly he found himself stationary, but not of his own accord.

Natsu grabbed Gray by the shoulders just as the music hit its final note. The thick, hard body had caught him just in time. Gray's back was pressed up against the dragon slayer's chest, giving him stability when he knew he probably would have fallen to the side in dizziness. As the crowd roared with delight, all Natsu could hear was the sound of Gray's exhausted breathing, and all Gray felt was his chilled, sweaty back up against the strong, muscular, fiery torso of the dragon slayer. He sensed the feeling of heated breath on the side of his neck, and it sent a shiver unlike any snowstorm could do.

Natsu looked at Gray with narrow, possessive eyes. Of all times for the stripper to get rid of his clothes, now he wished he would! As if reading his mind, Gray tossed the purple silk shirt and black tie aside. He probably would have ditched the pants too, but Natsu's fingers had taken possession of his belt loops, tugging them to pull himself closer to Gray's rump.

A slower song started. Natsu leaned forward and breathed deeply against the ice mage's pale ear. "Dance with me now." It was not a request, nor an order, but a challenge. Gray won his fight with Gajeel. Now Natsu would be his opponent.

Gray snickered to himself that the dragon slayer must be jealous of his dancing skills, enough to try one-upping him. He accepted the challenge by swaying his body to the music, letting himself brush against Natsu's groin ever so slightly. The slight hiss he heard in his ear was enough to know that he had scored the first point.

The rest of Fairy Tail went back to their own business, partnering up for dancing, grabbing mugs for drinking, shouting to each other, laughing uproariously, until Natsu and Gray were just two people in the midst of mild chaos. Those who knew them realized this was just another way they fought. A dance competition seemed mild enough for the two destructive mages. So long as fireballs and ice lances were not involved, it wasn't very interesting. Lucy ran off with Levy and Cana for an all-girls bathroom break, while Juvia was temporarily distracted by Loke requesting a dance.

No one saw the looks Natsu and Gray shared.

Natsu's fiery body pressed hard against Gray's cold back. The ice mage laced his fingers within Natsu's hand, dragging the hot hands away from the belt loops and over the hardened abs of his bare stomach, giving the dragon slayer a tantalizing feel of flesh. He glanced over his shoulder to see a flush the same color as Natsu's pink hair light up his soft cheeks. Two points for him!

Gray stepped away for a moment, as if he was done and ready to dance solo again. Natsu growled deep in his throat. Gray gave one of his seductive pelvic thrusts, the type that made everyone wish he would strip completely. Gray was obviously teasing him, and Natsu was not about to lose another point to him. He roughly took Gray by the hips and yanked him back to grind slowly against his ass. Gray felt the semi-hard thrust through his black jeans. He gave a faint gasp, not loud enough for any of the guild members to hear, but enough for Natsu's sensitive ears. He grinned at the sound.

Gray 2: Natsu 1.

Gray sneered back at him. "Bastard, what are you trying to do?"

Natsu merely shrugged. "Who knows," he smirked.

Gray laughed quietly. "We'll play it that way, then."

The ice mage began to grind back, running his hands down Natsu's waist, down to his thighs, then back up in maddening slowness, slipping his fingers forward slightly and feeling the tell-tale hardness prodding at his ass. He snickered and rolled back into it again, harder this time. However, the move affected him as much as it did Natsu. He leaned his head back onto Natsu's shoulder and moaned softly. Then his hand reached up and gripped into the pink hair, tugging it in slight roughness. It made Natsu gasp a small moan, too.

A point for each of them. Gray 3: Natsu 2.

Natsu wanted nothing more than to strip the stripper, shove him against the nearest table, and take him right there. He desperately tried to hold onto more sense than that. He couldn't lose. He refused to let the bastard beat him. Natsu knew he needed to counterattack fast. He was behind by one. At the very least, this dance had to end in a tie. He would accept nothing less, even if he had to cheat a little. He breathed hotly onto Gray's neck, gave him a tiny, fiery lick, right as he yanked Gray's belt loops and forced himself as snug as he could be against that tempting ass. Gray missed a step. His grip in Natsu's salmon hair tightened, and the small whimper was so quiet, Natsu barely caught it. But he still did!

Gray 3: Natsu 3. Score tied.

Their breaths were coming as hard as if they were truly battling. At about the same time, they realized their movements were getting too suspicious. Freed was eying them curiously. If Mirajane saw, rumors would be all around the guild by morning. They gave themselves a small reprieve. Natsu's grip loosened. Gray moved so that there were a few centimeters of space between their bodies. Both began formulating their next attack.

Natsu wondered, how did this happen? Gray had been his rival since childhood. They had fought one another and beaten one another into bloody pulps. His stripping habit had annoyed Natsu to the point of anger. Yet Natsu had to admit that Gray didn't look right with clothes on. He was damn sexy dressed or not but...

Wait, did he just call Gray sexy?

Natsu could not lie to himself anymore. He fought Gray because he loved the struggle, and because it let off steam that otherwise might lead to something worse...something just like what was going on now. However, Gray had dated girls before. He was obviously attracted to Lucy, and maybe a little to Juvia. He was straight as an arrow. Now, purely to battle this childhood rival, he was grinding back slowly and maddeningly, with subtle glances that said he wanted Natsu just as much as the dragon slayer wanted him.

Natsu's grip on Gray's hips tightened, worried about losing to his rival in a game of seduction. He wanted the battle to go to the next level, yet he had no clue how to change the battlefield.

"Let's get out of here," Gray whispered.

Well, that was one way, and it stunned Natsu. Gray's voice was shaking, husky, clenched with determination that they had to stop this battle while it was still at a tie or else something explosive would happen in the midst of the entire guild. He knew just as well as Natsu that they needed a change of scenery for the battle that was to come.

When Natsu said nothing, Gray scowled. "What? You giving up?"

The way his eyebrows pulled down so hard that the scar on his forehead showed through the bottom of his raven fringe, Natsu was certain that Gray really did want this as much as him. He whipped around and nearly crushed Gray's wrist in a possessive grab. The ice mage tripped along behind him as Natsu fiercely dragged him through the crowd and out of the guild hall. A few guild members watched, but they shrugged it off. The two were probably heading to the river for one of their usual brawls.

The cold chill of Magnolia shocked them both for a moment. Clouds bubbled overhead, and Natsu could smell the dusty scent of approaching rain. They got only as far as the souvenir stand, empty and closed for the night. Now Gray grabbed Natsu's arm and swung around the small stand, yanking them both to the back of the hut. There was barely any room between the stand and the stone wall that encircled the guild hall and attached buildings; however, it was enough for two men to be pressed up close together. Natsu slammed into the wall and cursed softly at such roughness. At the same instant, Gray was on him, thrusting his hips against Natsu's, his arms caging the dragon slayer in, lips mere millimeters apart in teasing closeness.

Natsu hissed at the way Gray's hardness rubbed against him through the fabric. Now it was Natsu who had his fingers in Gray's hair, brushing it back to see his whole face. Gray grabbed Natsu's belt loops to yank him closer while his hips rolled to meet him, sliding, pressing against that hard cock inside, as if he could stab Natsu into the wall. He forgot to keep score now. It no longer mattered. He slammed his mouth against Natsu's, making the pink head hit against the wall. Natsu grumbled at the pain, so Gray placed a hand behind Natsu's hair, padding him. Natsu was shocked at the tender consideration. He wrapped around Gray's naked waist and pulled him in closer. His fingers ran over the sinewy shoulders and strong, bare back.

Teeth clanged, tongues dueled, just as they had often fought one another, fire and ice in an eternal battle for dominance. Gray grunted at the hardness that frotted against him. A small stream of saliva dripped from his mouth and trailed down his chin. Gray was like a starving man, but all he wanted to taste was the slightly sulfuric flames of the fire dragon.

The kiss slowly eased up. The ice mage's hand slipped down the front of Natsu's pants. Somehow, they had loosened, as if the fabric knew the will of the wearer. His front button was undone, his sash loosened, and Gray easily slipped his hand inside the billowing pants.

As that icy hand wrapped around his aching erection, Natsu had to tear his mouth away, groaning with clenched teeth as he thrust against the feel of Gray's cold fingers wrapped around his base. Gray gave a soft chuckle that pissed off the dragon slayer. Bastard droopy eyes! He was trying to win without giving Natsu a chance to counterattack.

"Wait!" he breathed.

The Ice-Make mage paused, giving his rival a moment to come up with a battle plan. However, when Natsu finally lifted his head, those narrow eyes were not what Gray had expected. They were soft, almost pleading. It stunned Gray, and his grip loosened from the shock. Was Natsu giving up? Already? But that wasn't like him at all!

"I ain't an exhibitionist like you. I don't want this here. My place." He panted the request, and for a moment Gray saw the fiery spark of defiance. It was not a surrender, but yet another request to change the battlefield. After all, this was quickly escalating beyond mere seduction.

"Hell no," Gray growled, rubbing hard against Natsu's front. "It's too far away. I don't wanna wait that long." He buried his face in Natsu's neck, nosing his way past the scarf to nibble on that sensitive scar.

Natsu fought the moan those cold lips were eliciting. Gray realized the scar was a weak spot, and he sucked hard on it. Natsu suddenly cried out, then covered his mouth. He grabbed Gray by the back of his hair to yank his head back. At this rate, he was going to come before he even got his pants off, and he was fairly certain that meant an instant loss.

"You're not whipping it out in public, you exhibitionist bastard!" he managed to say between grinding teeth. He grabbed Gray's wrist, and, by sheer strength, he pulled that seducing hand out of his pants. "If you don't even have that much willpower to control yourself, then I win."

"Che!" Gray scoffed, yanking his hand away. He rubbed his fingertips together, feeling the tiny bit of pre-cum that had moistened them. "Fine, we'll get a hotel, that way Happy doesn't barge in on us." He jerked away, but he realized he was ready to lose control as well. He gathered himself together a few steps away from where Natsu was still breathing heavily while leaning against the wall to recover.

This round...a tie!

A hotel room it was, and they practically raced to get there. Gray at least got one point by paying for it.

"Taking someone underage to a love hotel...I feel like a dirty old man seducing a little schoolgirl," Gray teased as they walked through the halls.

"Shut the fuck up, ice bastard," Natsu growled.

The walk up to the room was otherwise silent. Both were waiting for the other to shove him up against the wall and lose all composure right there. Both knew that such an action would be admitting defeat in this challenge of wills, a silent battle to restrain themselves. They stole glances at each other, then would quickly look away. The atmosphere changed. Natsu worried that Gray might chicken out. After all, Gray liked girls. Why would he go this far just for a competition? However, even if their heads cooled off enough to question if this was the right thing to do, neither would back down. They were committed to seeing this battle through to the end.

When they walked into the hotel room, there was no groping one another the moment the door closed, no mad dash to remove clothing—they both knew Gray would win that competition. Instead, they both stood there side by side in the entryway. Who would make the first move? Whoever caved in first was the one who could resist the other less.

"Maybe I should have found my shirt first," Gray mumbled awkwardly.

"The lady at the desk was definitely looking at you weird," Natsu agreed, tugging at his scarf in a nervous gesture.

Gray watched him and chuckled. "So eager to strip?"

"I'm not like you," Natsu snapped. "My scar itches since you decided to suck on it."

Gray raised a hand and brushed it against Natsu's neck. The touch made Natsu shiver, but he tried to hide the effects.

"You have a hickey," Gray realized, seeing the pink mark. "At least your stupid scarf can hide it."

"This is not a stupid scarf," Natsu shouted. "Igneel gave this to me, and it's more precious to me than you will ever be!"

Gray had enough. He attacked Natsu's lips, but at the same time it was Natsu who slammed Gray against the wall. Maybe Gray lost a point by making the first move, but Natsu admitted he lost a point by reacting the harshest. He shoved his tongue into Gray's opened, surprised mouth. Gray responded by thrusting Natsu's shirt off faster than he could get his own clothes removed. Natsu detached his mouth from Gray's to reattach it to his neck as he started ripping at the ice mage's belt, desperate to get the clothes off.

"I can hide my hickeys," the pink-head chuckled. "The only way you could hide yours is to keep your clothes on for the next few days." His lips trailed down Gray's bare chest, his tongue flicked against his nipple, and Gray held on tight to his shoulders as Natsu continued down onto his knees. "I wonder if you'd be able to do that."

"They'd mistake them for the usual bruises I get in fights," Gray shrugged, helping Natsu to pull his pants down.

"Not where I plan on putting them," Natsu chuckled. "Now, how about we stop all competitions for the night. It's a tie, agreed?"

"Sure, a tie."

Just then, Natsu's mouth took Gray's cock into a fiery hot suck. He hissed when Natsu hummed around his shaft, then smiled down. His hand stroked through the pink spikes in admiration. Warm wetness, a curling tongue, the sliding feel of saliva coating him...all so good! He gave a lust-filled growl to urge Natsu on.

"Although," Gray had to add, unwilling to be outdone, "it certainly is nice to see you on your knees before me."

A vein popped on Natsu's forehead. He grabbed Gray's balls and applied just enough heat to make him shout. Not at all expecting it, Gray lost his delicate willpower.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he shouted, knowing he was about to lose it. His head threw back as his knees nearly gave way.

Natsu hummed as he swallowed down Gray's cum. Then he rose up fast and kissed him hard to share the salty-bitter taste. When he pulled back, a sticky white string connected their mouths. "That's one point for me. And your cum tastes disgusting."

"Fucking cheater," Gray gasped.

With swift grace, the ice mage lifted Natsu and partially carried him to the bed, slamming him down onto the blankets. Natsu had to wonder where his clothes went from the doorway to the bed. Stupid stripper using his uncanny superpowers on him! They were now both bare, and Gray breathed hard as he glared down at Natsu's stunned expression. His sword necklace lightly swung against Natsu's chest, tickling his skin. The dragon slayer stared up and gulped a little, wondering what the Ice-Make mage had in store, and a little worried at just why he had paused in his attack.

Gray could hardly help but look down at his partner and feel a heated flush melt his heart. He reached up uncertainly and stroked Natsu's cheek. It made the boy under him blush and have a stunned expression, almost terrified at the affectionate touch.

"Are you going to regret this in the morning?" Gray asked worriedly.

Natsu scoffed and looked aside. "When have I ever regretted something I did?"

Gray had to chuckle in agreement. No matter how reckless, Natsu was not the sort to feel sorry later.

He gave Natsu's throat a long lick, earning a moan. Then he attacked with nips and powerful sucking. His fingers slid up the sculpted torso, then rolled Natsu's nipples until the dragon slayer mewled and wiggled, wanting more. With his mouth on Natsu's, Gray reached down and gripped the enlarged cock. Damn him, but Natsu's size was nothing to laugh about. They had no lube, and that monster would tear him apart if it came to that. For sheer sake of self-preservation, Gray was determined not to be the one taken. He had to wear Natsu out before they got to that point.

He grabbed the cock, and his thumb ran circles over Natsu's head. Natsu moaned softly and covered his mouth.

"Hey, I wanna hear you."

"Like hell," Natsu growled.

"It's a love hotel. The walls are thick. No one's gonna hear you, so don't hold back." His hand pumped Natsu swiftly, not giving any chance to gain composure. Natsu's hand pressed tighter against his mouth. "I said don't hold back, you bastard! You have nothing to be embarrassed about."

"It's more embarrassing being heard by you!"

Gray's eyebrow twitched. "Is that so?" He grabbed Natsu's wrists and slammed both of them up against the wrought iron headboard. Then magic glowed from his cold hands. "Ice-Make: Handcuffs!" The wrists were instantly chained to the iron grill in icy bondage.

"Fucking bastard!" Natsu yelled, struggling against the restraint. "I'll just melt them and..."

Gray bent down and began licking Natsu's stomach. The dragon slayer looked down in confusion, but then the tongue lapped into his belly button.

"H-Hey! That tickles."

Gray smirked and kept licking, moving onto Natsu's sides and poking his tongue into the space between ribs.

"Waaah! Stop it, stop! Cheater!"

Natsu squirmed under him, laughing so hard he was ready to cry, when suddenly Gray slid his hand down. He coated his middle finger with ice and slipped it inside Natsu's ass. The cold intrusion was too much. Natsu shouted loudly, his eyes bugged out, and a flush instantly colored his cheeks at hearing his wanton voice. Gray rose up and smirked at him.

"Such a beautifully sexy sound!"

"Asshole," Natsu mumbled.

"Yes, indeed this is," Gray smiled, thrusting his finger in more. His mouth nibbled down Natsu's throat, getting more low groans.

"No, w-wait...I'm gonna..."

He forcefully pulled his head away and screamed as he came swiftly and hard, squirting so powerfully that it splattered all the way up to Gray's chin.

"Damn, that was too fast. How long since you last jerked yourself off?" Gray chuckled, looking at the pale white mess.

"I'm not...a pervert...like you," Natsu panted heavily. "I don't...do things like that."

Gray looked down in shock. "You don't...you mean...never? You've never touched yourself?"

Natsu pouted and looked away with embarrassment. "Igneel said things like that were supposed to be between two people."

Gray looked down at him again, lying there with a flushed body, his arms still trapped in ice. He forgot about competitions and battles for now. Natsu suddenly looked vulnerable to him.

"Are you a virgin?"

Natsu gave a timid shrug but pouted, worried for a moment. Would that change everything? Would Gray pull away if he was? Would he hate him if he wasn't? Either way, the bastard better not treat him like a fragile girl or he'd break his jaw!

Gray looked down at his own eager cock, but now he wondered if taking Natsu on his first time was the best thing to do. If he hurt him, Natsu might not want to try gay sex anymore. More than anything, Gray didn't want this to be a one-time thing. The icy bondage shattered with the lack of concentration, and Gray moved back a little bit.

Natsu immediately feared the worse. No! Don't move away from me! Don't abandon me! Don't ever leave me alone again!

Instead, Gray got on his hands and knees on the bed, presenting his ass as a tasty morsel. Natsu blinked in confusion.

"Really, do I have to spell it out for you?" Gray shouted with forced annoyance. "Shit! You put your fingers in, loosen me up a bit, and when I tell you I'm ready, your little dragon goes in the hole."

"Little?" he roared. However, the temptation was overwhelming. Just thinking about fucking that tender ass made Natsu get hard again.

Gray was getting impatient waiting in such a humiliating position. "Do you want to or not?" he snapped. "If you really don't, we can end it here and call it a tie."

Natsu moved forward cautiously, looking at the tiny puckered star. Then he looked down at his slightly deflated cock. He knew this was going to hurt Gray, and he realized why Gray was volunteering. For the sake of their "team," he was taking the fall. He would bottom so Natsu's first time could be more enjoyable.

"Thanks, Gray," he muttered. "Tell me if it hurts."

"Of course it'll hurt, bastard," the ice mage grumbled. "Just prep me enough."

Natsu sucked on his fingers, coating them moistly, then inserted the first one. He thought it felt weird, and he had to admit that a part of his mind thought this was immensely gross, sticking his finger into Gray's ass. However, the moan from Gray made him ignore the physics behind it.

"You...have you done this before? I mean, with a guy?" asked Natsu.

"Once," Gray grumbled. "I was drunk."

"So then why are you agreeing to it now?"

Gray gave a casual shrug between heavy panting. "Who knows? So what's your reason?"

Natsu wondered how he could tell him. Looking at Gray's flushed cheeks, feeling the inside of his body, smelling the sweat that beaded on his skin, drove out logic and words. Instead, Natsu leaned over Gray's back, tilted the ice mage's face around, and gave him a deep kiss. Gray hummed at the burning hot lips. It wasn't an answer, but it was enough for them. Natsu's finger moved in and out, pressing in deep, feeling around inside.

"Another," Gray huffed heavily.

Natsu was careful inserting the second finger. Although Gray shouted, he sensed there was pleasure within the pained cry. Gray's panting became heavier, his groans a little deeper. Natsu twisted his fingers, scissored them, and felt how Gray bucked back into him, just as he had done on the dance floor. It drove Natsu crazy. He pulled his fingers out, spit on his hand, covered his cock as well as he could with saliva and his own spent cum, but he knew this was going to be too dry. Still, he needed to be inside Gray, now! As he pressed up against him, he realized this was not going to be as easy as he thought. He had to guide himself and really press to get just the head in.

"Arghhh!" Gray shouted at the massive intrusion. His fingers clenched the sheets. "Wait, wait!"

Natsu did, worried by the agony in Gray's face. He almost wanted to stop, but just as his confidence waned, Gray gave a sigh.

"Okay, slowly."

Natsu went slow, although every muscle in his loins wanted to thrust in hard and fast. As soon as he was buried to the hilt, Natsu paused to savor the feeling of being wholly encompassed. He thought of the fights they had in the past, the years of competition, the rivalry that had spurred them both on to becoming powerful mages...all accumulating in this moment.

"Hey, Gray."

The ice mage had to pant three more times and swallow hard before he could reply, "What?" His voice shivered from the pleasure within him.

"I'm gonna make you come first."

Gray glanced back over his shoulder with a weary grin on his face. "Like hell you will!"

Natsu pulled back and began a steady rhythm. Gray's moans urged him on. He shuddered and twitched. Gray's arms gave out a little, so that his face fell to the blankets, yet his ass stayed up for Natsu to pound. However, something was missing. Natsu pulled out, gaining a whimper of protest from Gray. He forcefully flipped Gray onto his back, lifted the pale legs over his own muscular shoulders, and stared down into his icy blue eyes.

"I wanna see the faces you're making," Natsu said, then slammed in even harder.

Gray cried out at the sudden force, and Natsu's mouth went over his, enjoying the wintermint taste and the moans vibrating his lips. He reached between their bodies and pumped Gray's cock in rhythm to his own movements. Gray squirmed under him in both pain and pleasure. His teeth clenched; his eyes tightened. Natsu watched him with fascination and pleasure. He liked giving Gray enjoyment like this, and he loved the pleasure he took from thrusting into him.

"Fuck, you feel good," Natsu grunted. It felt so wonderful, he almost wanted to cry.

Gray moaned loudly, but he refused to shout his name. He might have agreed to be on bottom for Natsu's sake, but he sure as hell was not about to lose by screaming his name. Apparently, Natsu did not see something like that as losing a point. Or he was in such ecstasy, he completely forgot about their competition.

"Gray!" he groaned.

"That's right, moan my name, bitch," Gray teased.

Natsu laughed in exhaustion and tension. "Who's the bitch, my sweet little uke?"

"Just 'cause you're in my ass, you think I'm the uke?" He bucked up against Natsu, letting him bury himself deep. Both of them howled at that. "Fuck!"

"Ahh, Gray!" He grabbed the ice mage up into his arms, setting him in his lap as he continued to thrust into him.

Gray grabbed around Natsu's back in desperation. His mouth buried itself into Natsu's hot shoulder until he could taste the saltiness of his sweat. "Oh God! Oh fuck," he repeated over and over. He was struggling to hold back now, but he knew he was about to lose.

"Ah! Nngh! Gray! I'm gonna come. Should I pull out?"

"It's fine," Gray huffed.

Gray squeezed Natsu tightly as the boy shivered and trembled. He felt himself being filled, and the throbs and spurting drove him over the edge. A few moments later, Gray tensed up and came against Natsu's stomach, gasping at how great Natsu's cum felt filling him. Then the ice mage went quiet and did not move.

"Gray?" Natsu whispered softly.

"Shh..." Gray smiled and stroked Natsu's hair. "I'm fine. You feel wonderful."

Gray laid back against the pillows and smiled up at Natsu. The dragon slayer sank down on top of him, barely stopping himself from crushing Gray. His panting was deep and hard, desperate for oxygen. Slowly, he opened his eyes to see Gray's mouth open, also gasping. Natsu dived at his lips to claim them once and for all. Slowly, he pulled out, rolled over, and curled into Gray's arms.

"So, how was your first time?" Gray asked with a smirk.

"Not bad," Natsu answered with a bored tone.

"Jerk!" Gray huffed. "If you're that unappreciative, you can forget a second time."

"Giving up so easily?" Natsu teased. "In that case, I declare victory."

"Like hell you will!" Gray glared. "You came first, so I win."

"Best two out of three," Natsu challenged.

Gray had to smile at that. "We'll see who wins after you have your time bottoming. I bet I'll make you sob as an uke!"

"You couldn't pull off a good seme if I laid down and whimpered for you."

"Flame-brained cocksucker!"

"Exhibitionist asshole!"

Gray laughed and gazed up at the ceiling. "A truce for today. But this fight is not over."

"Not a chance in hell is this over!" Natsu agreed. He stared up at the ceiling, then gazed over to his rival-lover. "Hey, Gray." The ice mage hummed sleepily. "It...really was great. Just to ease your fragile ego."

"Of course it was great," Gray muttered. "I'm a fucking sex god, after all."

"Bastard," Natsu yawned, and he fell asleep on top of Gray's chest.

"Same to you, flame-brain," Gray murmured before drifting off as well.

End of Chapter 1