Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying the story so far. Just wanted to ask a question... do people want it to stick closer to the original? or should I take it even further from it? (e.g more gender swapping, changing of events etc...)

Chapter Four: A Barrier Lifted

Susan and Lucy tumbled back out of the wardrobe, Susan had only one goal; get Edmund & Peter, then return to Narnia to rescue her new friend.

"Susan… I can't believe what just happened. Another world, another world in a wardrobe!" Lucy said. She stepped around it, looking at the wall, even knocking on it as if there was some magical exit.

"It's called Narnia." Susan replied.

"How'd it even get there? This is mental." Lucy said, wide-eyed.

"I don't know, we'll ask Tumnus once we've saved her." Susan said sternly. Lucy looked perplexedly at her.

"How will we do that?" Lucy asked. "We don't have a clue where to start."

"We'll figure that out once we get there, okay?" Susan asked. "We'll play it by ear." Lucy nodded, just as Edmund and Peter walked into the room.

"Where've you been?" Peter asked.

"Well…it's hard to explain, you'll think I'm crazy." Susan replied.

"You will, I barely believe it still, and I did it with her!" Lucy said, smiling slightly.

"Spit it out then" Edmund said.

"We went into another world. I'd already been, but Lucy came with me the second time. My friend there has been taken away by an evil Queen and I want to save her. But we need you to come to." Susan said. She felt like she hadn't done her story justice at all.

"What?" Peter asked.

"Are you high?" Edmund asked, laughing to himself.

"Shut up Ed. Peter, it's true. Look." Susan said, she walked back over to the wardrobe and threw the doors open. Getting in. "Come on then!" she said. She pushed through the coats and felt her hands press against the back of the wardrobe.

"Ok, you've definitely been smoking some crazy stuff." Edmund said, Peter giggled slightly but held it in.

"Susan, are you making this up?" Peter asked.

"No!" Susan replied. Storming past him and out of the room. Lucy sighed, "I'll go after her." she said.

Susan was sat on the ledge of the raised patio that overlooked the large estate that sat around the mansion. Lucy slowly tiptoed up to her, planting herself by her side.

"Hey." Lucy said.

"Hi." Susan replied.

"I believe you." Lucy said.

"Of course you do, you went with me." Susan replied.

"Maybe the entrance disappears and comes back…" Lucy said. Susan smiled, she had been vile to Lucy for so long; she regretted it.

"I keep thinking about her." Susan said.

"Who? Mum?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah" Susan replied. Lucy clasped Susan's hand.

"Me too."

"What do you think she'd say about Narnia?" Susan asked. Lucy giggled.

"Probably that we should never go there again." Lucy replied.

"Probably. But I never did as I was told." Susan replied. Lucy bit her lip, a single tear slid down her cheek.

"I don't know what to do without her." Lucy said. Susan put her arm around her.

"You have me, and Peter, and Edmund." Susan said. Lucy smiled slightly.

"Yeah, I know."

"Even though Edmund's a little shit sometimes." Susan said. Lucy laughed. Susan stood up, encouraging Lucy to do the same. "Let's go see what the boys are up to."

It was midnight, it was pitch black outside and Susan was staring at the ceiling. She slipped out of bed, changing out of her pyjamas and into some clothes. She put on a short black dress, two pairs of tights and a thick cardigan. She picked up her boots but they slipped out of her hands, clattering to the floor.

"Susan! What are you doing?" Lucy asked.

"Going to Narnia." Susan replied. Lucy looked happy, then jumped out of bed. She was already dressed. She was wearing a thick red coat that went to her waist, a black skirt, leggings and some ugg boots.

"Lucy! You're already dressed!" Susan said.

"I knew you were going to go." Lucy replied.

"Come on then" Susan said. Lucy followed, but she tugged at Susan's arm as they passed the boys' rooms.

"They need to come to." Lucy said. Susan nodded.

"What if it isn't open again?" Susan asked. Lucy smiled.

"Doesn't matter, it'll be fun to see Edmund's face." Lucy replied. Lucy ran into the room, all Susan could hear was the boys grumbling. But sure enough, they came out, dressed and ready. Albeit a little bleary eyed.

"Susan, this better be true." Edmund said.

"It can't be… you're a bit old to be making stuff up Susan." Peter said.

"You're still dressed Peter. You must believe me a little." Susan replied.

"For all you know I could just be indulging Lucy." Peter replied.

"Whatever. Come on." Susan replied. They walked into the room together, Susan felt a slight rush of cold air as she pulled the doors open. They all stepped in, Edmund sighed heavily as if to say 'this is ridiculous!' but followed anyway. They burst into the cold, Narnian night.

"This is insane." Edmund said.

"It's like a dream." Peter added. "You were telling the truth…"

"Is that a sorry?" Susan asked playfully.

"Yes" Peter replied. "Wait… where's Lucy?" Lucy was nowhere to be seen. Until a few seconds later when she emerged with four fur coats, one for each of them. She passed them around.

"You'd think one of us would have figured that out, nice one Lucy." Susan said.

"No prob." Lucy replied. There was a loud crash from behind them, Susan had forgotten that Narnia was a dangerous place; and that they perhaps weren't welcome. From nowhere, a giant ogre burst through the trees behind them, thrashing about.

"Get out the way!" Peter shouted, he grabbed Lucy and Susan and pushed them to the ground. The Ogre swung it's arm down and knocked Peter flying into a tree branch; he wasn't moving.

"Peter!" Lucy shouted. She ran to him but the ogre grabbed her by the scruff of her coat. It looked ready to throw her too before an arrow hit it in it's forehead, causing it to collapse to the ground. Lucy landed safely on it's muscular chest. Susan turned to see the source of the arrow… a beaver.

"Oh… um, thank you!" Susan said. The beaver bowed, it was wearing a tiny breastplate, and holding a small bow and a quiver of arrows.

"No problem." the beaver replied in a gruff voice. Edmund practically jumped out of his skin. Peter was staring to wake up.

"I'm ok" he said as Lucy pulled him up.

"Come on, it;s not safe here.: the beaver said, they followed him, hoping he would lead them to safer ground.

They arrived at a small dome like structure, made of twigs, branches leaves and more. It had a small chimney poking out the top that looked like it was made of metal that had been fashioned into that shape.

"Welcome to my humble abode." the beaver said, he had introduced himself as .

"Cheers" Peter said, leading the way in. They all squashed in and sat round the table in the corner.

"Oh! Oh my!" Mrs Beaver said as she came up from their small underground cellar.

"What?" Peter asked.

"Oh! Mr Beaver!" she said. He laughed.

"It's the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve." he said.

"What?" Edmund asked.

"You're very important to us!" Mrs Beaver said. They both sat down at the table. Edmund couldn't help but roll his eyes at the ridiculousness of their situation.

"There is a prophecy." Mr Beaver began. "That says four humans will enter Narnia, two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve. That they will unite with Aslan and save Narnia from the White Witch."

"Who's Aslan?" Lucy asked.

"What's a daughter of Eve?" Edmund asked.

"Aslan is the great Lion, the symbol of hope! He will help bring peace to Narnia. But he can't do it without you! We have to go to the stone table. We'll leave at first light." Mr Beaver said.

"This is ridiculous." Edmund said.

"No it's not - it's important!" Mr Beaver said.

"Come on Ed…." Peter said.

"We're really here to save Tumnus." Susan said.

"Ah… poor Tumnus, she was a good friend of ours." Mrs Beaver replied.

"Was?" Lucy asked.

"Well, she was taken by the Witch. She'll be dead or a statue by now." Mr Beaver said bluntly. Susan didn't really know how to reply, so she didn't.

"But you say we'll help take down this Witch… what do you mean?" Peter asked.

"You will fight in the battle! Alongside the soldiers of Narnia, all our different beasts and creatures. Without the four of you, we cannot win." Mr Beaver replied.

"I don't know if we should get caught up in a war…" Peter replied.

"I think we should! Think about Dad!" Susan said.

"That's why I don't think we should…" Peter replied calmly. Susan looked outraged.

"He would want us to fight for what was right…" Lucy said.

"I'm not having anything to do with this!" Edmund said. "It's all a load of make-believe crap anyway…" he continued. "I'm going out for some air." he finished. Storming out of the dam.

Edmund wandered outside, he wanted to go back through the wardrobe. He tried to remember which way they came.

"That way" he said to himself. Wrapping his coat around him and walking back the way they had come. He'd been walking for five minutes or so when sleigh bells began to ring from behind him. He turned and saw a large sleigh coming straight for him, he dived out of the way; but only just in time. A tall, dramatically beautiful woman stepped out. She stood over him, her sharp eyes taking in his appearance. Then she raised a long staff-like object.

"Stay still." she said. Edmund dared not move, the tip of the staff touched his head; and everything went dark.

"Where's Edmund?" Lucy asked. "He's been out there for ages." They all trundled out, shocked to find he wasn't there.

"Oh brilliant." Peter said, he followed Edmund's tracks, until Mr Beaver stopped him.

"A sleigh has passed through here. There's only one person who uses a sleigh in Narnia." Mr Beaver continued, a solemn tone to his voice.

"The Witch!" Susan said. Mr Beaver nodded gravely.

"We have to follow the tracks!" Peter said.

"We can't!" Mr Beaver shouted back. "We have to go to Aslan."

"I don't give a flying fuck about Aslan! I want to get my brother back." Peter replied.

"She won't harm Edmund! Not until she has all four of you!" Mrs Beaver interjected.

"We'll go back to the dam" Mr Beaver said. "I'll sort you out some weapons and clothes from Badger… he sells his wares down at the Lake Market, I'll go there now. It only operates at night." Mr Beaver continued.

"You should get some sleep." Mrs Beaver said, "do you mind going in the cellar? It's safer."

"No not at all." Lucy replied. Susan and Peter nodded too. They all followed Mr & Mrs Beaver back in the direction of the dam, praying Edmund would be okay.

The next morning, they woke up underground. Mr and Mrs Beaver were sleeping in a small makeshift bed, the children had been on blankets.

"Morning" Peter said as he got up, Mrs Beaver was already packing things up for their trip to find Aslan.

"Hello Peter" Mrs Beaver replied, she has a tiny apron on, she looked strange but Peter didn't say a word.

"What are these?" Peter asked, he picked up a blue ragged shirt, it looked re-enforced somehow. Then a leather tabard.

"Well, your clothes don't look particularly sturdy… and chances are we'll have to do some fighting to get to Aslan. It's all for defensive purposes, we won't be attacking anyone. But they may attack us." Mrs Beaver said.

"What about weapons?" Peter asked.

"They're here." Mr Beaver said, he had gotten up whilst Peter had been admiring his new clothes. Mr Beaver waddled over to a modest pile of weapons. "You can pick." he said. Peter grabbed the long sword straight away, and a shield. They were basic, but good enough until they had a way of getting better weapons.

"Wow" Lucy said. She ran over to them like a child at Christmas. Peter couldn't help but feel bad, he was meant to be looking after his siblings. One was missing, the other two excited at the prospect of danger and war.

"I'm gonna go put these on." Peter said quietly, walking upstairs for some privacy.

"Can I have these?" Lucy asked. She pointed at a set of knives all tucked into a dark brown leather utility belt.

"Yes, of course." Mrs Beaver said, frowning slightly at Lucy's choice.

"I guess I'll take these." Susan said, picking up the bow and quiver of arrows. It was plain, wooden bow that looked as if it could snap at any second, but it looked trustworthy enough.

"Do you know how to use them?" Mr Beaver asked.

"Sort of." Susan replied.

"Come outside." he said. He led Susan outside, they walked for five minutes or so; she was shivering in her clothes, but it still felt slightly warmer than it had been in Narnia. "Look there…" Mr Beaver said. Susan looked at a tree about twenty metres away.

"Hit it." Mr Beaver said.

"I'll try." Susan replied. She slipped the arrow into the bow, pulling hard back on the string and then released it. The arrow cascaded through the air until it made a large cracking sound as it hit it's target.

"I think you'll be fine." Mr Beaver said. They heard a strange humming sound from afar, like whispering.

"What's that noise? It's bloody annoying." Susan said.

"Ghouls" Mr Beaver said, his eyes suddenly wide. He pulled Susan back towards the dam, they were welcomed with the sound of Lucy, screaming for her life.