Chapter 1

Sharia leapt over the boxes, her trailing foot catching on one of them, sending her sprawling onto the filthy dirt. The dark alleyways of Frank were bad places to be, even in the best of times. The reason she was in one of the aforementioned alleys was because she had just been walking along the main street as she usually did every day, when some low-life germs jumped out in front of her, demanding money. When she had refused, they had dragged her into the alleyway and tried to beat her up. She'd given them hell. Now, after reflecting later, she was glad she had took the self-defence lessons since they'd saved her ass too many times to count.

Scrambling to her feet, Sharia quickly sprinted 'round a bend, jumping over a sleeping body as she did so. Her heart was pounding, the feeling of being chased giving her new energy. As she rounded another bend, she noticed a pile of disused boxes outside a small deserted nightclub. Hastily diving into the mess of jumbled boxes, she carefully lay amongst them. Her breath came in short, ragged gasps and her head felt as if it was going to explode. Sharia held her breath as the germs thundered past, jeering in the completely wrong direction. Poking her head out, she quickly checked the area around herself, searching for any immediate threat. Seeing none, she climbed out, already heading back towards the main street. Since she was a child, her mum and dad had drilled into her not to go into the dark alleys and she had promised them she wouldn't. Today wasn't breaking her promise, she had been ambushed and then dragged into the alley so, hey, no promise broken.

As she walked back into the light of main street, she sighed in relief as she saw some FPD walking down the road. After exchanging some brief details about the germs, they were soon on their trail, like foxhounds after a fox. After that, she walked back to her lonely apartment with her hands firmly stuffed into her pockets. As she waited for the lift, Sharia looked over at the receptionist, watching them as they typed away at their keyboard. The soft ping of the elevator announced its entrance so quietly, that she almost missed it. She quickly got in and jabbed her floor number. As the lift began its smooth ascent, she leaned against the wall of the compartment, sighing as she realised how close she had been to becoming a pool of plasma. There was another reason why she had been walking along main street. She had been hoping to find an old warehouse to investigate some goings on inside it.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, she literally sprinted down the corridor, startling the room service lady in the process. After shouting apologies to the room service, she disappeared into her apartment, locking the door behind her. Snapping her computer into action, she dug into her secret stash of chewing gum, plopping a strip on her tongue as she prepared herself to delve into the world of news stories and street rumours. As she worked, she listened to her favourite song, 'Diablo'. Brushing her purple tinged hair out of face, she focused on one story that had happened just over a year ago, just before the new mayor was elected. Her eyes scanned the story, eating up all the information they could get. Her violet eyes narrowed slightly as she read about a red virus that called itself the 'Red Death'. Apparently, this virus had invaded Frank and stolen a DNA bead from the hypothalamus gland and the cop, Osmosis Jones, had stopped this virus and watched as they burned in alcohol.

Sharia gasped as she read that he had used some buildings around the area where she had been as a base of operations. Her jaw dropped as she saw that the nightclub she had been snooping about had been one of his bases. Frantically scribbling on a pad, she wrote down the address, hoping to get to the nightclub the next day. As she looked out the window, she saw it had gone dark and she yawned, realising how tired she was. Crawling onto her bed, she quickly changed into her night wear and snuggled under her quilt, holding a pillow close to her. Little did she know, a tall, red skinned virus had just re-entered Frank, brushing spit off his coat as he shot down Frank's throat on a saliva boat. He was humming 'Fever' as he glided down his gullet, the boat almost leaving the surface of the throat as it hurtled head first into Frank. When the boat was about to crash into the bridge at the beginning of the great City of Frank, the occupant quickly snapped their coat out, so it appeared to have wings, and glided onto the bridge, smirking as he heard the screams and cries of alarm as the boat crashed into the sidewalk. As the virus walked beside the buildings, he ran one long orange glowing index finger across the buildings, making them crackle as they began to burn.

As he walked down the same alley Sharia had been in earlier, he was greeted by the germs with 'Hey boss,' or 'Welcome back boss'. He smiled, brushing his long purple dreads back with his right hand.

"Big Daddy Thrax is back baby. And now he is hotter than ever..."