They rushed through the ventilation system, heading towards the light filtering in through the grate at the end. Abruptly, they found themselves plummeting down an unexpected pitfall, landing on the floor below with a resounding thud. Alerted by the commotion, Vector rose from his seat and turned to face them.

"You? What are you doing here?" He exclaimed as Gru picked himself up.

"I am thinking that is being obvious." Gru remarked, regarding the younger villain with a look that was somewhere between annoyed and tired.

It was then that Vector noticed the shrink ray laying on the floor.

"My shrink ray!" He exclaimed in outrage. "How did you get past my defenses?" He demanded.

"That is for me to be knowing, and you to find out." Gru replied with a smile and a subtle gesture, silently signaling his minions to draw their weapons.

Vector withdrew a bit as twin laser sights settled upon his forehead, his hands in the air and his eyes glaring daggers as Gru proceeded to retrieve the shrink ray from the floor, hoisting it over his shoulder.

"You may think you've won Gru, but I know where you live! I'll have that ray back here by nightfall!" He remarked.

"Then I had better make sure you cannot follow me." Gru replied, producing his freeze ray from within the folds of his jacket.

Without hesitation, he pulled the trigger, encasing the younger villain in a large block of ice. Briefly eyeing his handiwork, another thought occurred to Gru.

Putting away the freeze ray, he then removed the shrink ray from its capsule and proceeded to fire that as well, shrinking Vector down to a miniscule size. He would likely thaw faster as a result. But at that size, what would it really matter?

With that done, he packed up the ray once more, slinging it over his shoulder as before.

"Come along minions." He said as he made his way towards the stairs. "We've work to do."


(A.N) As I was watching the movie, I couldn't help thinking how easy it would've been to simply take out Vector right then and there. I mean, his automated defense system was down, he didn't appear to be armed at the time. And even if he was, he certainly wasn't prepared for any surprise attacks.

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