No one has written any Aaron Stone Fanfiction in about a year so… for any Aaron Stone fans this is for you. Short and sweet to start off. If I get some reviews or readers I'll continue.

Chapter 1. Time's running out

"Aaron, you have to shut down Kronis's time machine. If you don't it could be the end of the world." Stan said. "Aaron look at me, this is important."

"Kinda busy right now!" Aaron replied rolling to the left to avoid a bullet.

Stan glared down at Aaron. "But Aaron-"

"Not now Stan!" He yelled rolling the right to avoid a shot from a laser. "Stan duck!"

Stan ducked down just as a bullet whizzed over his head. "What's your plan Aaron Stone?"

"Can you help?" Aaron replied shooting a laser out of his gauntlet.

"Hold on one second I'm analyzing…" Stan said, a hand placed to his ear. "No, they are 100 % human."

"Great, there goes that plan. Ok, I'll take down the five guards. Can you dismantle the time machine?" He asked. Aaron jumped over a barrel as it rolled towards him. He ducked under a roundhouse kick from a guard and punched him square in the nose. He felt the crack of the guards nose breaking as blood began to flow. Aaron jumped back as the guard threw a punch at him. He took advantage of the guards punch and kicked his feet out from under him. The guard fell like a bag of sand and Aaron moved on to the next guard. "Stan!" Aaron called roundhouse kicking his 3rd guard; knocking him down.

"Good job Aaron!" Stan called.

"Thanks, but that isn't what I wanted to know. Can you dismantle the machine?" Aaron dodged a punch from his 4th guard and rolled to the ground as the guard starting shooting rounds at him. Stan ducked as another bullet whizzed over his head.

"I don't need or desire a buzz cut!" Stan yelled to guard. The guard instantly rounded on him shooting bullet after bullet. Aaron came up behind the guard and grabbed his arms. Aaron flipped the guard to the ground and kicked the gun to the corner of the room. "One left Aaron; and no, I can't dismantle the machine without blowing this entire place up!" Stan called giving him a thumbs up.

Aaron turned and kicked the guard right in a place you don't want to know. The guard fell to the floor withering in pain.

From somewhere off to Aaron's right someone started to clap. "Congratulations Aaron, you have defeated all my guards, but you will never defeat my machine." Kronis said. Suddenly Kronis and the time machine disappeared.

"It's ok Aaron, you'll get it next time!" Stan said.

"If there is a next time." Aaron muttered.

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