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Coughing filled the room the second Danielle entered, dust flying up as she moved the door. It slammed shut after her, causing her to jump slightly and look back. Slowly, she turned back to facing forward and let out another cough. She walked forward, towards the rows of lights she saw filling the room.

This was the first thing she did after seeing that Earth was safe from the Disasteroid. Vlad would never come back after that, surely. At least, she hoped he wouldn't. It would be an incredible curse to have him show up, but she just had to know what Vlad had been up to prior to the incident.

Dani walked forward further until she was in line with the first row of lights. She approached one of the light capsules and placed a gloved hand against it, smearing the condensation on the cold, glowing-light-blue containers. Dani let out a small yelp and pulled back in utter shock. There, behind the glass, she saw a blond boy. He looked like he was sleeping, but Dani knew better from watching the youngest of them grow nearly two years prior.

He was a clone.

"Vlad, what did you do?" Dani whispered. She grabbed the information chart next to it and read the information.

Genetic Replica- Male (GRM)
Replica #382
Estimated Completion Date: June 17th

The words 'June 17th' were the final in a long line of dates, ranging from February of that year until then.

Dani searched her mind. Today was the seventeenth, wasn't it? Or maybe even the eighteenth.

Mustering up her courage, she punched the glass, shattering it and causing the electric blue incubation slime to crash out in a wave at her. She caught the boy, who seemed to be about her age, as he fell. She didn't take note of the goo now in her pitch black hair and on her face and clothes. Right now, this boy was more important than anything trivial like that.

Dani carefully propped the boy's right arm around her shoulders so she could lift him. He would need help understanding who he was when he woke up.

A crash signaled the demolition of the door Danielle had entered, and the light from outside came streaming in like a sign from heaven. Many smaller lights came rushing in, like fireflies in the relatively dark room. Men in combat uniforms ran inside, immediately taking note of Danielle and the boy. Five of them zeroed in on her, and Dani saw that the lights came from machine guns.

"Freeze!" an authoritative voice commanded. It was the man with a gun closest to her. Dani did just as told, not knowing what else to do.

"What do we do?" one whispered to his comrade. "They're kids."

"We have to take them in," another whispered.

Dani looked worried. "What's going on? Who are you?" she asked, looking at each of the five men and trying to see past their gas masks.

Before any of the men could reply, Danielle was hit in the neck by a dart, and she went down.

Everything was fuzzy when Danielle opened her eyes, but the fluorescent lights were fairly obvious in her sight. She put a hand on her head, trying to remember where she had fallen asleep. Being homeless wasn't an exact science.

Then it hit her.

Dani shot up, blinking rapidly to clear her vision. She looked around as her vision cleared and promptly saw a man in a navy suit. He was young, probably in his mid- maybe late- twenties. He had a cold look on his face as he observed her, and he stood up as she woke, declaring his authority.

"Hello, Number 1," he said to her.

"What?" Dani asked, still discombobulated. "I have a name, you know."

The man barely took what she said in, manipulating her words to his advantage. "Yes, you are the Cognitively Advanced Testing Experiment, C-A-T-E, Cate, if you will."

"No," Danielle replied. "My name is Dani."

The man sighed. "Come with me, Cate," he said, moving to exit the room. When Danielle made no move to follow, he turned back to her and raised an eyebrow. "Are you coming?" he asked harshly.

Hesitantly and reluctantly, Danielle hopped out of her bed and followed the man. They walked out and down the long, dark hallway, school-like fluorescent lights lining the sides at the ceiling. "Where are we going?" she demanded, though they didn't stop walking.

The man chuckled. "You really are the first, aren't you?" he asked sarcastically. "You are in an FBI training facility, a new division dealing with ghosts after those idiots, the Guys in White, got the boot. We're here to help people like you."

"What… does that have to do with me?" Dani asked hesitantly, pretending to be innocent. "I don't understand."

"That will be explained when you go to see Melinda," the man declared. They walked through some sort of training room, but no one was in it. They continued walking, the man ignoring Danielle's questions until they made it to a door, different from all the rest in that it was beige and made of wood, not silver metal.

The man knocked on the door before walking inside, revealing a woman with dark brown hair and eyes sitting in a ruby red chair. "This is the first one, Melinda," the man declared. "Cate, this is Melinda. She'll be asking you a few questions."

With that, the man left, and Melinda stood, sizing Dani up. She walked forward and around the teen girl, surveying her features. Melinda picked up a piece of Dani's hair and let it go before letting out a sigh. "Well getting this goo off of you is going to be fun," she said sarcastically. "There is a shower through the door. I expect all of the incubation fluid to be off of your body when you come out; I will deal with your hair. There is a robe in the bathroom; you will wear that when you come out. Drop your clothes in the chute; they'll be clean in a few hours. Now go."

Slowly, Dani walked to the other end of the room and stepped through the door. The bathroom was rather pretty, decorated in shades of white and light tan. A pink robe hung up on a hook next to the shower along with a white towel. The aforementioned chute was located next to the sink, and Dani hesitantly began to remove her clothes. She dropped them in the chute before getting in the shower and letting the hot water wash away her stress.

Dani walked out of the bathroom in the pink robe once she was finished, her hair dripping wet with just a little bit of blue goo left in it. Melinda was in her red, rotating, triangle-shaped chair, waiting for Danielle to get out. "Come with me," she ordered, leading Dani off to a corner of the room set up like a hair salon for one person. Danielle caught on and sat in the chair, leaning her head back and letting Melinda wash it.

"So what's going on here?" Danielle asked. "What does this have to do with me? Is this about Vlad?"

"So you do know about your creator," Melinda mused, leading Danielle to a mirror to dry and style her hair.

"Answer my question."

Melinda laughed lightly at the girl's impatience. "After I finish your hair," she promised. She cut, dried and styled Danielle's hair into two low pigtails that fell in front of her shoulders. Then, she led Danielle to a make-up counter of sorts and sat Dani down facing away from the mirror. "Your questions?" Melinda asked expectantly as she began doing Dani's make-up

"Where am I?"

"You are at the FBI's Ghost Interactions Unit Training Center," Melinda informed her.


"Cate, you are a clone made up of the combined DNA of Daniel Fenton and Vladimir Masters," Melinda stated. "Your creator, Vladimir Masters, was corrupt and tried to kill many people."

"I know all that," Dani replied. "And my name is Dani."

"Hm… it seems you've retained Daniel Fenton's memories…" Melinda noted. "And you know about your creator."

"No, no, no," Danielle objected. "I mean, yes, I know about my creator; he's a psychopath, and I'm lucky that Danny found me and saved me, but… well, yes, I have Danny's memories until the point of his DNA being taken to create me, but my name is Danielle- Dani with an 'I'."

"Interesting…" Melinda mused. "Are you the first clone?"

"No, the first eight died," Dani replied in a quiet voice, recalling her brothers.

"Then you are the ninth… out of hundreds," Melinda whispered in thought. "Do you know what day you were awakened?"

"Like, two years ago," Dani shrugged. "Now why am I here?"

"You and your fellow clones are here to be trained, to learn to control your powers," Melinda told her. "We have a few tests set up to test what you can do."

Dani looked up to the woman. "What happened?" she asked. "I don't understand… what was Vlad planning?"

"We suspect he was going to start a war with the clones," Melinda explained. "We seized the clones, and we are trying to see if they can be salvaged after not being tended to for what appears to be a week. We mistook you as a clone trying to follow Masters's example with the others."

Dani snorted lightly. "Please. I would never follow Vlad again," she declared. "I learned that in the first month." She looked up to Melinda with an angry darkness in her eyes. "If you dare try to take advantage of these clones like Vlad did, I will kill you myself and send Danny after you."

Melinda cocked her head slightly to the side. "Understood," she promised. She pulled away and turned the girl's chair to face the mirror.

Dani looked absolutely shocked. With her hair down in pigtails and make-up on her face, she looked very feminine. She had never worn make-up before and without it looked quite like a female form of Danny. However, with the make-up and her hair pulled down, she looked like Danielle, not Danny. Just Danielle. "Whoa," the dark-haired teen whispered.

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