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Danny sat in his hospital bed, moving the pudding on his plate around with a spoon. He wasn't exactly in the mood to eat, but the doctors and nurses were insisting he eat. Why, he wasn't sure, but doctors were usually right. Instead of keeping his mind on his stomach, Danny could only think of the girl in the operating room.

The ambulances had arrived within minutes of getting the call, he, Danielle, and Andrew being the first taken to the hospital with their various wounds. Then there were the guards that were still alive and the clones, all undergoing surgery to remove the mind control chips and put on oxygen to clear their lungs of any ectoranium.

"You know, you have been in the hospital way too much lately," Jazz said as she charged into the room without knocking. She approached her brother, a sad smile on her face. "Mom and Dad are talking with the police right now, so they sent me ahead to check on you."

Danny only nodded, still fiddling with the pudding absentmindedly. "Has anyone said anything about my kids?" he finally asked, looking up at his sister. "I need to know if they're okay."

Jazz only sighed and pursed her lips, sitting on the side of the bed. "What happened in there, Danny?" she questioned. "They just found so many people unconscious. You and Andrew were the only ones awake when the paramedics arrived."

"Vlad was running the GIU," Danny stated. "He put a mind control chip in each of their heads and turned them into puppets when I showed up. The guards were all taken down first thing, so Andrew and I just had to fight our way through it until one of us found a way to turn it off. I managed to get Ellie free, and… well, she shot Vlad, and Vlad shot her."

The redhead hugged her baby brother, knowing he would need all the support he could get. "Can I get anything for you?" she asked.

"Ellie's status."

A sigh escaped Jazz, and she nodded. "I'll see what I can do," she agreed, heading out of the room and up to a nurse.


Danny turned his head to see Danielle sitting in a chair, wearing a yellow hospital gown with pink horses all over it. Briefly, Danny wondered if he was hallucinating. "E-Ellie?" he finally asked. "What are you doing here? You should be in bed, resting."

Dani smiled at her father and glanced out the window. "The moon sure looks pretty," she declared quietly. She turned back to Danny. "I just got out of surgery. Still kind of waking up." She gave Danny a nod. "So should you. The longer you sleep, the harder it will be to wake up."

"What?" Danny asked in confusion. "I'm awake, I'm talking to you."

"Sure," Danielle replied softly, almost condescendingly as she got up and walked over to Danny. She planted a kiss on his forehead. "I love you, Daddy."

And in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

Danielle's eyes slowly opened to see a doctor looking over her. "Where am I?" she asked quietly, still weak from the blood loss.

"You're in the hospital," the doctor declared. "You were shot and in surgery. That was two days ago- you've been in a coma ever since. You should lie down and get some sleep."

Of course, Dani ignored him and sat right up. "I've been asleep for two days," she stated simply. "I don't think I need any more. Where's Danny?"

The doctor pursed his lips nervously. "He is in another hospital room with severe internal bleeding," he explained. "We believe that while fighting, he was his a few too many times and fractured a rib that punctured his lung. Add that to all the ectoranium he breathed in and… I'm sorry, but it's not promising."

Any coloring in her face that Dani had regained quickly faded away. "What?" she asked quietly. "No, nonono, that can't be right. He seemed fine when he saved me!"

"That was the adrenaline," the doctor stated. "Now, miss, you should-"

"No!" Dani quickly objected, getting up and running out of the room. She charged down the hall, counting on her instincts to guide her. The doctor calling after her registered faintly in her head, but she paid him no heed. She slid to a stop in front of a viewing window and saw Danny lying in a bed all hooked up to wires and tubes and a respirator.

Before Dani could walk into the room, two nurses grabbed her arms to keep her from struggling while the doctor injected her with a sedative. Slowly, despite her screaming and thrashing, her world faded to black.

The next time Dani woke up, Jack and Maddie were by her side. "Hey there, kiddo," Maddie said soothingly. "How are you?"

"Is Danny awake yet?"

Maddie and Jack shared a sad look before shaking their heads. The tears brimming in Dani's eyes displayed just how they all felt. "He's going to be fine," Jack promised, having no idea whether his promise would be kept or not.

"Can I see him?"

The couple nodded. "Sure, kiddo."

As the trio walked out of the hospital room, Danielle was graced with an attack-hug that nearly took her to the ground. Stunned, Dani looked down to see Melody. "Hey there," Dani smiled, hugging the girl back.

"You're okay!" Melody cheered, hugging Dani tighter around the middle and causing the teen to wince. "We were all so worried about you."

Danielle pet the girl's hair lovingly. "Well don't worry. I'm just fine, and I'm going to make sure you and the others are, too."

Melody blinked slowly at Dani. "But… what about Daddy? Is he gonna be okay?"

Dani crouched down to Melody's height. "Daddy is going to be just fine," she promised. "In fact, your big sis is going to check on him right now."

"Okay," the redhead nodded, letting Dani head off to see Danny.

The walk down the hall seemed endless, and it felt like everyone had their eyes on her. They knew where she was going, who she was planning to see. And then there was the door. Bland, blue, terrifying. Still, Dani pushed it open and walked inside. She sat down on the edge of the bed and held her father's hand.

"Please wake up," she whispered, giving his hand a squeeze. Much to her surprise, Danny squeezed back, a small glow of green coming from their shared hands. The ghost girl grinned and held Danny's hand tighter and tighter, the glow growing until Danny woke up with a gasp. "DANNY!" Danielle cheered, wrapping her arms around Danny's neck in a hug.

Danny only hugged the girl back as tight as could be, neither showing signs of their previous injuries. "I'm so glad you're okay," the two chorused. Of course, the duo burst into laughter at that. The father and daughter simply sat like that for an immeasurable amount of time, switching between laughing and crying at random rates.

"It's okay," Danny promised, petting Danielle's hair. "He's gone. You're safe."

"Daddy?" a quiet voice asked. The four turned their attention to the door and saw Lizzie, still holding the teddy bear with its head removed. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine, Lizzie," Danny promised. "What are you doing out of bed? You should be resting."

Lizzie shook her head and ran up to Danny. "The doctor said I didn't need any more oz-ee-gin," she explained, fumbling to pronounce the word 'oxygen.' She jumped up to give Danny a hug.

Knock, knock. A doctor walked into the room. "Alright, visiting hours are over; it's time for the cl- children- to get back to bed," she declared.

"Alright," Dani nodded, taking her younger sister's hand. "Come on, Lizzie, we'll see Daddy in the morning."

Danny smiled and laid back, thinking of how lucky he was to have such a loving family.

"But Da-ad," the whining voice of six-year-old Xander Fenton rang in Danny's ears. "I'm old enough to take care of myself! Just make Lily go!"

Sam turned in her seat to look back at her two children. "You both are going, and that is final," she stated kindly. "Besides, you'll get to see Ellie and your nieces and nephews."

"Why am I Haley's aunt?" three-year-old Lily asked. "She's older than me."

Danny checked the rearview mirror to address his children. "You can be an aunt with a niece or nephew older than you," he declared, turning his attention back to the road ahead. "Now, your mother and I have to be at the conference, but if it's an emergency, feel free to call."

Xander rolled his eyes. "I'm not a baby," he declared. Grumbling, he added in, "I don't even know why I need to go to this place…"

"Because Ellie serves dessert first," Sam half-joked. When the kids gasped, their eyes going wide from their secret getting out, both parents burst out laughing.

The car pulled into a parking space, and the four walked into what was a mattress factory so many years ago. The interior was no longer bland and cold, but warm and welcoming. The main floor looked a little like a gymnastics center, trampolines and foam pits and a large open space available to them. Lily took off like a rocket to the trampolines, Xander following slowly after.

Danny smiled at his children and turned to the check-in desk. Behind it stood Dash, carefully checking a large calendar to make sure everything was in order while balancing a baby boy on his hip. "Hey there," Danny said, causing the former jock to look up.

"Oh, hey guys," Dash smiled, shifting the baby to his other hip. "I take it you're dropping off Xander and Lily?"

"Bingo," Sam nodded. She smiled at the baby, something she never would have done in high school. "How's my baby grandson doing?"

Dash looked at the baby and grinned. "His teeth are starting to grow in, so little Daniel isn't exactly a happy camper right now," he declared. He looked back to Danny and asked seriously, "So how's your mom holding up?"

"She's… managing," Danny said, nodding slowly. It had been two months since his father's heart attack and subsequent death, and everyone was pitching in to make Maddie feel better. Instantly, the halfa changed the subject. "So where's Ellie? I haven't seen her in a while."

"Oh, she's downstairs in one of the classrooms," Dash explained simply. "She's decided to start offering tutoring here."

Danny laughed. "I wish I could have signed up when I started high school," he joked. "Unfortunately, we've got to be in Chicago in an hour, so we should probably head off."

"Alright, we'll take good care of the kids," Dash nodded, allowing Danny and Sam to get back to their car, both sparing one last look at their kids having fun before leaving the GIU.

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