TheBlueVampireQueenofAbiland: Haha, it's all alright. And I feel like it's easy for anyone to be oblivious given the right ingredients. As for the jinxing thing, I feel like Danielle would do that more than Danny. When paired with Danny, Danielle reverts back to a child-like mind while Danny takes on that paternal instinct. And yes, seizures are bad- very, very bad.

black robin: Danielle will have occasional problems due to this, so the seizure probably won't be a one-time thing, but I plan on this being like people with epilepsy in real life: the seizures will be sporadic and have very little warning.

Pterodactyl: I think any profession for any personality is valid given the right reasons. Also, many states allow you to have a driver's licence or become a police officer if your epilepsy is under control with medications. However, she will never be able to become an astronaut, which is part of the reason I've posed this question. I do appreciate your critical eye, though. Thanks for the review!

Both Danny and Danielle were loaded into the ambulance, the latter's seizing having finally ceased. No one had been allowed in the ambulance with the two, leaving Sam to drag Tucker and Valerie to her car and follow.

"Why is she coming with us?" Tucker questioned.

"Yeah, why are you coming with us?" Sam asked, glancing to the backseat where Valerie sat. "You tried to kill Danny." And anyone who tried to kill her boyfriend was no friend of hers.

"Danielle is my friend, and at one time, Danny was, too," Valerie stated. "This is faster than my hover board- I take it you know about that."

"We knew on the first day," Tucker said, shooting Valerie a strange look. He let out a nervous sigh and began tapping his hands on his thighs. "What do you think happened?" he questioned.

Sam sighed, searching her mind for biology lessons from two years ago. "I don't know what happed to Danielle, but I think Danny passed out from shock," she decided.

Valerie pondered this for a moment before her eyes widened. "Cognitively Advanced…" she whispered.

"What was that?"

"Cognitively Advanced Testing Experiment," Valerie repeated. "That was her testing name… and on the first day of school, Cate was asking Ms. Akartha all these weird questions about brain usage, and Ms. Akartha said it could cause blackouts and seizures. What if that's what's happening to Danielle?"

Sam's eyebrows furrowed. "What does Cate have to do with Danielle?"

"You… you don't know?" Valerie asked in shock. "Guys, Cate is Danielle. I thought she would have at least told you and Danny."

"She didn't tell any of us," Tucker replied. He, Sam, and Valerie all shared a look before Sam slammed on the gas.

Danny's eyes slowly fluttered open to reveal his parents and Jazz. She must have come back from college to visit. Now where was Danielle?


The thought snapped Danny wide awake, and he started to get up, only to have his father gently push him back down on the bed. "Where is Danielle?" Danny demanded. "Is she okay?"

"We don't know; no one's letting us see her," Maddie explained, but Danny wouldn't have it.

Danny pulled himself out of bed again, fighting against his father. "I have to see her!" he yelled, struggling to get to the door.

Suddenly, the door flew open, three doctors rushing in. While his father and two of the doctors managed to pull him over to the bed and hold him down, the third doctor injecting him with some clear liquid. Instantly, Danny's resolve faded, his body going numb. The doctors left, and Danny slowly realized that his powers weakened the sedative to some extent. He was still conscious, but he would be forced to lay there until the sedative wore off and he regained control of his muscles.

"Danny, they won't tell us anything about Danielle," Jazz said, knowing that the sedative likely wasn't strong enough to render a halfa unconscious. "I think they figured out that she's… different from other halfas and will only let you in."

"Mom and Dad know," Danny croaked, his voice raspy from the lack of muscle control.

"Well, they're citing that since we're not direct relatives, we can't see her," Jazz explained.

"Help me up," Danny begged. "I have to see her."

The other three Fentons sighed. "I'm sorry, Danny, but you passed out, and you just got that sedative," Maddie reasoned. "Wait it out."

Reluctantly, Danny settled down, his mind still racing with thoughts about his daughter. How could he be so stupid? Dani had hit her head, and he just let her keep fighting! What kind of father was he?

"Hey, there, Danny," a kind voice said. Danny tilted his head to see Sam walking into the room. His parents and Jazz had left to give the pair some privacy. "How are you feeling?"

Danny took in a shaky breath and responded, "I just need to find Danielle. I need to see her."

Sam sighed, having the same thoughts as his family. "Danny, you need to breathe, rest, recover before you see Danielle," she warned him. "If you really want to see her when you have your strength back, you can, but you passed out from the shock of seeing what happened to Danielle. Think about what may happen."

Danny let out a reluctant sigh and conceded to what Sam requested. Or at least he tried. Thinking about Danielle was all he could do. "Do you know what caused it?"

Sam shook her head, lips pursed. "Like your parents and sister said: they won't tell us anything. I'm sorry, but we won't know until you're strong enough to go see her."

"I'm strong enough," Danny insisted, trying to get up again.

Sam sighed, knowing that fighting him on this would prove fruitless. "Alright, let's get you your clothes," she agreed. If Danielle was awake, it would likely make her worry to see Danny in a hospital gown as well.

Slowly, the two made their way to the reception desk, where a secretary looked rather surprised to see the two dark-haired teens. "May I help you?" she asked.

"I'm… I'm looking for my daughter, Danielle. She had a seizure," Danny managed, choking on the final word.

"Mr. Fenton," a male voice said simply from a short distance away. Danny turned away to see a man in blue scrubs and a stethoscope hung around his neck. "I am Danielle's doctor, Dr. Erikson. Your daughter's seizure ended long before the ambulance arrived, though she has remained unconscious. Her brain activity is off the chart, meaning that we'll likely have to continue to monitor her to see if this was a one-time incident or if it's something more serious, like epilepsy."

Danny swallowed his fears and followed the doctor into Danielle's room. She looked peaceful, lying under the sterile, white sheets. Since she was still under pediatric care, her hospital gown was a pale yellow with pale pink lining and cute animals on it like bears and sea otters. Her snow white hair had been let out of its pigtails and lay around her shoulders, plastered to her forehead by sweat. Breathing tubes were kept under her nose, an IV was stuck in her arm, and some sort of monitor was clamped over her left forefinger, but other than that, the sensors and monitors were all hidden.

"Is she… okay?" Danny asked, not knowing what to think of Dani's state.

"She will be fine; we just need to monitor her and decide whether or not we need to put her on any sort of medication." After a brief moment, the doctor went on, "I'll leave you two alone. If she wakes up, have her stay in bed and don't let her think so much. There wasn't any brain damage that we could detect, but the seizure could cause future problems if she pushes herself too far- mentally or physically.

"Understood," Danny nodded, walking up closer to Dani as the doctor left. He sat down in the chair near the bed, pulling it closer so his knees almost touched the bedframe. "Hey, there, kiddo," Danny whispered, petting the girl's hair away from her eyes. "I swear, if this is Vlad's fault, I'll-"

"Daddy?" the quiet, softened version of Danielle's voice entered Danny's ears. Danny watched as her green eyes slowly opened, now dull compared to their usual hue. Her eyes slowly surveyed the room. "Daddy, where am I?" she asked, still tired.

Danny licked his lips and replied, "You're at the hospital, kiddo… You had a seizure."

The girl didn't look surprised for some reason. Just a bit sad. "Oh," she whispered, sinking into the bed a bit. "I wish I could be surprised."

"What did Vlad do to you?" Danny whispered.

"It's… it's nothing, Danny," Danielle promised. "Or at least… I don't know of anything." It was a lie. It was something Vlad had done, and she knew exactly what. He programmed her to be impossibly smart, and in that, he created a ticking time bomb.

Danny let out a breath and leaned over, kissing Danielle on the forehead. Part of him was more than happy to have Vlad ruled out, seeing how difficult it would be to get near him, but the other half was depressed to be back to square one. "You really need to rest, kiddo," he told her. "Get back to bed; don't think too much or try to get up."

"Alright, Daddy," Dani agreed, lying back in the sheets. She looked like she was still a bit delusional, as Danny could tell when she asked, "Where are my brothers and sisters?"

Danny's eyebrows furrowed. "You don't… have any siblings, kiddo," Danny reminded her.

The girl hesitated for just a moment before responding, "Right…"

"I'm going to get you through this, Danielle," he promised. "And you're gonna be okay. I'm gonna find out who did this to you and-"

"Danny," Danielle interrupted in a whisper. "No one did this to me. It was a flaw in my design, and the way I've been training, this outcome isn't surprising."

Danny frowned, a glare out into nothing setting on his face. "Your training pushed you to this?" he asked, ideas floating into his head. Without waiting for a response, he went on, "Wait here; I'm going to send my parents and your Aunt Jazz in."

A single kiss on the girl's head signaled Danny's departure. The teen headed out, and Danny approached his family. "I need you guys to keep a watch on Danielle," he told them. "Don't let her move or think too much. I need to talk to someone." With that, Danny transformed and flew up into the air. Checking his watch, Danny saw that school was just about to let out. Perfect.

Danny touched down in the Ghost 101 classroom and immediately marched up to Andrew. He picked the man up by the lapels and pushed him against the whiteboard, causing the few students left in the room to gasp, staring wide-eyed at the angry halfa and the teacher. "What did you do to her?" he growled, his voice dropping at least an octave.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Andrew lied smoothly.

"Bullshit," Danny hissed, pushing the man harder against the way. "You knew your training would push her to this, and you said nothing."

"Mr. Fenton, I suggest you leave now and go check on your daughter," Andrew sneered, glaring back at the halfa to show he was unafraid.

Danny released the man and took a step back, knowing that he was right. "I'm not going to let you keep doing this to her," he growled. And as quickly as he had come, the halfa was gone.

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