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Danny easily lifted Danielle out of the car bridal-style and began carrying her through the crowds of paparazzi. She leaned her head on his shoulder, weak and tired from the seizure and all the blood that had been taken from her for testing. Now, they were finally at Fenton Works, and the duo, Danny's parents, sister, Sam, Tucker, and Valerie were ready to be there. The door was locked behind them, barely keeping the press out, and Danny carried Danielle up to his room. He tucked her under the covers of his bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead, realizing she was asleep.

"Goodnight, kiddo," he whispered before turning off the light and heading back downstairs.

"-art a war," Valerie finished just as Danny came downstairs. The conversation suddenly stopped as the room's occupants turned to him.

Danny's eyes wandered the room in confusion. "So… what are you guys talking about?" he asked. This wasn't going to end well in his mind.

Everyone else looked around at each other, trying to figure out what to say. "Well…" Tucker began nervously. "You… you're so angry about what happened with Danielle. We're worried that you're going to start a big fight with the GIU."

"I will if I have to," Danny stated sternly, almost darkly. "I'm going to get custody of Danielle, even if I have to fight them for her. They knew what they were doing when they kept on pushing her, and they didn't care." He paused, true realization taking over his features for the first time that day. "If I have to, I'll take them to court."

It was easy to see that they were not going to change his mind, so there was only one thing to do. "You're going to need an impartial psychologist," Jazz said. "And by impartial, I mean a big time closet fan of Danny Phantom. No one else would dare let a sixteen-year-old be the legal guardian of a fourteen-year-old girl, blood relation or not."

"There have been lawyers interested in representing us after the Disasteroid in case some sort of incident ever arose," Maddie sighed. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Absolutely," Danny replied with a nod. "I can't let her stay with those people."

Danielle jogged through the mountainous outskirts of Amity Park, twenty other clones following her. It had been three weeks since Danielle had her seizure, and she was more than happy to be back leading her brothers and sisters, guiding them to a better life. They all deserved a chance to be normal, and taking a jog outside of the GIU facilities might help with that.

Taking a glance around, Danielle frowned as her gaze fell upon her bracelet. It cancelled out her powers, and the other clones were wearing identical bracelets. Why Melinda and Andrew insisted upon the bracelets for a jog, she didn't know, but their reasoning rarely made sense.

"Alright, everyone, we're taking a break!" she called back over her shoulder. She slowed to a stop, turning around to see the others as they caught up. Some were further back than others, but they all managed to stay relatively close. It was definitely an improvement from when many of them had first come out of their incubation chambers. Joe, a brown-haired, grey-eyed seventeen-year-old had a frown fixed on his face, as per usual. Danielle had been horrified when she learned Joe had previously threatened Evan, but this run might manage to calm him down.

Melody, a plucky little smile on her face, ran up to the edge of the cliff and peered over, hoping to see the ground below. However, the view wasn't quite what she expected. The redhead let out a scream and ran back to Danielle, grabbing her arm and dragging her to the cliff.

"Mel, what is it?" Danielle asked, screeching to a halt at the edge of the cliff. She peered over the edge as well and felt her face drain of blood. There, lying on a small, unstable ledge was an unconscious man who had been attempting to free climb the mountain. "Oh boy," she whispered.

She and Melody ran back to the group, both looking rather worried. Danielle got to the ground and began digging in her backpack, pulling out the climbing gear Andrew had insisted she pack. She glanced up at Joe, knowing he would be strong enough to help but light enough for the others to lift. "Joe, you're giving me a hand on this. There's an unconscious man on a ledge," she explained. She began hooking herself up, tossing the second set of gear to Joe for him to strap on.

"Melody, call 911," she ordered. "Everyone else, grab a rope and get ready to lower Joe and me down!" This day was so not going as planned.

Joe and Dani slowly climbed down the cliff, wary of any loose rocks that could threaten the stability of the ledge. "How are we gonna get this guy up?" Joe asked as they made it down to the ledge.

Unfortunately, Dani had really only thought to the point of getting down to the ledge. "Uh, we-we should pick him up like we're just helping him to stand, and then we can each use our free arm to climb," she offered, racking her brain for a better idea as she and Joe implemented her plan.

The two walked back to the wall, only to have the ledge give out from under them. Dani went down first with a little scream as her side of the ledge fell apart first, Joe realizing what was happening and scrambling to grab a quick hold of the ledge. By the time the team above them had managed to stop Danielle from falling, she was about twenty feet down, too far to be of any use. Joe on the other hand had been spun around from the fall, his back crashing into the rock as he was unable to grab the edge fast enough. Still, he managed to keep a firm grip on the man's middle.

Instantly, Danielle was climbing up, trying to reach Joe and help him get flipped back around without dropping the man. Much to her surprise though, Joe unlatched himself from his climbing gear and instead buckled the man in just as Danielle got to him. A smile crossed her face, seeing how much Joe had changed in the span of five minutes. She held out her hand, and Joe accepted, slowly turning him around to face the mountain once again. Slowly but surely, the two climbed back up, the clones up above giving them a boost as they carefully checked not to hurt the hiker any further.

By the time the three made it back up, Joe had a smile on his face. He had helped someone, and it wasn't that hard to tell that he liked the feeling.

"He's got a strong pulse," Dani assured the others. "He probably just slipped and hit his head."

The group hung around until the medics got there, which was somehow after the press, having heard that a group of kids saved a man. Only in America.

Sadly enough, they were all too tired to realize they were in their GIU uniforms- the same type that Dani had worn during the presentation in Ghost 101 three weeks ago.

So this was a rather interesting chapter to write, especially after deleting Dani's session with Bertrand. I was hoping to convey a sense of just how messed up Vlad left her while also showing a bit of the dependence many abused children and women (and even men) have towards their abusers. Danielle knows that Vlad was wrong to keep her with him and to use her the way he did, but she doesn't realize that all that he was doing to her was abuse. It was her trust of Danny outweighing her trust of Vlad that got her to leave. Before, she would have believe nearly anything Vlad told her, but forming a bond with Danny made her believe almost anything Danny told her. Hm... is anyone catching where I'm going with this?

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