Chapter One

Blaise filled his tea cup with fresh liquid and returned to his seat across the table from Rita Skeeter whose quill waited at the read for the story to continue. He took a long sip of the warm tea as he collected his thoughts once again.

"Now where was I again? I believe I was getting around to where our relations started to take off, correct?" Blaise asked. Rita nodded eagerly and leaned forward on her elbows as not to miss a word of the story of the century and of her career. "Yes, well, I believe it did start something like this…"


Blaise thumbed through the book on the table in front of him slowly, not really reading anything on the old dusty pages. Loud footsteps abruptly stopped and a form taking shape before him shook him from his stupor and brought his eyes upward to where Harry stood on the opposite side of the table. Harry shifted awkwardly on his feet as the Slytherin drew his attention upward with a questioning look in his dark eyes.

"I just wanted to see if you were going to be done with that book any time soon. I need to get caught up on my potions essay for Snape and haven't even begun to meet the length requirement for it," Harry said. Blaise snapped the book closed suddenly and easily shoved it towards the Gryffindor easily without a word. "Thanks, I guess?" Blaise watched Harry walk off; his Quidditch toned muscles rippling under his clothing that actually looked like it was bought new and actually fitted his taught form.

"Potter! That book won't do you much good," Blaise interjected. Harry turned back to face him with a confused expression written all over his face. "I know where they keep the books that are better suited for NEWT level potions. Come on then, Potter." Blaise pushed himself away from the table with Harry following slowly behind him while keeping several strides of distance between them. Blaise shoved a stray chair out of his way when he made the corner into a mostly unused aisle of books and easily pulled on in particular off its resting place from the shelving.

"Thanks for the help," Harry said. Suspicion hung on the words but the thoughts that racked his mind he didn't put them to voice, leaving them in an awkward silence. Seizing the opportunity, Blaise leaned forward just enough to catch the corner of the Gryffindor's mouth in a light kiss that caught Harry completely off guard. Turning his head at the last moment before Blaise pulled away, Harry deepened the kiss enough to cause the Slytherin's stomach to leap into his chest. He wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and pulling him close, Blaise snaked his tongue out to run it against the seam of the closed rose petal lips beneath his own.

"Harry?" Ron called out from the otherwise silent library. "Where are you, mate? Hermione will kill us if we are out past curfew, again. I would rather not have to go through that argument for the hundredth time!" Harry withdrew quickly from the sudden interruption with a flush gracing his cheeks, giving him a flustered appearance. He pulled himself from Blaise's arms and stumbled out from the shelving towards Ron in his haste to get back to his tower. Leaning against the nearby table, Blaise calmed his racing heart has he listened to the receding footsteps leaving the library, leaving him utterly alone. Finally, he returned to where he had left his thing previously before cautiously making his way back to his own common room in the dungeons. Draco jumped up from the couch near the fire when Blaise walked through the door and molded his body around Blaise.

"Where've you been, Blaise? It's not like you to be gone for so long like this and I was starting to think I should go to Professor Snape to find you," Draco cooed as he buried his face into Blaise's long neck. Shoving him off, Blaise made his way to the dorm rooms while thoughts racked him endlessly. "I'll see you tomorrow then, dear."


"A stolen kiss in the Hogwarts library, while sweet, won't make for a very good story, Blaise. You are going to have to do better than that if you want me to profile you and your story in the Daily Prophet," Rita said. Her fake sweet voice grated against Blaise's nerves but he quickly covered up his grimace with a smile. Taking one last swig of his tea, he walked with Rita to the front door and ushered her out into to the cool spring day.

"If I see that tomorrow in the paper, I promise it will get better. You've got to have a bit of foreplay before the sex, Ms. Skeeter. Same time tomorrow if you would," Blaise replied. Rita nodded in understanding and dissapperated from his doorstep. He made his way to the couch and curled underneath the thin blanket, inhaling the scent that barley clung to the fabric, Blaise let a single tear fall down his face as a restless sleep took over his mind.

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