Chapter 6

Harry watched helplessly from the gallery as Blaise was chained to the solitary chair in the dimly lit court rooms. Scrigmore took his place behind the regal podium with a blank expression to hide any emotion or thoughts that was surely coursing through him. Blaise hung his head low in defeat, not even trying to find any help from Harry or anyone else sitting above him. Harry's heart churned violently in his chest at the sad sight before him, an otherwise strong and proud man now beaten down to a ghostly image of his former self.

"Blaise Zabini, you have been brought here on charges of statutory rape of one Harry James Potter. What do you say to this charge?" Rufus' voice boomed from his podium. "Innocent or guilty?" Blaise raised his face so his bruised and bloody eyes meet the ministers. Rufus flinched slightly but quickly recovered his glossy exterior.

"Rape? I highly doubt having sex with a willing participant that is of age can be considered anything nearing that ridiculousness," Blaise rasped out. "I am innocent of any kind of rape, minister." Many cries broke out in fury at his statement which shell chocked Harry to his core.

"I am sorry this happened to you, Harry. Blaise will get his due for taking advantage of you soon enough," Molly soothed. "If there was a way to prove what spell or potion he used to coerce you into his bed, it would make this so much easier."

"I have this article from the Daily Prophet that in your own words that speak of your first time with Harry when he was a mere sixteen years old. Do you not recall telling this to Rita Skeeter just a matter of days ago. Sex between anyone over seventeen with someone under is 16 is a crime, Mr. Zabini," Rufus retorted. "You have incriminated yourself with your own words!" Shaking uncontrollably with anger, Harry jumped up from his seat which drew every set of eyes to him. A faint glimmer of hope flickered in Blaise's eyes that dimmed slightly when Rufus beckoned Harry closer to him.

"If I may speak Rufus?" Harry questioned. The minister nodded, which urged Harry on. "I offer my own memory and my word under truth serum as to what really happened. I will not have you slander a good man and rake him across the fiery coals! He never did any arm to me, so see what I see and leave him be!" Harry drew his wand from his head, removing a singular strand that dropped with a wet plop into a pensive.

"And remember that I turned 17 on July 31, minister," Harry spat before Rufus delved into the memory. Once Rufus dipped his head, Harry rushed to where Blaise sat and meet him with an earnest kiss. "I am sorry that I have been an utter prat, Blaise. I have had no reason to treat you the way I have these last few months because I knew underneath all the lies and potions I was force fed that I still loved you. If you would still have me, I would like to start where we left off."

"Silly Harry, why do you think I did all of those newspaper articles for?" Blaise went to wrap his arms around his lover but the clanking of chains prevented him from doing much of anything. "I would grab hold of you and never let go if I actually had the mobility to do so." At that moment, Rufus pulled himself back out of the memory with a very sour look upon his face. He whispered fervently with Dumbledore for a moment before turning back to address the court and gallery.

"You are released, Mr. Zabini," he stated simply. The chains and magic holding Blaise to his spot were removed easily though the noise and chatter amongst the gathered group was harder to quell. Ginny rushed forward unrestrained to the courtroom floor and without warning or hesitation, she cast a spell directly at Harry's chest. He crumpled to his knees in sheer agony as pain coursed through every sinew of his body Finally breaking down to the pain, he let out a bone chilling scream that more effetely quieted every person than any placating ministry official did. Ginny smirked silently to herself as she watched Harry curl up against himself in the torment until Blaise shook himself from his stunned stupor and knocked her legs out from underneath her.

"He's supposed to be mine and no one else's! I am supposed to be Mrs. Potter and I will not give him up to a slimy, filthy, little, Slytherin just because of some ridiculous obsession with love. Don't you want to see what our children might look like one day, Harry? A beautiful daughter with red hair and green eyes or a boy with your unruly mess of hair that likes to play Quidditch in the backyard? Do you really want to give that all up for this bastard that charmed you into his bed every night? You know where you belong Harry and you know that place is with me! MY mother opened her home to you during the summers, Ron was your best friend for all those years, and I waited in the wings for you until we were old enough to be together," Ginny ranted. Tears ran down her face that ran all the make up on her face together in a pool of mess near her chin. "Don't give that up."

"All I am giving up is all the lies, trickery, bribery, and blackmail. Minister, I want Ginny Weasley arrested for taking money out of my personal vaults as payment for bribery on behalf of the Headmaster of Hogwarts as well as using an unforgivable on me," Harry ordered. Blaise wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him tight against his chest and placed a small kiss on Harry's pale neck.

"I already see Rita's next expose on us- the boys take on the next great adventure of their life together and what about the possibility of children?" Blaise said with light amusement in it. Blaise pulled Harry into his arms and carried him to the floo system and stepped though the green flames to avoid any more of the chaos that was starting to ensue. "I just won't be the one to talk to her about it. Now let's get upstairs so that I can ravish you properly as your gift for returning to me once again."

"Horny bastard."

"I deny nothing. Hurry up before I change my mind." Blaise gave Harry a light smack on the ass which sent shivers down the Gryffindor's spine. "Doesn't look like you have any objections to the idea either by the looks of it." Blaise wasted no time in divesting himself of his clothing as he made his way up the stairs before throwing the door closed behind him as Harry fell upon the bed, spread out and ready for him.