Love again at the Moulin Rouge

I do not own Moulin Rouge in any way. I do wish I owned Ewan McGregor and his voice.

Alessandra stood on the roof of the Moulin Rouge. She had heard what had happened at the Moulin Rouge. She knew Satine was dead; it was like something was telling her to come here.

Christian looked out is window and saw her.

She looked nothing his Satine.

This girl had dark chocolate brown hair and somewhat tan skin. The girl climbed up on top of Satine's elephant room.

Christian shot out of his seat and out of his room.

Alessandra found her way inside the Moulin Rouge.

It looked the same.

The flower petals remained on the stage. The seats were still on the floor.

Alessandra walked on stage. She imagined she was a ballerina as she glided gracefully across the stage. She was in middle of spin, when someone shouted, "Hey!" Alessandra lost her footing and tumbled down the stage.

When she stopped rolling, Alessandra whimpered.

"I'm sorry", Christian said, "I didn't mean to startle you like that".

Alessandra struggled to get up.

Christian tried to help her up.

"Don't touch me", Alessandra growled. Alessandra got up and dusted herself off.

"I'm sorry", Christian said.

"Yeah, you said that", Alessandra snapped.

Christian looked into Alessandra's eyes.

They were like Satine's.

"I'm Christian", he said.

"Yeah, I know", Alessandra said, "I'm Alessandra".

"You're not from around here", Christian said.

"I'm from Italy", Alessandra said.

"What brought you to France?" Christian asked.

"To be a dancer", Alessandra said.

"The Moulin Rouge used to be home to the best dancer in all of France", Christian said.

"I know. I wish I could've seen it in its hay-day", Alessandra said, "I read your story. I thought it was beautiful. Do you think you'll ever love again?"

"Maybe someday", Christian said.

"I hope you find it soon", Alessandra said.

"Me too", Christian said smiling.